Wicked Commentary

The Acorn Series

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter I

Dusty and Red Acorn were your typical suburban couple, married for ten years, one child, and had squirreled away a lot of money. They also happily supported and contributed to the President No Blame campaign.

Dusty worked at a bank as a loan officer and every morning took her little baby, Nutley Acorn, to the bank with her where child care was provided and she could see the little one during lunch.

Red having gotten his MBA worked for an accounting firm doing well and between the two of them had bought a very nice $500,000 home.  Nice lot with trees and a yard for Nutley to play in when he grew.

On a blustery, but sunny day in February, Dusty packed up Nutley and headed for work. As she drove through her city, she happily hummed John Lennon’s “Imagine” to herself knowing No Blame’s black shirts were situated all around the area. She felt quite content. No conservatives to deal with any longer. What a peaceful world this was now.

She parked her car and was getting Nutley out when she was approached by one of President No Blame’s black shirts. She gave him a big smile and good morning. He smiled back and handed her several papers. She was surprised but delighted at the attention.

As she read the documents, her smile slowly disappeared and she stared at the black shirt before her. She told him there had to be a mistake. He shook his head no. She told him she had supported President No Blame and she thought only these kinds of proclamations were for conservatives.

The black shirt shook his head in disbelief. “No ma’am,” he said, “all citizens must comply with these orders when determined.”

The first proclamation stated that Nutley, now being 3 mos old was due for state educational training. The second proclamation stated that her BMW was being confiscated because another family, less fortunate than her, needed a car.

Dusty asked the black shirt how was she going to get to work. He suggested alternative sources, such as a bike for which she would receive a tax credit and an additional $100 supplement check when they filed their taxes.

The black shirt went to take Nutley from Dusty’s arms, but Dusty fought with him trying to hang onto her 3 month old child. “Sorry, ma’am, but you have to hand over the child. It’s federal law and if you don’t comply we will have to arrest you.”

Dusty, in tears, let go of her child. The black shirt assured her that the child would be brought back home on weekends for them to visit with him. But, for the next 18 years of his life he was now a ward of the state.

Dusty handed over the keys to her car and the black shirt drove off waving with a huge smile and wishing her a good day.

Dusty stood there in disbelief, her face streaming with tears. How could this have happened?  She was a No Blame supporter, had voted for him and donated to his campaign. She was a liberal for crying out loud. She decided she would walk down to the local police department and report this as a kidnapping and car theft. That black shirt was a fraud she just knew it.

Once inside the police station she reported to the officer on duty what had happened. He made a few phone calls while she sat nervously chewing her lip and watching handcuffed felons coming and going to and from different rooms.

About fifteen minutes later, the police officer told her there had been no mistake and the black shirt was not a fraud and he had been doing federal government duty. She demanded that the police do “something” about getting her baby and her car back. The police officer told her there was nothing he could do and chastised her for not knowing the laws by now.

Dusty shook her head and said she knew of no such laws. The policeman shook his head in despair. “Lady”, he said, “you didn’t keep up with the executive orders that were being passed down did you?”  Dusty shook her head no. As he laughed he said to her, “Too busy watching American Idol?”

At that moment, Dusty started screaming and several officers dragged her off to a room where she was tranquilized by a state nurse. Dusty fell into a dreamy state, once again humming to herself,

“Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace……”

To be continued………….

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter II

Red Acorn had left the house the same time as Dusty that morning to go to his office. Not knowing of Dusty’s fate, he started his usual routine that morning reaching his office, whistling softly to himself.

About 10am that morning, Red received a knock on his door. A black shirt entered smiling as Red told him to take a seat. “What can I do for you today?” Red inquired.  Being an accountant who owned his own firm, Red was sure the black shirt had come for advice.

The black shirt produced two documents and handed one of them to Red to look over. While Red studied the document, he felt his face burning. He looked at the black shirt in amazement and said, “Surely this is wrong”.  The black shirt assured him it was not. Red squeaked out to the black shirt, “I’m to give up my house for a less fortunate family?” The black shirt nodded but told him he had a second document and that he would be given a choice. He handed Red the second document which ordered Red to do community service for a year in payment for him being able to attend university and earn an MBA.

Red stared at the black shirt and told him he had received all of his degrees long before President No Blame became president so he did not understand. The black shirt told him the community service was retroactive and that indeed he would have to give to his community. It was either that or lose his house to a larger family who needed his big house with all that space.

Red felt trapped and looked all over his office for what reason he didn’t know. He kept thinking this was a nightmare. “I supported Mr. No Blame and gave to his campaign.” said Red.  The black shirt thanked him for his generosity.

Red’s face dropped and he felt as though he might scream, but he held it together asking the black shirt what kind of community service would be necessary. The black shirt told him that he would merely have to board several workers for a year.  Red asked what kind of workers. The black shirt assured him it was no real problem.  Just four Mexicans and three Muslims, just for a year while they worked their jobs.

You have plenty of space in your big house, 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It will be no real problem. All he had to do is give these workers rooms and food the black shirt assured him.

Red thought about the problem and decided there was no way out. He didn’t want to lose the home for which he had worked so hard. But three Muslims and four Mexicans? In the same house?

He looked at the black shirt and asked when President No Blame had decided to order these types of services. The black shirt looked at him as if he had no head and told him that Mr. No Blame had discussed this during his campaign and Red did not listen to Mr. No Blame’s policies. Red said he never heard this.  The black shirt asked Red, “Do you not remember Joe Wurzelbacher who asked the question to Mr. No Blame  about sharing the wealth?”  No, Red told the man he had never heard of that. “Oh, don’t worry about that plumber; he is in Gitmo for now”.  Red gazed back in shock at the black shirt.

The black shirt continued to stare at him waiting for an answer. Red asked him if he could consult with his wife first before he decided. The black shirt told him no, these documents needed his signature today and arrangements were already in the process. If he chose not to comply today, the house would be taken away immediately and he would be detained.

Red quickly decided he had better sign the second document. The black shirt asked him to step outside after he had signed the document.  Once outside, the black shirt pointed to a 10 passenger van and told Red that would now be his vehicle. His Volvo would be confiscated until Red finished his community service.  He would need the bus van for hauling the boarders back and forth to their jobs.

Red squinted in the sunny, but cold air at the leftovers of  the passenger van. The van had a back missing bumper. One of the front bumpers hung part way off into space. There were dents all over the van; On one side the van showed it had been hit with a caved in side. The back broken window flapped with plastic tape.  All Red could think about was what his neighbors would think of him driving that piece of junk.

Red was now very angry, but the black shirt had already taken off while Red was in his reverie. Red noticed that his Volvo was now gone.

He rushed back into his office to call Dusty.  But, the bank told him she had never arrived at work. Red called home, thinking perhaps the baby had gotten sick on the way and Dusty had returned home but there was no answer.

Red called everyone they knew and the doctor’s office and no one had seen her. Now Red was really worried about his wife and child being missing. He decided he should call the police although he figured they would laugh at him and tell him he had to wait until she was missing for 24 hours, that she probably had just run off with another man.  Red laughed thinking how dumb were the police to think a woman with a baby would run off with another man.

But, when he talked to the police officer at the station he told him that indeed his wife had been there this morning, but she went to the state hospital. Red, now in a panic, asked what happened to his wife, had she been in an accident, was she hurt, what was wrong? The police officer told Red that Dusty had come in with a false complaint, did not like the answer she had gotten and had just gone mad. One of the female officers tranquilized and shipped her off to the state hospital for observation. He told Red to just go to the hospital where he could see his wife and find out more.

“Wait; wait,” Red screamed over the phone, “what false complaint”? The police officer said she falsely accused a black shirt of taking her child. “What”? Red yelled now being fired up and so angry he nearly dropped the phone. The officer told him Dusty did not want to turn the baby over to the state and she got a bit riled up about it. Nothing to worry about, he said. She’s being taken care of and the hospital has her quiet now. Red dropped the phone and ran out of his office.

Without even looking back or locking his office door, Red jumped into the old bus van and veered off into the traffic to rush to the state hospital wondering all the way what had happened to his wife and child. Fear was crawling over every inch of his body now realizing all that occurred this morning came down on him like a heavy black tarp covering him in a dark, inky gloom.

To be continued………….

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter III

Red Acorn arrived at the State Hospital in record time with that old van veering around corners, jumping curbs, nearly hitting an old woman shuffling down the street.  A red light and horn blared behind him and Red pulled the van over.  A police officer sauntered up to the van asking for Red’s driver’s license and registration for the van.  Red showed him his driver’s license  but the man told him the van was not registered in his name, that it was a state vehicle. Red told him he knew that and a black shirt gave it to him while he took his Volvo.  It was for a state program. The police man said he would have to call in about this.

Red was furious.  He was in a hurry to get to Dusty. The policeman came back and asked him if he was aware he nearly hit a woman on the sidewalk.  Red said no, he never saw any woman. The police man wrote him a ticket for reckless driving. The police officer also told Red to get that bumper fixed on the front of the van and get a window put in the back.  After the cop left Red pitched the ticket out the window he was so thoroughly disgusted.

When he entered the Hospital, there were black shirts guarding the entrance, elevators, stairways, and doorways. Red stomped to the check in desk and demanded he see his wife, Dusty Acorn. The woman’s eyes swiveled over to one of the black shirts who came up to escort Red to his wife’s room.

Upon entering the room Red ran over to Dusty enveloping her with his arms but she did not seem to notice. Instead she stared blankly ahead of her.

Red looked up at the black shirt puzzled and the black shirt told Red he had the police report. Red nearly ripped the report from the black shirt’s hands. As he read it he fell into one of the chairs in disbelief.

He jumped up, grabbing the black shirt by his collar, yelling in his face, “where’s my child?”  The black shirt pushed a gun into Red’s stomach and told him to back away.

“Where is my son, Nutley?” Red screamed. He whipped around to look at Dusty who still wore a blank face.

“What’s wrong with my wife?” Red demanded.  The black shirt left the room and a doctor entered telling Red that Dusty was in shock, perhaps a catatonic state, and she would need to stay there for a little while. The doctor told Red  this type of thing happened before when a child was taken for its’ state education. He told Red some of the mothers do not adjust well at first.

Red scowled at the doctor. The day’s exhaustion streamed over him and he knew this all could not be happening. What had he done wrong? What was all of this; this state education, community service, sharing the wealth? When had this begun?

The black shirt came back into the room with a huge wire bound book that was about 8 inches thick. He handed Red the book and told him he had better spend some time reading the policies of Mr. No Blame.

