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DEFCON 3: US Nuclear Attack Warning…..

‘upgraded to level 3’ as Moscow prepares for WAR

By Pamela Geller on October 15, 2016

We have gone from DEFCON 5 to DEFCON 3. Bombers ready to take off in 15 minutes, missiles on launch warning. And the American people are going to vote for this …. again. Have we sunk so low and  been rendered so stupid?

Remember the sweet, safe days of George W. After smashing and bashing him, the left has delivered us here. Everyday it’s some new horror. And what is every news network reporting on? Trump’s libido, of course.

US nuclear attack warning ‘upgraded to level 3’ as Russian threat goes ‘beyond Cold War’ Daily Star, October 13, 2016:

AMERICA is edging closer to nuclear armageddon after upgrading its attack “defence readiness”, it has been claimed.

The defense readiness condition, dubbed DEFCON, is an alert system used by the US military to indicate the risk of nuclear war. The system has five levels of readiness, or states of alert, increasing in severity from DEFCON 5 – the least severe – to DEFCON 1 – the most severe.he current DEFCON levelis understood to be 5 – the lowest state of readiness.

The Obama administration is contemplating an unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

I guess Obama is pretty darn mad at the Russians if they were the ones who leaked all of Hillary’s emails and now his connections with the whole sordid affair. So let’s do a little cyber attack on them why don’t we? He is truly the stupidest man alive on this planet. I can’t wait until he’s gone. If he thinks that will bring down Putin he’s a dumber than dirt twit. Pepp’s comment.

If its covert, why are they telling us?

Current and former officials with direct knowledge of the situation say the CIA has been asked to deliver options to the White House for a wide-ranging “clandestine” cyber operation designed to harass and “embarrass” the Kremlin leadership.

The sources did not elaborate on the exact measures the CIA was considering, but said the agency had already begun opening cyber doors, selecting targets and making other preparations for an operation. Former intelligence officers told NBC News that the agency had gathered reams of documents that could expose unsavory tactics by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


With tensions between Russia and the United States at their highest since the Cold War, there have been alarming signs coming out of Moscow that suggest the country is ready for war.

There are some unsettling things Russia has done, however, to give the impression that war is looming:

Beware the ‘Nuclear Dimensions’

As the confrontation between the United and Russia has worsened over Syria, and amid speculation Washington might launch airstrikes against Syrian government forces, Russian state-controlled media has gone into high gear, asking Russians whether they are prepared for nuclear war.

“If that should one day happen, each of you must know where the nearest bomb shelter is,” a report on the state-controlled network, NTV, noted, before taking viewers on a tour of a nuclear bunker in Moscow.

Shilovsky range, Oct. 14, 2016.

State outlets, already solidly anti-American in their coverage, have unleashed themselves further, indulging in bitter denunciations of America duplicity, bombastic promises of merciless defenses and freely bandying the nuclear card. Russia’s main current affairs show, hosted by a man known by critics as the country’s “propagandist-in-chief,” warned American “impudence” could take on “nuclear dimensions,” then spending 40 minutes taking viewers through a panoply of potential nuclear options Russia possesses if the United States were to intervene too strongly in Syria. The host, Evgeny Kiselyov, described how three Russian missile frigates this week had sailed toward Syria to head off potential U.S. airstrikes against Syrian military targets.

“Incidentally,” Kiselyov told his audience, the ships missiles “also [come] in a nuclear version. Which version is aboard our missile frigates right now isn’t known.”

The Sound of Saber-Rattling

The maneuvers took on harder forms as well. This week, Russia deployed nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad, its northern European enclave between Poland and Lithuania that put the weapons within striking distance of Western capitals. Moscow has threatened before to deploy the Iskander-M missiles to Kaliningrad, in response, it says, to the establishment of the U.S. anti-missile shield being erected in Eastern Europe. But this week’s deployment came sooner than expected, with analysts suggesting that indicated the Kremlin wanted to play it as part of the broader saber-rattling display in the confrontation around Syria.