The doctor told him that Dusty would not recognize him tonight, so it would be best if he went home and got some rest. Red kissed his wife’s forehead and left with the huge book of Mr. No Blame’s policies.  Red thought to himself how many pages were in this damn book. It felt like it weighed a 30 pounds.

When he exited the hospital, the black shirt who visited him earlier sped up to him in his own Volvo. Red felt a flash of lightning hit his brain and wished he owned a gun. He would shoot that thief on the spot. Red shook at the thought. He never owned a gun.

The black shirt smiled and told Red they were ready to deliver his boarders tonight. Red’s face turned fiery red to match his hair.. The black shirt told him to get into his van and follow him to the Immigration Workers Department.

Once they arrived at this department, the black shirt took him into a room filled with  illegals or state workers as they called them. A man called out and seven men stepped forward. Red stared at the seven men, 4 Mexicans and 3 Arabs. What the hell was he going to do with these men?

The black shirt told Red to get them loaded into the van.  The men tossed their belongings into the van and jumped in.

The Mexicans stayed away from the Muslims. The Muslims entered the vehicle and one sat next to Red in the front seat. Red felt the hair stand on his neck. He looked at the man and gave him a false smile. The Muslim did not smile back.

Red suddenly realized he didn’t speak or know any Mexican or Arabic. He asked anyone in the van if they spoke English. From the back one Mexican said,” sure Gringo”.  None of the Muslims spoke.

When the group reached Red’s house, the black shirt got out and told Red to set the men up in their rooms and tomorrow he would receive further orders.  The black shirt jumped back into the Volvo speeding away.

Red stood there, longing for his Volvo. Set the men up in their rooms? The men, meanwhile were jumping out, throwing their jumbled belongings on the lawn. One of the Mexicans threw his empty Mountain Dew bottle and chicken meal box on the lawn. One of the Muslims glared at the Mexican who smiled big and told Red he sure did have a nice place here.

Red opened his front door, never even giving a thought about Jeremy, his big German shepherd inside. Jeremy flew out speeding towards one of the Muslims. Jeremy pounced on him knocking him down and grabbed him by the throat.  The Muslim was screeching while Red desperately called the dog off.  Jeremy stood over the Muslim growling, his lips pulled all the way back into a snarl and the hair on his back stood straight up.

Red commanded Jeremy to sit. The dog sat, but his eyes burned into the Muslim. One of the Muslims stepped forward and told Red in broken English that they could not live in the house with a dog.

By now, Red was completely exasperated.  Red screamed at the Muslim,” That’s too damn bad, ya hear me?”  “I don’t care what you think, the dog stays”!  Red locked Jeremy into one of the walk in closets next to the kitchen while the men waited outside.

The Muslims eyed him and asked to use his telephone. Red told them no one was using the telephone tonight. Just get in the house he said and he would show them to their rooms. “Their rooms” Red was thinking. My rooms, my house, my dog, my wife, my son, my life!

What happened to all of it?  For the time being, he was taking charge. He had more than his share of orders today.

After the men settled in their rooms, Red lay on his couch in his study. There were no beds left for him.  He started to doze off when he awoke by the sound of someone speaking nearby.  He quietly got up and saw one of the Muslims on the phone in the kitchen. Damn him, Red thought. I told him no one gets on the phone and just who could he be calling?

Jeremy was moaning and barking at the same time, wanting out. Red hushed him.

The Muslim hung up the phone and darted down the stairs.  Red went back to his couch, starting to doze when he heard pounding on his front door.  Now what he thought? Red opened the door and a black shirt was standing there with a gun.  The guy told Red he had to shoot his dog Jeremy. “Oh no you don’t”, Red shouted.

The black shirt told him one of the Muslims called the Complaint Board about the dog and the Muslims cannot live in the same house with a dog.  With all his strength, Red punched him in the stomach knocking the gun out of his hand. He picked up the gun while he kicked the black shirt in the stomach and then he brought the butt of the gun down on the man’s head.

Out of breath, Red stood there trembling all over.  He heard noises behind him. Turning quickly around, he saw all 7 of the workers standing behind him. The Muslims glowered at him, but the Mexicans were laughing, patting each other on the back. One said to Red,

“Good job, Meester Red” and they continued to howl with belly laughs.

To be continued…………..

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter IV

Red shocked himself by beating up the black shirt. He looked at the man lying there and saw blood oozing from his head. Red stooped down to examine the body and discovered the man hit his head on one of Dusty’s garden rocks.  A huge gaping gash was seeping blood.  He was dead.

Red turned around and saw one of the Muslims coming after him with a machete.  Red’s eyes were fixated on the machete.  Suddenly the Muslim fell before his feet and Red saw a knife in his back.

The Mexicans were laughing and Red realized one of them had thrown the knife into the Muslim.  Now, he had an all out fight going on in his living room.  The 2 Muslims left were brandishing machetes at the Mexicans. But, 4 Mexicans against 2 Muslims was bad news for them.  Before Red could come out of his stupor, both Muslims lay on the floor dead.  The Mexicans killed both of them quickly with their knives. It appeared they were experts with those knives and Red wondered for the first time how they got through the black shirt searches with those weapons.

Red stood silent as he watched the Mexicans laughing.  One of them said to Red, “good riddance” to them.  Thees is our country that you stole from us. We are taking it back. Now Meester Red, “do you want us to help you or are you going to report us?” Red had no intention of reporting anything. This was a massacre and what the hell was he going to do with these bodies?

The Mexicans busied themselves with the bodies, wrapping them up in big plastic bags. They drug them outside and told Red they were going to put the bodies in his shed which sat at the back of the 5 acres of Red’s property.  Red did not try to stop them.  The bodies needed to be hidden immediately.

Red wondered how those Mexicans knew he had that shed back there. He figured there must have been others sneaking about like the Muslim on the phone while he dozed. The Mexicans had checked the whole place over.

He looked down at the black shirt and all that blood. Time was ticking by fast and that body and the blood needed to be cleaned up before daybreak.

Red looked around his neighborhood but saw no lights or any movement.  He thought about all the empty houses and for the first time started to imagine what had happened to the owners.  He was too busy to be bothered with neighbors, never really got to know any of them except for a wave at someone as he passed down the road going to work.

Red heard someone come up behind him. It was one of the Mexicans, the one who called him Gringo.  The Mexican told him he better get this body out of sight.  Red was still in a state of stupor. The Mexican slapped him across the face. Red almost fell down but the Mexican caught him. “Get going” the Mexican told him.  Red helped the Mexican wrap the black shirt up with the plastic and carried him back to the shed.

Red saw 4 bodies stacked up and wondered what the hell was he going to do with 4 rotting bodies.  At least it was February and cold.  That would slow down the process he thought.

Red and the 4 Mexicans returned to the house.  One of the Mexicans got out a bucket with soap and water to scrub the blood from the rock and pavement where the black shirt had lain.

Red looked into the living room for blood stains. There were a few small ones from the Muslims, but the Mexicans had removed the bodies fast enough that there was very little blood.  The other 3 Mexicans ordered Red to get started on scrubbing the blood stains from the carpet right away before there was another visit from the State Workers Department.  Red kneeled down with the Mexicans scrubbing the stains relentlessly. His anger raged inside of him for the position he was in.

What was he going to tell the black shirt who showed up in the morning?  He decided he would tell him the Muslims ran away.  He had no idea whether that would work or not but what else could he say?  We killed 4 people last night?  No, he could not be the honest citizen he was.  He would have to become a liar, something he hated all of his life.

And he killed a black shirt.  He was a murderer now too.  He shook thinking about it.  He never owned a gun but he decided he needed that gun now.  He would hide it and keep it.

Red told the Mexicans about his plan to see if they would go along with his story. They all agreed it was best.

After the blood stains were removed everyone went back to bed.  Red lay there in terror. Could he pull this lying off?  Well, there was no time for him to be a coward now. He had to face the truth.  Everything had been taken from him.  Jeremy was lying with him on the couch licking him all over the face.  It was almost as if Jeremy knew Red had saved him from being shot.  At least Jeremy seemed calm now.

Red thought about that huge book with Mr. No Blame’s policies and wondered how he never even knew about it.  Where had his brain been?  He thought about how he had voted for Mr. No Blame without knowing one thing about him.  It seemed to Red his eyes were open for the first time in his life.  Unable to sleep, he decided to look at the Policy book and read up on what was in there.

Two hours later Red sat with that Policy book shocked once again.  This was not an American type of government.  When did it get decided that tiny babies had to be taken off to government day cares?  How come he did not know about having to share his house with those less fortunate.  He did not recall any of this during Mr. No Blame’s campaign.  And on top of it, he now realized he had a gun in his house, something completely banned and punishable by death.  He regretted all his political work he did to help ban guns.  Now that he needed a weapon to protect him and his family, he almost burst out crying at his stupidity.  It came to him why there had been such a thing as the 2nd Amendment.  This was tyranny he and others were living under right now.  How had he missed all of this?  He wanted to flagellate himself for being brain dead and not listening to others who brought up the red flags about Mr. No Blame.  But instead he chose to ignore it all believing it to be lies made up by right wing nut jobs as news people such as Andy Scooper and Woof Blitzkrieg reported.

Someone banged on Reds front door just then.  Red stole a look at the clock. It was 5AM.

He knew who it was.  He opened the door and his buddy black shirt with his Volvo stood there.  Before Red could say a thing, the man entered the room.  Get those Muslims up here right now. It’s time to deliver them to their new jobs.

Red’s voice cracked as he told the black shirt that the Muslims ran off sometime during the night.  The black shirt gaped at him, “What the hell are you talking about”, he said.  Red repeated himself.  The black shirt immediately got on his cell phone calling the State Workers Department to report the Muslims’ escape.

I want to see their rooms right now the black shirt told him.  Red took him downstairs onto the lower level of the house where 3 bedrooms showed no sign of human life.  Prayer rugs and belongings were lying about on the floor.  The black shirt hit Red with all the force of his right arm knocking him to the floor.  “You idiot”, the black shirt screamed at him.  “Why weren’t you keeping a watch on these men?”  The black shirt bellowed at him about what an irresponsible person he was.

The 4 Mexicans were in the doorway watching the scene taking place.  The black shirt turned to them and asked them if they knew anything.  One of the Mexicans said he knew nothing.  The last they heard the Muslims were praying and yelling out to Allah, a noise by the way that offended them they said.

The black shirt sneered at them and his cell phone rang.  When the call ended he asked about the black shirt that had come to kill Red’s dog.  Red said no one had come to the house last night.  The man stared at Red.  “You’re lying,” he said.  One of the Mexicans spoke up and told the black shirt that perhaps the Muslims had killed the man or taken him with them when they escaped.  They had machetes they told the man.

Red breathed in air, calming himself as the black shirt was falling for the story.  Jeremy was locked in his study with the command to stay in place.  He knew Jeremy would not move unless Red commanded him to do otherwise.  He hoped this black shirt would forget about Jeremy with the bigger problem of the Muslims being gone.

The black shirt asked what they were doing with machetes.  Red told the man he had no idea and that would be their job, not his to make sure they had no weapons.  Just think of the danger he and the Mexicans had been put in because of that mistake.  The black shirt scoffed at Red.  Then he sped off in the Volvo.

The Mexicans laughed so hard that Red started to laugh with them.  He was in hysterics, almost a state of madness over what had happened.

Red asked the Mexicans, “Didn’t you guys vote for Mr. No Blame?  He gave you amnesty.”  The Mexicans laughed again, “No, we don’t vote for heem. He is a black man.”

“We don’t like black men.  He thought he fooled us with amnesty.  But, he brought in millions of Muslims to vote for heem.  They approved of heem.  We knew he was just using us to get votes.”  Red gazed at them in astonishment.

The Mexicans laughed again.  “We don’t like you white people either, but most of you are stupeed, not clever like us.”  We feegure we can overtake you easily and get back what is ours, thees country you stole from us.  White men are cowards. You don’t even have the guts to fight for your own country.  You don’t have weapons.  And many of our relatives were keelled with your BATFE program Hell for Heroin. We are very angry at Mr. No Blame and his policies that keell our people bringing in all those guns.”

“Gringo,” the one Mexican said, “we make deal, no?”

Red thought for a couple of seconds, not knowing what deal he meant, but somehow he knew it would benefit him.

To be continued……..

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter V

Red woke with very little sleep, but he wanted to call the hospital to check on his wife as soon as he was able.  When he called, the hospital told him Dusty was at the State Institute for the mentally insane.  Red could not believe what he was hearing. How could that be he screeched?  He was told Dusty was not coming out of her catatonic state and the No Blame medical plan did not allow for regular hospitals to house the insane.  Red asked where she was.  She was in a FEMA camp which also served as housing for the mentally insane and the criminally insane, one in all.  What?  A FEMA camp?  What the hell was that?  What about his son?  Not to concern himself he was told, the baby would be raised by the state since the mother was unable to do so.  But, I am his father, Red screamed at them.  No you are no longer the father.  You are a sla….I mean a state worker now.  What did that mean he asked, but the phone went dead.

Red went into the kitchen where the Mexicans were fixing themselves lunch.  They offered Red some food but he was unable to eat.  He merely sat there in a state of shock. The Mexicans were unusually quiet and peeked glances over towards him. Then the one Mexican told Red, “We should have warned you.”  You have called the hospital this morning I bet he asked of Red.  Red nodded with amazement.  The Mexican told Red they had seen this many times before in the many houses they had been trucked to wait out their orders for the jobs they worked.

Red slipped into the living room to turn on the TV while the Mexicans ate and prepared for their jobs.  He had to divert his mind on anything, something, to keep himself from coming apart he thought.  First he checked the news and there was President No Blame speaking to some group telling them that prosperity was flowing wildly inside the country. This has come about since his “fairness” policies” now every one was prosperous.

Red quickly changed the channel.  Even though he had not eaten, something was roiling in his stomach.  He decided to watch a sit com to give him something to divert his mind. The first program he turned on was called “Lovers and Blessings of being a Man”.  There right on his TV screen, two naked men were rolling around on the floor, kissing and touching one another in a sexual encounter.

Red flipped the station again, this time being more shocked than with Mr. No Blame’s speech.  He turned on a show, a game show, called “What’s at stake”?  Several women were parading before a panel with various states of nudity while judges made decisions on which women were best suited physically for child bearing. Those with broad hips and large breasts were deemed winners and taken to an area where they would be held while arrangements would be made for the winners to be flown to undesignated spots for procreation.

Shocked almost to the limit, Red turned on another news channel, CNN where riots were being waged in Chicago.  White people were being slaughtered by blacks and left in the streets to die.  No police of any kind or National Guard was there. The sound bite pictures were suddenly gone and a panel of news people, pundits, and democrat politicians were talking.  Andy Scooper asked them if these riots and the slaying of whites was a racist act and should they not be arrested.  No, of course not, said a member of the Black Caucus in Congress.  Only white crimes against black people were actual crimes. These killings were necessary for the equality and fairness that must exist in our country.  Another black caucus member, Maxine Drippers said they were probably all Tea Party people in that group and they needed to be shot and killed as they were terrorists. If our government won’t do it, we, along with the New Black Panther party will take matters into our own hands as we have been doing.  We need a fair society where the likes of Tea Party people needed to be shot for treasonous reasons.

Red felt nausea flow into his system taking it over like a boa constrictor strangling the very heart of him.  On another news channel hosted by Sal Carpton, he heard more about these slayings and more images of women and children lying in streets blood all over the place. The Reverend Sal Carpton was speaking about how justice was finally coming to America.  No longer would blacks be taken advantage and stay on the plantations of American greed.  In the background, Red could see many houses and businesses in the death throes of flaming fires.  No firemen were there.  The fire department reported that all the firemen had come down with Swine flu and unable to attend to all the fires going on in the Chicago upper class neighborhoods.  A guest, the Reverend Cheesy Lackson stated the great day had arrived for the black man finally. The whiteys were now paying for their sins against the slavery of millions of blacks.

About that time, Red felt the saliva dry up in his mouth. He was shaking all over and could not stop.  The Mexicans were ready to be driven to their job sites.  Red, now on autopilot gathered the men up and into the rickety van.  Off they went to a local meat packing factory where the Mexicans told Red they would be packing up various kinds of meat to be sold to FEMA for the humans being kept in those camps which served a duel purpose of housing the mentally insane and others who were homeless due to relocation from their homes.  The UN Agenda and the Sustainable Act needed people off what had once been their property, but nobody was allowed to own property now. Instead these people were herded into these hidden camps where minimal shelter and food was maintained.

Red, even though his voice was barely working asked the Mexicans how they knew all of this.  The one Mexican who did most of the talking said to him, “You must have been a very stupeed leeberal to not know any of theese things.  The federal government has taken over everything that belongs to people, their houses, their cars, their jobs even if the government felt that a worker made too much money his business would be confiscated and workers would be sent out to work these jobs so there could be fairness and everyone shared in the sacrifices.  At this point, Red didn’t even care he had been called “stupid” by these Mexicans because he felt in the pit of his empty stomach he had been responsible for this taking place. He had not paid attention to the Mr. No Blame administration.  He wanted equality by having the first black president.  For bloody sake, he never imagined he would have to know anything about the man.

Being black in itself was enough for him to show that people were not prejudiced and why check his credentials?  He was merely a black man, a plantation dweller that would take orders from Whitey on whatever policies were necessary for hope and change inside the country.  Never did he imagine this was the hope and change that would take place. He almost wanted to cut his own throat over it.  How could he have been so stupid?  He had a degree from a very Ivy League University after all. How could he have thought for one moment that he was stupid?

They arrived at the meat packing company where the Mexicans jumped out to work their 8 hour shift 3pm to 11pm, no breaks and no dinner break.  The Mexicans told Red it did not bother them.  They would return to Mexico to live like kings after their work permits were withdrawn.

Red headed to his office where he intended to try to start his day working although he felt miserable and hopeless at the moment.  He just could not believe this was happening to him of all people who had fought so long and hard for Mr. No Blame’s re-election.

To be continued…………..

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter VI

Even though it was late in the day after he dropped off the Mexicans at the meat packaging plant,  Red thought it best to return to his work to keep his mind occupied and not think of all the debacles that occurred in the last day or two.

When he entered his office, he found a black shirt, only this time a woman, at his desk.  He asked her just what was she doing there.  She explained to him that he no longer would be running his business.  In fact, she explained, it was no longer “his business” but the federal government’s business operation.  She further explained to him that if he had read the booklet on Sustainable Development under the Business section, he would already know that he is not allowed to make any money over $250, 000.  That added to his wife’s money from her job at the bank, they were simply making too much money.  Not to worry, however, the woman told him, the federal government would send him a check each month that would supply his necessities.

The woman got up from the desk and told Red to wait while she went to her car to get Mr. No Blame’s “Sustainable Development and Businesses” book which would give him a full explanation of the process, the limits, and the amount of money he will receive from the Federal government for his sustainability.  She told him not to worry himself about anything, the Federal government would deposit into his checking account  probably $600 a month for his necessities and once he started his State worker’s job, he would receive additional vouchers for travel money to his work place, extra food money and some clothing allowance.  She estimated to Red that he would probably receive an additional $200 for those amenities in vouchers or a Government debit card.

Furiously, Red stood there thinking if she were a man, he would have knocked her on her butt.  But, his father had taught him to never hit a woman.  His father was a conservative who believed in morality, ethics, respect, the dignity of persons so he was taught some good things. His mother was a liberal and a feminazi from an earlier era and she had a fit when she found out Dusty was pregnant and demanded Dusty get a government paid abortion.  Dusty was appalled at his mother and her cold, icy demands of abortion. Dusty was a liberal woman but she wanted this child. Since having Nutley, his mother had not spoken to them.

The black shirt woman came back into Red’s office with another huge booklet.  She handed it to Red telling him to take it home and make sure he read up on all the policies under this UN Sustainable Development and Businesses.  Red asked what the UN has to do with this.  The black shirt woman looked at him with contempt and went back to whatever she was doing at Red’s desk dismissing him.

Walking to the rickety van Red wondered how much more of this he could take.  He kicked the van knocking off the already torn bumper.  It clanged as it hit the street.  Red looked around afraid a black shirt was nearby and saw what he did. Nobody was in sight.

Red drove the van down to the Federal Government building which was the hub of information.  He first went to the Department of Health and Human Services.  He wanted to see his wife and child he told the clerk behind the desk after he waited in line for an hour with a ticket.  The clerk told him she was not able to give him any information on his wife and child.  Red pounded the desk and demanded to see her supervisor.  She quickly punched in some numbers on the phone, but he could not hear what she was saying.  Next, she told him to take the elevator up to the “Sustainable Population Development” office to see a Mr. Coldren.

Mr. Coldren met him with a warm welcome.  Red thought finally he was getting somewhere and he now could get some answers.  He demanded to see his wife and child wherever the government had taken them.  Mr. Coldren looked at him piteously and told him that was not possible.  What did he mean Red asked?  Mr. Coldren rolled his desk chair over to a table stacked with large booklets.  He handed one to Red telling him to take it home and thoroughly read through it as it would explain to him the policies of Sustainable Population Development.

Red slammed the book on his desk.  Red’s face moved into Mr. Colden’s space eye to eye and told him no, he was not going to take home one more booklet and spend days upon days reading these documents that he actually needed a lawyer to interpret for him as these policies were difficult to sort as to exactly what they were saying.

Mr. Coldren glared at Red and shoved him back into his chair.  All right, Mr. Coldren shot at him, I will tell you in plain English where your wife and child are.  But, I warn you Mr. Acorn, one scream, one shout, one threat and you will be thrown into a detention center.

Red could feel a sickening feeling come over him.  This did not sound like it would be something for which he would be delighted to hear.  The sweat broke out on his brow and he started to feel his stomach roll.  He was glad he had not eaten yet that day.

Mr. Coldren told Red he could not see his wife and child because they had been euthanized yesterday.  Red sat there in his chair, shock moving across each and every nerve of his body.  Euthanized?  Did he hear right?  He asked the man did he mean his wife and child were dead even knowing as he spoke it how ridiculous he sounded.  Mr. Coldren told him yes, they were dead.  There was no room in our society he explained to Red for anyone mentally impaired as his wife was and babies were of no use to the State.  Either of these conditions, being mentally impaired or being a baby or younger than age 14 or older than 50 were of any use to the Sustainable Development of the Population and the State.

Only those who were healthy, old enough, and strong enough were needed for State workers’ programs.  You simply must meet these criteria in order to be a constructive member to the collective society.  Take him for example, Mr. Coldren elaborated, you are the right age, mentally unimpaired and strong enough to contribute to the collective means of the modern society in which they now lived.  The guidelines were all in the book and according to Mr. Coldren Red should have already been completely familiarized with these policies.

Even though Red somehow knew the answer to this question, he asked to see his wife and child’s bodies and to have them taken to a funeral home of his choice.  Oh, no, Mr. Coldren explained to him. They were cremated right after the euthanasia.  Red shouted he wanted their ashes but those were not available either.  The government provided a place for the ashes to be stored and he was not allowed to have any access to them.

Red stumbled out of Mr. Colden’s office, somehow managing to get onto an elevator and back to the van which now sported a bright red ticket which informed him he needed to replace the bumper on the van within 14 days or he would receive a fine of $500.  Red tore it off the windshield and threw it onto the ground.

On the way back to his house, Red drove on auto pilot. His mind was no longer there on the road.  His mind in fact seemed to be nowhere that he could place, a disassociation that he had never experienced before.

He unlocked his front door and immediately upon entering fell to the floor.  His legs were so wobbly and weak he could not stand up any longer.  He crawled into a fetal position and from a distance he heard a moan that did not sound human to him.  His body was convulsing with sobs while the moaning continued and Red realized suddenly it was from him that the moaning was coming.  Pain grasped at him like  being clenched in a tiger’s jaws.  The jaws tightened around him, his body, his soul, his heart were being ripped from within him.

Red, for the very first time in his entire life did not want to go on living.  His head pounded with pain, his throat was dry and raspy, his body felt an inability to move and the sobs crashed over him like the stormy waves of an ocean pounding the shores of a beach roaring with that incessant tumult that would never leave him any peace.

To be continued…………………

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter VII

Red watched as his bloody head rolled down the hallway into the Muslims old room.  Something sticky and wet was sticking to his face and there was no way to get rid of it since he had no hands. His head rolled into one of the prayer carpets and he began to feel smothered. His head was rolling but he was still alive. Is that what happens when someone cuts your head off?  Do you still live with your brain still functioning to some degree?  How horrible a thought!

He awoke with Jeremy licking his face, no blood, just dog slobber.  OMG, he had simply forgotten the dog and his need to do his outside duty.  Red pushed up like an old man and took Jeremy out to potty.

He watched as Jeremy did his duty but his mind was far from the dog. His mind was on his dead wife and child.  How could they kill them?  What gave them the right to kill his family and he fumed with rage.  He no longer was in love with Mr. No Blame because these policies had come from him.  He was angry with himself for being such a stupid person to believe “hope and change”.  Nobody asked what that meant. Now he knew and he was wild with rage.

He was crying when he first arrived at home, but now his thoughts turned to revenge. But how?  He wondered if the Mexicans would help him.  They seemed to know a lot more  than he did.

At 10:30pm sharp, he headed for the meat-packing company to pick the Mexicans up from their job as required.  He wanted no attention brought to him after the day’s events. He needed to pick them up at 11pm sharp. The Mexicans were waiting for him as they had gotten off 5 minutes early. They jumped into the broken down van and said nothing.  For a long time they drove in silence.  Red had the distinct impression the Mexicans were being respectful of his grief state. Who would have though that?

Red opened the subject that he went to the Department of Health and Human Services and found his wife and child were murdered.  One of the Mexicans shook his head.  “Meester Red,” the one Mexican said, “I could have told you that but you would not have believed me”.  We have seen it so many times as we work out of different homes and the same thing happens over again.”  The one who called him Gringo stated, “Have you never wondered why you see nobody in your neighborhood?”  Red thought sometime and realized he had not thought about it as his life was one of luxury and he did not care for his neighbors since a lot of them were conservatives whom he did not like.

Red asked the Mexicans if they knew if someone still did live in his neighborhood.  The Mexicans sadly shook their heads.  Red suddenly felt terribly threatened.  Red asked them what they do with persons like me.  The Mexicans told him his life was not in danger until their job at the meat-packing company finished. The black shirts lie to you. You will never get your house back. They will bulldoze your house down like the rest to make room for sustainable development. Red shook at the thought. What do I do Red wondered?

As if the Mexicans read his mind they told him about a bold plan they had hatched. They had seen too much destruction and saw their was no future in their living in America except for a few states who had seceded from the union, those being Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi and some others were thinking of doing the same. These states had claimed the 10th Amendment and were not allowing the federal government to force unlawful acts upon them. It was their only hope to make it to one of these states where they could be safe, but the how was the big question.  The military guarded these states with weapons.

But Red wanted revenge first. He wanted to blow up the Federal Government building that housed all the departments of whatever name they called them. The Mexicans agreed with him. So, they went back to his house and worked on how they would do this and get away with it. First they combed the house for any bugs and found none. The black shirts no doubt thought they were too stupid to bug them.

First they would have to come across with plastic explosives which the Mexicans told him there was no problem as many hiding Muslims had plenty of the stuff. Getting into the building and hiding the explosives would be more difficult. But, they had that figured too.

Red would walk into the building but with a nonchalant way and ask to speak to the Department of Workers whereby he could ask a few simple questions about how long he would have to transfer the Mexican workers to their jobs. Meanwhile, the Mexicans, since they blended in with all the other workers waiting for pick up they calmly walk into the building and sit with the other waiting illegals. Once they sat and nobody was paying them any attention, they would slip into the bathrooms and plant the explosives behind the toilet water holders. They would get cell phones from the Muslims since they had a plethora of them, no plans, no commitments, just terrorist phones which they liked to use.

Won’t they search you asked Red. No the Mexicans told him because the black shirts were so arrogant they had no thought that Mexicans had any brains or intellect.  Remember the Dept. of Justice and their gun running?  They thought we were stupid. Arrogance is the downfall of all fools.

First, the Mexican would have to sneak out during the dark hours to find the hiding Muslims and barter for the plastic explosives. What did Red have to barter? The Mexicans said food of any kind, mostly goat.  So Red would have to buy goat meat and be unseen or watched for buying goat.

The Mexicans told Red that they should wait a few nights so things looked normal as he took them back and forth to their jobs and no suspicions raised.  Red would look like he was doing his duty and all was well.

A week passed as Red took the Mexicans back and forth to their jobs. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred.  No one seemed to watch them except when Red picked them up which he had to do each night at a certain time.

After the week ended, the Mexicans volunteered to wander out in the dark and try to find a Muslim stronghold.  They found some not too far from Red’s house as they stunk. The Mexicans told them he needed plastic explosives and cell phones and he would bring them plenty of goat meat. The Muslims were suspicious at first but the thought of blowing up anything in America piqued their interest. Ah, could they later build a victory mosque?  Sure said the Mexicans do what you want.

Meanwhile, Red drove for hours trying to find goat meat. It was not easy as a lot of Muslim markets were shut down and lots burned to the ground. He finally found one in a neighborhood he was afraid to get out of his car. The streets were black as there was no lighting with the rolling blackouts and he spotted a closed store. He sneaked  up on the store and a knife was instantly put to his throat. He sputtered telling the attacker that he needed goat meat that he had come to love it since he housed Muslims in his house.

The attacker, who was a Muslim, did not believe him for one instance.

To be continued…………………..

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter VIII

Red felt the slice of the knife go across his throat.  He choked and struggled to get out of the Muslim’s grip.  For an instant, Red thought, why bother to struggle, I have nothing left now except my dog.  No, he was a man; Red would not allow himself brought down.  Men are  strong,  do not show emotions, do not become weak, they fight no matter what.

At that moment he dropped to the ground out of the Muslim’s hands.  He laid on the ground in the inky dark not being able to see a thing, not the Muslim, not even him when he tried to look at his own body.

He felt his neck.  It was bleeding profusely, but he ripped part of his shirt, making it a long piece and tied it around his neck in the hopes of stopping the bleeding, or at least not seen with a slashed throat for when the lights rolled back on.

Red did not feel good at all.  His stomach churned like a cement mixer round and round. He laid over on his side and vomited.  He retched until he thought there could be nothing left in his stomach.  The smell of his own blood and vomit was making him feel so sick he could barely stay conscious.  He fought the overwhelming desire to lie down and sleep, take time to recover from the attack.  But, how could he?  Red knew if he were found by any other Muslim the job would be finished off.  He wondered what happened to that  Muslim who stopped when he did. His head was still in place with his neck slashed,  but not to the point that he was still bleeding. The bleeding dissipated and he could feel his shirt piece wet and cold around his neck.

Red pulled himself, using his hands to feel things, until he found a large object of some sort he could hide behind.  He laid there thinking now what to do.  In this dark he could not even see where he parked that banged up van.  He lost his direction.  Right now he was not even sure where he  parked and left the van.

He started to fall asleep. He could not keep himself awake longer. Exhaustion from everything he went through was catching up with him.  His mind drifted and he no longer felt a thing.

Red did not know how long he laid there, before the lights rolled back on.  He saw that not only was he not hidden but actually he was lying wide open on the side walk in front of a large dumpster.  He eyed his surroundings and saw no one.  He did spot the van parked not far from where he laid. He got up and struggled to the van like a drunken man.  Quickly he started the van to drive out of there when he caught sight of a Muslim lying dead on the sidewalk. Red could not know of course if this was the Muslim who attacked him or not. He wondered though why there was a Muslim dead. Who killed him?  Oh, well, Red didn’t have time to mull over that.

He kicked the speed up in the van wanting to get out of there like a rocket.  Now he realized on this side of town he had no idea where he was  and he had to get a map out.  He hoped there was one in the glove compartment. There was. Red saw he was about 30 miles away from his house.

As he studied the map, he hatched a plan to get the goat meat another way.  No more trips to the Muslim meat markets with rolling black outs.  He would steal them instead. Why he thought to himself was he even thinking about paying any attention to any laws.  Nobody he could think of was abiding by any laws. Oh sure, a certain amount of order took place under the black shirts bullying, but other than that there was nothing but anarchy now.

He drove home as quickly as he could.  He staggered into the house where the Mexicans were busy making themselves a snack.  They stared at him in disbelief.  One ran over to help him to the kitchen where they took off the bloody shirt rag on his neck to check it. The cut was not life threatening but did need stitching.  The Mexican told Red they would stitch the wound since they could not take him to the hospital and have him questioned over how this happened.

Red started to heave again. He could not endure one more thing that day.   But, the Mexicans busied themselves with the necessary things to stitch his neck.  Everything was there except an anesthesia.  They rolled up an old rag and stuffed it into Red’s mouth and told him to scream all he wanted if he needed to do so.  Red screamed at every stitch.  He felt embarrassed feeling like a child for not being able to bear the pain of the stitching.

It was over before he knew it and he had to lie down.  He no longer cared about being a strong, self-righteous, typical man.  After all he was only human, something men forget they are for the most part. Red was thinking what a stupid way to live one’s life pretending that nothing ever hurt you or bothered you, to never tell anyone how much you hurt, the pain you endured. He thought about how much smarter Dusty was than him.  She told you if something hurt her.  She did not allow it to fester inside and laugh it off only to end up relying on liquor or some other pain killing substance to shut it off.  Red wondered to himself just how stupid were we men?

He slept for a long time, waking up on Sunday morning with his plan. He found the Mexicans playing with Jeremy in the back yard. He felt instant gratitude for that. Poor Jeremy was so neglected lately.

He told the Mexicans about his plan to steal the goats that night. They agreed that was the best thing to do. He asked them how many goats or goat meat they needed for this barter. They told him it would be best to get 4 goats.

That night they drove the van out into the countryside for several hours far from any city or suburban areas and found a goat farm.  It was not hard to find one. They squeezed under the fence of a very large farm where the farm house was way back off the road from the pasture where the goats were. They quickly slit the throats of 4 goats, put them into plastic bags and hauled them off to the van, threw them in and took off.  They did their needed duty.  Now they had the supply  to get the bomb making equipment from the Muslims, the radical ones hiding out waiting to meet up with some Imam who would lead them into some sort of attack. No one cared what they were going to do.  Red and the Mexicans knew they would be long gone before that happened.

Since it was still dark and they had little time left, the Mexicans told Red they wanted to make the barter that night.  They told Red to stay in the van out of sight. They had it all worked out.  No reason for his involvement.  Red felt elated.  He could just sit there and rest while they made their deal, then get quickly home and more rest. Monday morning was soon coming and that meant the charade started all over again.

Before he knew it, the Mexicans were back to the van, tossing in several small packages. They decided it was best to hide them if some black shirt stopped them for some reason. They taped the packages to the bottom of the seats in the van and Red drove off back home into the night, somehow feeling a sense of terror and peace all at once. Terror over the attack and peace that his family’s deaths would be avenged.

As they approached the suburb where Red lived, he saw a road block up ahead with many police cars and lights flashing. He broke out into an immense sweat. The Mexicans begged him to stay calm. As Red pulled up the black shirts waved him down, Red’s heart pounded so hard he was sure the black shirt heard it.

The black shirt demanded to see his papers. Red pulled them out of the glove compartment.  The blacks  shirt demanded to know what Red was doing out at this time of night. Red said he took the Mexicans out to a restaurant a couple of towns over from here. The black shirt was skeptical. What restaurant he asked? One of the Mexicans jumped in and told the black shirt that Red took them to El Coyote’s a Mexican restaurant so they could get a chance to try the food there. But it was disgusting and awful, nothing a true Mexican would bother to eat. “By the way”, one of the Mexican’s asked, “Do you know of any good Mexican restaurants in the area?”  The black shirt looked at him with utter disgust and contempt, and said, “Get moving and get out-of-the-way and  back to your quarters where you belong”.  As they pulled away out of the roadblock each of them sighed in relief.

To be continued…………………

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter IX

For several weeks, Red and the Mexicans followed their normal routine of Red taking them to their job in the afternoon, picking them up at night.  They wanted to lay low for a bit before they followed out the plan they concocted.

Red slept in his study with Jeremy, feeling most comfort in there where his belongings were, a nice leather couch which he slept on and Jeremy lying on the floor beside the couch.  Red tried not to think of the traumas he suffered and concentrate on the plans ahead to escape.

The Mexicans spent a lot of time in the kitchen making food and playing cards.  They took to Jeremy and the shepherd liked them too because they took him outside to play ball.  Red felt too exhausted with his grief to do much with Jeremy and felt guilty over that. But, Jeremy understood as most dogs know when their humans suffer.

Towards the end of the 2nd week they laid low, one morning Red awakened early by his door bell.

He got up to see who was at his door and a black shirt was standing outside. Only this time, the black shirt was not a black man, but a white man.

Red opened the door and the man came inside telling Red he had some important information to talk over with him. They sat down in the living room. The man told Red that since he only had the 4 Mexicans living in his huge house he would be receiving more workers.

Red felt the air being sucked out of him. He sunk further into the couch. Red asked the man when these new workers were due at his house. The man said not for several weeks.

Red asked the black shirt why they didn’t house some of these workers with other families on his road.

The black shirt told him no one else lived in those other houses anymore. Red asked him why. The man told Red the people lived elsewhere because his neighborhood was a sustainable development area. Red, not knowing what that meant, asked him about it. The man told Red it was a project for the betterment for the country, to clear out these areas of refuse and turn them back into natural areas. This was all designed on maps and most of the areas in the country would eventually be turned back into government controlled wilderness areas.

Shocked Red asked the man where the people go who lived in these areas. The man suddenly realized he was running his mouth off and looked down at his notebook.

Red decided to push for answers sensing the man liked talking.  Where were the people sent to live asked Red.  To FEMA camps the man answered,  nicely housed and fed.  It really is a good life he told Red. In fact the man told Red that  he has a job assignment soon from the government and he has a camp to go to when the time is right.

Red balked and told the man he owned his accounting business and he expected to go back to his business once he finished carrying out his duties of housing these workers. Oh, no the man told him, you are not allowed to own any property or a business, nothing of that sort.  It was all part of the UN plan to turn the country back into a natural habitat for all species of animals, trees, plants, waterways, rivers, lakes, to name a few.  People and housing refuse is going so that wilderness areas flourish under the government.

Red thought he would vomit. Now he had nothing at all. Not even his house or his business.  He glared at the man and asked him how he became involved as a black shirt working for the government.  The man told Red he is a union worker and only those who belong to unions  have any kind of property and land use. They are ambassadors for the government to help them with the UN Agenda 21.

Red recalled reading something about this in that huge book he had but his mind was so filled with grief he had a hard time concentrating on every aspect of the rules and regulations written in that book. Besides he needed a lawyer to translate it and he had no money to hire a lawyer for what he considered  a waste of his time.

The black shirt rose from his chair and told Red to have a good day and to expect a call from him in a few weeks.

After he left, he heard the Mexicans in the kitchen. He went in and told them they would have to move quickly now with their plans.

That afternoon before they went to work, Red and the Mexicans took a trip downtown to the main government building with all the departments one needed to get information and/or help. The 4 Mexicans would sit in the work waiting area because no one would pay any attention to them in that big room full of others waiting for work calls.

Meanwhile Red went up to the Department of Records. He talked to a clerk about the remains of his wife and son. The man told him impatiently the remains were already disposed of and why was he bothering with this.  Red told the man he wanted the remains of his family so he could have a funeral for them and closure. The man just laughed at him.  You are a fool Mr. Acorn. You don’t have any business having access to their remains. Just like you are not allowed any property or a business his loved ones’ ashes did not belong to him.

While Red argued with the man, the Mexicans each went to one of the floors in the building to use the bathroom. They went into a stall inside the bathrooms and placed their bombs in the back of the toilet attaching them with tape. The cameras inside the bathrooms were not in place to watch anyone in the stalls.

Quickly, the Mexicans flushed the toilets to make it sound like they were actually using the toilets to raise no suspicions and left the building.

Red came out to meet up with the Mexicans but they were nowhere around and the van was gone. Red panicked wondering where the hell the Mexicans were. He waited trying not to look obvious in the parking lot walking around the rows of cars and vans.

The Mexicans finally arrived back to the parking lot and picked up Red.  He asked them where they had been. The Mexicans told Red it was better he didn’t know.

They drove to the edge of town and parked in an alley where there were empty buildings, got out their cell phones, dialed a number and the city lit up with one blast going off after another. The noise of the bombings was incredible to Red. More astounding to him was that the bombs were not only going off at the government building they just left but in other places around the city.

The Mexicans told Red to hit the gas to get back to the house. Red could hear sirens going off all over the place; pandemonium broke out all over the city. Red hit the gas and flew out of the alley. No one was about as they drove back to the house. Out of his rear view mirror, Red saw what looked like massive destruction; fire and smoke reached the outer limits of the town and started to catch up with the van.

The Mexicans were laughing so hard they bent over in the van. Red asked them what they had done. They told Red they slaughtered more sheep than necessary to get more bomb equipment and they placed bombs at the government hospital, the mental hospital where people were held until put to death, and a few other places they considered worth ridding the city besides the government building while Red was arguing with that clerk to get his family’s ashes back. Red was in there a long time making up reasons and asking questions to give the Mexicans time to get the bombs planted in the bathrooms of the government building.  But the Mexicans worked quickly and planted bombs in these other places.

While flying out-of-town back to the house Red stopped momentarily to watch the fire and smoke rolling out of the city. Red imagined himself flying the  Enola Gay  striking down evil and he felt good as if he had flown that very airplane. Instead of the usual depression he fought, he felt elated with joy.  He pressed on while he and the Mexicans laughed all the way back to the house.

To be continued…………..


The Acorns Dilemma Chapter X

Red and the Mexicans reached his home in record time as the city was burning down.  Red pulled the van into his garage so they could load up the things they needed for their escape from the area held by the black shirts.

They each knew they could take very little so they could make room for necessary items like meat and bread for sandwiches.  The meat was packaged lunch meat that the Mexicans stole from the meat-packing facility where they had to work.  So they had a lot of that to throw into the cooler.  They put many jugs of water into the van.  None of them believed they would be able to stop for food or water since they had to pass through the southern part of Illinois and partly into Missouri held by the black shirts and then into safety in Arkansas.

They were playing cards to pass the time and not think of the dangers ahead of them.  The doorbell rang and all of them froze.  Red figured whoever it was would go away as there appeared to be nobody home.  But the bell kept ringing.  Finally Red decided he had better see who was there. It was a black shirt, one he did not recognize. Red opened the door and asked what the problem was.

The black shirt told Red there was a bombing in the city today and the entire city was on fire, buildings were completely demolished, particularly government buildings. He warned Red that the people responsible for this destruction were on the loose and he needed to keep his doors and windows locked as this had to be an act by terrorists. Red almost lost his blank face to laugh out loud. But he held control and thanked the black shirt for the warning.  He also told Red the grid was quite damaged and there was no electricity now.  They would be in complete darkness.  Red liked that thought.

Red went back downstairs and told the Mexicans who laughed until they almost busted their guts over it.  Red joined in the laughter but he also was almost near a panic attack realizing he was now a “terrorist”.  What nonsense the Mexicans told him. They told Red he was only fighting for his country.  Red knew that was true, but he also knew there were FEMA camps for people like himself, a domestic terrorist as defined by this corrupt government.  Red shuddered over the thought.

After dark, Red, the Mexicans and Jeremy hit the road. They had to get to one of the states that had seceded from the union.  They were in Springfield, Illinois. Arkansas, Mississippi, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma were a few of the states who had seceded when the black shirts started to take over the states.  Red needed to only get to Arkansas to be safe. The Mexicans planned on going back to Mexico through Texas.

Since the Mexicans had worked in almost every state doing some job in their illegal status, they knew all the back roads to drive and elude the black shirts; at least they hoped that would work to their favor.

As soon as darkness fell over Springfield, they took off in the van and immediately got to a back road to get to Arkansas. These states that left the union were under friendly military control.

Red had already taken as much money as he could out of this account, but not all of it in order not to draw attention by the government bank agency that warned the black shirts about such large amounts being taken out at one time.

Mostly they needed gas.  Red and the Mexicans had loaded up with extra gas cans for that reason. Red just hoped they had enough so they did not have to make any gas stops.

Red drove for hours on back, bumpy farm roads.  He was worn out.  The mindless driving made his thoughts go to unpleasant matters best left in the darkest recesses of his brain.  He missed his wife so much and every thought about his son tore at his heart. Red felt like a broken man.  All the memories he had to leave behind because there was no room for many personal items. All Red had left of his family now was one picture of the three of them in his wallet.

Up ahead as Red tried to get his eyes back to being non blurry, he saw lights ahead which looked like it could be a road block.  His heart pounded in his chest and he shouted for the Mexicans to wake up and told them there was danger ahead, he was sure of it. He was approaching the town of Belleville.

They approached the road block cautiously and stopped about 50 feet from the vans blocking their path.  Red and the Mexicans immediately recognized the tell-tale signs of the black shirt vehicles, all marked Federal Government Agencies.

Red and the Mexicans sized up how many of the black shirts were there and could make out about a 4 of them. Red wondered how on earth they would get past this roadblock.

One of the black shirts approached the drivers’ side of the van. Two others stood directly in front of the van, while another black shirt approached the passenger side.  The black shirt on Red’s side ordered Red out of the van. He wanted to see Red’s papers and demanded to know where they going. Red got his identity papers out of his wallet giving it to the black shirt.

On the other side of the van, the Mexicans were piling out the door as ordered by another black shirt.

Red told the black shirt that he was taking the Mexicans to another town for work. The black shirt interrogating Red pulled out his gun and stuck it into Red’s belly telling him they either gave themselves up or he would shoot them all down. Red’s face burned with the injustice of this.

Just at that point, something flew past Red and knocked the black shirt down.  It was Jeremy, all 120 lbs. of muscle and strength who completely knocked the black shirt down to the ground. Jeremy had his jaws dug into the throat of the black shirt. When Jeremy hit the black shirt, his gun went flying so he was no longer armed. Red just watched in semi horror as Jeremy’s teeth sunk into the black shirt’s throat killing him slowly. Red could not take his eyes off the attack and heard the gurgling of the black shirt’s last breath.

In the background, almost as if he were in a murky film, Red heard the sound of gun shots. The 4th Mexican who got out of the van was carrying the shot-gun they had and was blasting away at the 3 black shirts that were in the way.  The Mexican caught the 3 black shirt off guard.  They laid on the road dead.

Red and the Mexicans dragged all 4 black shirts into the two vans they had and drove them as far into the woods as they could.  They grabbed all the black shirts’ guns and ammo for use in possible other situations.

They hoped there were no more black shirts in the area so they would not find the bodies for quite sometime.  The Mexicans told Red it was doubtful since being off the beaten path, there probably were no more black shirts in the area.

They all jumped back into the van and headed for the town of Cairo where they would cross the state line into Missouri.  In the states of Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee the citizens waged war with the black shirts and those states were very dangerous right now. Red knew once in Missouri they could run into worse trouble if caught.

Red drove the van now in a state of disbelief that now he was a murderer. Never in his entire life did he think he could take the life of another person.  He sobered his thoughts by telling himself it was Jeremy who killed the black shirt who was threatening his life.

The Mexicans told him to stop thinking foolish thoughts and that indeed they were fighting in self-defense to meet safety.  The Mexicans also told Red they had no intention of entering the states again to work.  They had enough of this and were weary and home sick for their families.

Red thought to himself that at least they had families somewhere. What would he do once they reached Arkansas? He had nothing left.

Red realized what he was doing was necessary since President No Blame took away all their inalienable rights.

Even though it was a bitter thought, he knew now this president lied to the citizens before the election. He cursed the day he voted for him.

Then out of nowhere, Red recalled a partial sentence from the Declaration of Independence, “….with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”


To be continued……………..

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter XI

Dawn was starting to break when Red and the Mexicans reached the town of Cairo. They decided to pull off on a farm road that appeared unused as soon as they could now. Driving during the day would be too dangerous.  And Red was getting so sleepy behind the wheel.  He thought about handing the wheel over to one of the Mexicans, but his trust level was at low ebb.

Red caught sight of a dirt road coming up and pulled in.  He looked about seeing nothing. He told the Mexicans it was time for them all to sleep until nightfall.

Red awoke to noises he did not recognize and thought he was still asleep and dreaming. But, the more he heard, the more he realized he was wide awake. It was dark. The Mexicans were waking also to the sounds coming from  perhaps close to a mile from where the van sat.

All of them stayed quiet listening intently so they could identify what they were hearing. Soon they realized what they heard were shouts, screaming and gun fire. Red felt his heart lurching again in his chest and the Mexicans felt spooked. What on earth was this wondered Red?

Red decided they would start hiking near the sounds and they could see bright lights in the distance.

Red and the Mexicans crept towards the bright lights all the while the sounds were becoming louder the closer they got to the place in question. Red could start to make out very bright lights all around the area and saw what looked like platforms guards in prisons stood on ready to shoot anyone trying to escape.

As they crept along, Red could feel the dismay in his chest and his thoughts were disturbing him to the point where he may have a panic attack. He tried to calm himself and tell himself that there was nothing here other than they had run up against a prison in this remote area.

The Mexicans were holding back behind him, not wanting to go creeping about this place.  They were close enough now that Red could make out barb wired fencing in layers.  He could see the guards on the platforms wore uniforms but could not make out what kind of uniform it was. Meanwhile, there was an odd smell that seeped through the air that was quite pungent and sickening.

While Red was so intent on watching the prison type place he was not watching where he was walking.  He started to slip under what felt like slippery metal and into what he thought was a ditch.  The smell that was so odd to him suddenly was all about him gagging him.  The stench was overpowering.  He used his flash light for the first time since they started their trek to this facility.  He almost screamed at what he saw he was so shocked and horrified.  Bodies piled up into what he saw was not a ditch but a mass grave.  The Mexicans were yelling at him in a whispering voice to get the hell out of that hole.

Red slipped and scraped his way back out of the mass grave.  He shook all over and fell to the ground as he told the Mexicans what he had seen, countless bodies piled up in all forms of deterioration.

He learned using his flash light that what he had slipped on  bullet casings. They appeared to be 40 caliber shell casings in a substantial pile.

The Mexicans told him what the place was, a FEMA camp.  Red wondered how on earth they knew what it was and he didn’t.  The Mexicans told Red in their travels around the states while working many jobs they were once taken to a FEMA camp and kept there for several months until other work for them came through the government orders.

Red stared at them in horror. Why didn’t they tell Red if they knew what this place was? The Mexicans told Red they did not think he would believe them unless he saw it for himself. Red shuddered and gagged while the Mexicans told them about the FEMA camps.

The Mexicans told Red that people all over the states that were in a fight with the federal government had these FEMA camps.  The federal government who were in a fight with the patriots, who they called terrorists slammed these people into FEMA camps,  never to be seen again.

They were then divided into groups.  These FEMA guards rounded up all the men up to the age of 50 and placed them into one area of the camp. The guards rounded up the women and children into two different groups.  Then the guards proceeded to take the children away from the mothers.  They herded the mothers into a separate area and locked the gate. They took the children into one of the large buildings on the compound.

Each area of the camp had its’ own guards who decided who to keep and who to kill. The guards took the children first to kill. The Mexicans told Red the screams from the mothers of the children were shattering.  After the guards killed the children, the mothers grieved for days on end.

It took a somewhat longer time for the guards to make determinations on the women.  They needed some women for cooking and other types of domestic chores. The guards kept most of the men to do the dirty work in the camps.  The men dug the graves.  After the guards killed  people the men shoveled dirt over the bodies until they filled the open grave.

Red could not believe his ears but seeing it he knew it was true. But, at that point, the Mexicans caught sight of some guards pushing a large group of people towards the place where they were standing.

The Mexicans and Red all fell to the ground and started to crawl away from the mass grave area trying to be quiet enough not to be detected.  But, the crying and the screaming of the people being marched to the mass grave were so loud any noise they made could not be heard.

After Red and the Mexicans crawled so far Red turned around like needing to watch a train wreck and laid there shuddering as the guards marched what Red could now see were children over to the mass grave. The guards lined up the children inside the grave and shot down every one of them.  The children fell into their places inside the ready-made grave.

Red vomited while the Mexicans lay on the ground face down. They already had seen this and had no wish to ever see it again. All about them was a strange quiet. Red wondered if the mothers knew their children were dead.

One of the Mexicans lifted his head out of the brush for a few seconds and caught sight of one of the guards looking in their direction. The Mexican whispered to them to stay quiet and not to move. The Mexican hoped that Red’s vomiting was not heard.  One of the other Mexicans closest to Red pushed his face into the ground so the guards would not hear him.

The Mexicans all looked at one another lying on the ground with a sense of knowing. They had the same reaction when they first saw this kind of horror. After spending several months in a FEMA camp they knew all too well the feelings these killings invoked. But, they had become immune to them after a time as there was no other way to cope but to cut their feelings off. Survival was vital. They knew they would leave the camp at some point to be sent out on another assignment.  But, they also feared that the time may come where they were no longer needed.

One of the Mexicans poked his head a bit up through the brush to check on that one guard, when suddenly a bright light shined on where they were hidden. Their hearts pounded hoping the guards did not see them.  But, after a few moments the light went out and they could hear the guards moving back to the camp.

After all was clear, Red and the Mexicans ran out of the area to the van.  Red started the van up and drove wildly down the dirt road and  to the back road they had been on.

The Mexicans worried about Red’s emotional state and begged him to let one of them drive. Red relented. He got into the very back of the van where Jeremy lay.  He laid down next to his beloved shepherd. Jeremy licked all over his face. Feeling comfort from the animal’s love and loyalty to him, Red felt slightly better. But he knew he would never be the same after what he just saw.


To be continued…………

The Acorns Dilemma Chapter XII

Red and the Mexicans crossed over into Arkansas with no further difficulty or interruptions.  But, when they were about 5 miles into Arkansas, what appeared to be military soldiers confronted and blocked the van from passing any further.

Red stopped the van about a yard from them not knowing who they were, what they wanted and how dangerous they were.

He waited, sweating profusely, while the military started towards him with their weapons.  The military and militia men outnumbered Red and the Mexicans so they did not try to do any shooting and waited to see what this meant.

What turned out to be a Marine asked him to open his window and hand over his documents.  Red told the Marine he really did not have any except for his driver’s license.

The Marine told him that was fine. Red gave it to him and while he inspected it other Marines and  militia men came closer to the van ready for any trouble.

The Marine asked Red what was he doing and where was he headed. Red told the Marine everything that happened and how they were trying to escape to one of the states that had seceded from the Union.  The Mexicans told the military men they wanted to go back to Mexico and get out of this mess the States were in.

After inspection, the Marines told Red they have to patrol the perimeter of each seceded state for the enemies of the free Union. He told Red they have debriefing areas for those who escape the government controlled areas of the country. They told the Mexicans they are not allowing anyone to return to Mexico now but they had plenty of work for them if they wanted some.

The Mexicans wanted a safe area of the country and jobs. Red would be going to the debriefing center where doctors tend to emotional and physical wounds suffered while in the states under Mr. No Blame.

The military allowed them to pass through the barricade. The Mexicans felt joy over being free again.  God bless those men shouted the Mexicans in pure relief. Red was too tired and in shock to say much of anything.

Once they arrived at the debriefing center, the Mexicans told Red they would look him up once they settled with their new jobs and a place to stay.  Red was glad they wanted to see him again. With all they had been through together Red felt like the 4 Mexicans were his best friends now.

Red went through a lot of therapy while at the debriefing center. During that time, his beloved Jeremy went to a quarantine animal hospital.  All animals coming into the state needed to be inspected.  Red expected to unite with Jeremy in about 2 weeks.  But, that never happened.  When Red went to pick up Jeremy the vets told him Jeremy had cancer.  Red had no money to save Jeremy so he agreed to put Jeremy down so he wouldn’t suffer any longer.

Several months later, the Mexicans settled in with their jobs and a couple of rooms provided by citizens of Arkansas who were helping people who relocated due to Mr. No Blame’s policies. They found the people of Arkansas to be friendly, helpful and full of life.

They visited Red mostly on Friday nights where they played cards.

The Mexicans noticed that Red seemed to be in another world and he rarely spoke about his life.  They told him all the stories of what they were up to on their new jobs and the people they met and enjoyed.  Red seemed to like hearing their escapades.

One Friday night, the Mexicans showed up at Red’s room for their regular card games but there was no answer when they knocked on the door. They found the door unlocked however and entered into Red’s small, two room apartment.

A letter addressed to them was lying on the card table.

Dear Friends,

I am so grateful to you for all you did to help me escape Mr. No Blame’s state of tyranny, but I find I cannot go on.  What I lost, my wife, my baby, my business, my home, my dog is  more than I can handle.  I suffer nights of no sleep and nightmares of terror. The dreams are mostly about the FEMA camp and those children being shot down. I cannot look at a child  because I feel like I should have done something to save them from their horrible deaths and being thrown in an open grave as if they were trash.  I cannot get that vision out of my head. It plagues me night and day.  I yearn for my family and the black holes beckon me.  I cannot keep myself from being sucked into the blackness.

With that said, I say adios to you, good friends and may we meet on the other side.

With fondness,

Red Acorn

The Mexicans were shocked and found Red lying on his bed in the other room. He had shot himself in the head with one of the guns they stole from the black shirts they killed along the way.

The Mexicans cried over Red’s untimely death and wondered after all they had gone through how Red could throw his life away.  However, the Mexicans knew all too well what Mr. No Blame’s tyranny and wreckage did to many people who found no reason to live. They saw the things Red had but it was the first time for Red.  Apparently Red could not live with those memories and in part they could not blame him. He lost so much, so quickly, had no idea what was going on for so long. They believed the damage done to Red’s mind and his beliefs was so brutal that his mind broke.

They knelt and prayed for Red.  The Mexicans crossed their hearts and started out with the sign of the cross:  In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

No one knew the torment,
That you were going through;
We only kept on seeing
What we really wanted to.

We saw the outward smile,
But not your inner pain;
We never really dreamt,
That you would never smile again.

Forgive us if we failed to see,
What we could do to aid;
Or if we failed to comprehend,
How much you were afraid.

We pray your mental anguish,
Will now forever cease;
And that your deep anxieties,
Will be replaced by peace.

We know your pain invaded,
Every single thought you had;
It made you cry internally,
And deeply, deeply sad.

Our lives have all been better,
Because you have been there;
So now we leave your memory,
In God’s all-loving care.


The Mexicans reported Red’s death and decided they needed to help other people who may felt the same way as Red.  They had a new mission in their lives, realizing now that there are people scarred for the rest of their lives by the Mr. No Blame administration.

el extremo

Comments on: "The Acorn Series" (33)

  1. Hi Peperhawkfarm,

    I really enjoyed your Acorn series. It reminded me of 1917-1918 Russia when the Bolsheviks over threw the Czar and ushered Communism into Russia. I know that old Russia under the Czar was not the typical Capitalist country, but the effects of Communism were the same. I remember in the movie Doctor Zhivago, when all or most of the beautiful mansion and houses in Moscow were taken over by the government and were filled with dozens of families per house. The government DID NOT supply all of their needs and suffice it to say that the homes became slums in short order. The people lost their will to work since they were working for the government and not for themselves. Distrust and snitching were rampant. It is reported the Stalin killed millions of Russians or sent them to the Gulag in Siberia for no reason. No one could trust even their own family members. It was horrible and went on for 70-80 years before it was over turned by Gorbachev in the 1980’s. Liberalism does not work. Only the government gets rich and only those at the very top. It is a way of life based on fear and scarcity. But when people, in a Capitalist society feel like the government owes them a living, their whole way of life can slip away. Thanks for your stories. You have a great writing style.


  2. Isande8,

    I was not even aware you were reading my Acorn series. I need to get the next chapter up and that will most likely be next week sometime.

    Yes, I’m quite familiar with the Russian history. Being part Russian myself led me to dig into it. Stalin killed over 20 million people simply for disagreeing with him on anything. He was one of the most ruthless Communist dictators of our time. Or a bit before our time.

    And yes, the Gulags too. There are no fast and hard figures on how many people got sent to them. He was an awful person and actually after the Russians revolted against the Czar Nicholas and found out what they got instead, they were not happy at all.

    Working for the State like in Russia during those days was not good at all. People soon realized they had no economic freedom and were demoralized.

    Thank you so much for liking my stories and my writing style. I greatly appreciate the compliment.

    Hope to see you back here.


  3. Craftyone said:

    I’m hooked on this little story and was very disappointed that it ended. Please finish it soon, I want to know what the Mexicans have in store for poor Red. You know, there is so much truth here that it’s hard to call it fiction.


    • Craftyone,

      Well I’ll be darned. I had no idea you were reading this series. So much fun to find you were following it.
      You will be happy to know that the next chapter goes up this week. I know I’ve been keeping a lot of people in suspense over this and I need to get the rest of the story up. So, look for the next chapter this coming week. It will not be the ending chapter either.

      Thx so much for leaving this message and reading my story. I’m so glad you are enjoying it.


  4. Did Mr. No Blame and his “black shirts” come and shut down your story?
    This is now July and the suspense has continued since January.
    Oh what a timely story… what a great “educational” movie it would make.

    Turn this story into a quality movie & it could reach a lot of the kool-aid swallowing, leftist liberal looneys. That is, if you could find a big-name cast that would be willing to work in it… I cannot think of any major star in hollywood that has a shread of conservative common sense.


    • You can find the last chapters of the Acorn story here: https://pepperhawkfarm.wordpress.com/category/satire/
      ON that page are Chapters X, XI, and the last one XII.

      When you read it to the end let me know what you thought. Not our lovely government did not shut me down. LOL! I’m a small fish in a big pond. I would think they have bigger fish to fry right now.

      I’m sorry but I never got the last chapters on the Acorn Series page. I’ve been a bit busy. I need to do that soon.


    • ewp,

      There ya go. I updated the page so all the chapters are now here. I hope you come back and read the last 3 chapters and sorry you missed them when they were published. I usually published a chapter on my regular blog and later moved the chapters onto the Acorn Series Page. That’s why you didn’t see them. Ya just have to keep stopping by. 🙂

      btw, I can’t think of anyone in Hollyweird who has any common sense except Angelina Jolie’s father and for the life of me I can’t think of his name. It begins with John. He is quite a conservative and he might play a major part in the movies.

      The leftists would never go see it however because it would be so anti their so called principles. They would believe Mr. No Blame was just AOK. After all they think our present dictator is A-OK.


  5. cromwellswar said:

    This is why we all meet it head on. That is a fine piece of writing, prophetic? Who knows. I have read the raft of executive orders, as a man who lives under a socialist regime, the EUSSR, well I identify strongly.
    To not confront evil is to condone it.
    It appears I have found more fine company. That pleases me greatly.


    • Hi cromwellswar,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Acorn Series. I would post them on my regular blogging place then after all the comments were done, I transferred the whole series to its’ own page.

      I know you guys are under a socialist regime and I used to feel very bad for the English. Not we are being hammered to be under socialism or communism whatever this Marxist prez decides. He has gone above and beyond his legal rights as president. He has become a King and needs to be impeached, but for some reason Congress does nothing. We, the people, are up in arms about it and don’t know where this is headed.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I believe we will have a very fine Internet friendship.

      You are so right, “Evil can only exist when good men do nothing” quoted from someone I can’t recall his name I’m embarrassed to say.
      And no one in our government is confronting the evil that is going on here in our federal government


      • cromwellswar said:

        I think that quote was Washington, though I fear I will be corrected!
        I followed Mr Paul with great interest, as did many English. He was frozen out by a crooked cabal. All western countries operate the same two party illusion of democracy. What we have is a UN dictatorship in waiting, Nato and corporations are its enforcer, backed by wicked banksters.

        Enough hectoring. Life is short and a good friendship is being made, that please me greatly.


        • cromwellswar,

          Well it doesn’t matter right now where the quote came from, it’s still true.

          Oh, yeah, Ron Paul is considered a flake by many, even conservatives because they don’t understand what a libertarian is. They believe a libertarian has no morals or ethics mainly due to the fact that Ron Paul states rightly so, that the federal government has no business in banning drugs, getting into abortion fights, and he believes we should withdraw our troops from countries where we are not longer needed. That puts off the “war mongering” crowd who want to continue with the big military complex.

          I actually agree with him on almost everything, but he won’t be a candidate in the general election. But, here in Kentucky, we luckily have his son as one of our senators, Rand Paul. He is almost as rogue as his father. Rand believes in our Constitution and fights mostly alone to keep our Constitution as the law of our land. We love him here. It is almost crazy that a man who wants to conserve our Constitution is considered “rogue”. That’s how out of whack things have gotten here.

          Yes, this UN takeover is scaring the heck out of us here in America. Last week the Senate blocked the LOST treaty from being ratified. It was nothing more than a takeover of all our water rights right here in our country. Unbelievable. But we have many other hurtles to get past to get the UN Agenda 21 out of our country. But the globalists are all for this. And it is spreading all over our country where the UN will decide who lives where, if we can drive a car, and many other unbelievable things. But the big money, the bankers, and the corrupt governments everywhere are all behind this one world order.

          If all Americans knew what the UN is up to they would be horrified. But people don’t keep themselves informed on these issues, plus the UN is playing a stealth game here trying to keep it out of the media. I recall a Congressman standing up in Congress saying, “Just what the hell is this UN Agenda 21”. This after millions of Americans already knew what it was. So it shows you that even our lawmakers don’t keep themselves informed.

          Ah yes, we will be good friends. I’m pleased with that also.


          • cromwellswar said:

            I spoke of Agenda 21 recently. Out of an audience of around fifty, only two knew what it was. My friend in NC says that Americans have fallen in love with the fallen angel because he gives them what they crave.
            We on the other hand must push the snowball up the hill, educating and convincing, making others question.
            When I began truth seeking around twelve years ago, it was Ike’s warning against the industrial and military complex that made me think.
            Since that day, well I have never, nor will ever, stop.
            I once faced a silent and surly class of youngsters, I began my talk wearing tinfoil on my head. They of course were appalled and interested. We ended up having an hour to remember, questions flew and the kids were happy. I was never asked back. The teachers said I was too radical. Such is the brainwashing in state schools.

            As for the Pauls, I feel they carry the hopes of many Englishmen. The Scots wish to break away, you should see the back room deals being cobbled together to keep the Union. The queen is in a flap about it all.

            Do you think states will secede? If it is the only way to keep the Constitution alive it may be for the best. It is harder to control a loose collection of sovereign states.
            I wish this for the EUSSR. Over 70% of Britons want out totally, government ignores this, the system is rigged to prevent change. Much like your federal monster.

            These are the reasons I believe they will plunge us into war, they know we are sick of them. War means profit for the few, the neo cons love it, the likes of Boeing and BaE as well. It will also plunge the next generation into debt.

            I pray they do not succeed, one theory is the cabal has realised they are rumbled. The internet is something they did not bank on. This theory goes along the lines that the uber rich will withdraw and retrench. Approach their goals from another angle.

            Whatever the truth, and there are many possibilities, it is armed citizenry that protect what is left of the west.


  6. Cromwell,

    Wow, only 2 out of 50 people knew what the UN Agenda 21 is. How frightening is that? We need to inform as many people as possible I have run a lot of articles on it. I just hope it is reaching people. There are many more readers who come to my blog but don’t comment. So I know it is reaching a lot of people.

    That is funny how you wore a tin foil hat when speaking to those children. Of course in state schools, the teachers are all for the type of government that gives them good wages, and they don’t care if the children are getting taught the truth. It is happening all over here in the States. The teachers are one more arm of the government and are teaching things that I would not want any child of mine to be hearing. And here you were making those children very interested and the teachers can’t allow that for bloody sake. Argh!

    I didn’t know about the Scots wanting to break away. How interesting.

    As far as the States seceding from the Union, the only state I know of who may do that is Texas. They are completely self sufficient. The Governor there, Rick Perry, has made the statement that he will not implement any of the Obamacare under the 10th Amendment. States do not have to accept anything from the Federal Government that is not constitutional. Rick Perry is very good on State’s rights.
    More governors may follow his example. It’s a wait and see thing for now.

    As far as seceding, I would not be surprised if the southeastern states would secede if things become impossible here. But, I can’t tell you for sure what could happen.

    There are millions of Americans who are in a rage over what is going on. I would not be the least bit surprised if civil war breaks out especially if Obama is re-elected. People are almost ready now to start except I think people are waiting to see what happens with the upcoming election. If Obama is not thrown out, we’ve got huge problems on our hands, even more than we do now. I think people are going to start to break and the shots are going to start to fly. We are all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens.

    Our Congress has done nothing to reign this man in even though he has committed many crimes and misdemeanors according to our Constitution. We are infiltrated with communists. It was done so furtively that most of us did not see it. Now it’s right before our eyes, at least those of us who are not wearing blinders.

    I too can see the globalists trying to plunge us into another war. Our ships are being deployed to the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz to keep Iran from doing something crazy. At least that is the message they are giving us. But, I think it’s preparation for another really big war. Look how the whole ME is on fire. And nothing good is coming from it but the Muslim Brotherhood and their Sharia law being put into place.

    And I too believe the Internet has been a huge success in getting out the real stories and we don’t have to depend on the liberal media, another arm of the government, to report all their lies. Here in America, only 22% of people believe the media anymore. That is a whopping number of people who “don’t” believe them.

    Cromwell, on Thursday I’m posting a personal story. You might be interested in that. I know you don’t like to comment on our politics here in America. But, I hope you will read my post for Thursday.


  7. cromwellswar said:

    Pepper, I look forward to thursday. My reluctance to comment is diminishing by the day. I feel many things are going wrong within the US. Some folk have been a little tetchy with me on other blogs when I have commented. I will if that is alright with you. The fact an Englishman has an opinion upset a few and I understand given England’s past role.
    Indeed the communist influence has spread throughout the west. It is an ideal control mechanism, to make people dependant on the state for everything, even thought.

    England as a country is flooded with migrants, mainly from the old empire, but many from eastern Europe. The welfare system attracts them, to be paid for doing little is far more attractive than home I suppose.
    Many do however integrate, I have some fine friends and family of other faiths. As a result of history, we have a duty to many. The libertarian in me is at odds with many over here. They even accuse me of being an anarchist sometimes, I usually quote Tolstoy’s Christian anarchy, that shuts them up.

    When we accept that migration has being used to water down our culture, on both sides of the sea, we can see a clearer picture. Now of course, the liberal raises their hands in horror and throws the term racist around with aplomb. I object to the Holocaust Denial law, not that it didn’t take place, just that it is dictated that it did to individuals.
    I always struggle with some folk to separate Jewry, Israel and Zionism. The instinct, again is to accuse you of being an anti semite. The truth lies in reading history, understanding and keeping an open mind. I suppose facts speak for themselves, as you rightly say, many are too blinkered. They would not know truth if it hit them in the kisser.

    Still, we must continue to educate. Although as I get older I find myself giving up on some. As a Christian this troubles me greatly, I try to remain humble at all times. Though this is hard, the soldier in me craves action.

    Still, there is time for us old dogs yet 🙂


  8. Cromwell,

    I have no objection whatsoever to you commenting on my blog. If someone objects to your views then so be it. I like to have some spice on my blog anyway. You can see from England what is happening to us. I think it would be refreshing to have you speak to that very subject. Especially since I am putting up articles about the whole world knowing what is going on here and the fraud perpetrated on us. We look like fools I know.

    Yes, there is still time for us old dogs to spread the word and help to educate others. That is why I have a blog. I’ve been throwing up posts all day the last couple of days. I feel like things are coming to a head and I feel a pressure upon me to get up as much info as I can. We have only a little over 3 mos before the election. I keep hoping I reach some people who may not be totally informed. Right now I almost feel desperate because we’re coming down the last leg of the race here in the States.

    I think also that people would be interested in all that is going on in your country too. We are all fighting this globalist take over and your take on it would be interesting to people I believe.

    So as we Kentuckians say, “Come on down, sit on the porch, and have a good ole talk”.


  9. Hi there! This post could not be written much better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

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    • Pansy Riveroll,

      HI there and welcome. Thank you for the kind words on my story. I hope your previous roommate likes the story and tell him to leave a comment after he reads it. You are most welcome. The story is meant to be shared and I’m glad you enjoyed it.


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  12. Great riveting story. I’ll be sure to spread the link around.


    • Mr. G

      Thx and glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed your about me too. Gives me a perspective on who you are and I love your wife, Phoebe’s blog. She and I have a lot in common being libertarians. 🙂


  13. Excellent read, very gripping. My level of concentration is so low that I rarely read anything of any length anymore but this story kept me engaged.

    Liked by 1 person

    • phoebe, I had no idea of some of the comments made here. Never received a notice until today, a long time from when you commented. Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed it.


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  15. Pep…when did you originally write the Acorn series? 09?

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  16. I’m rellay into it, thanks for this great stuff!

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  17. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on dilypas!


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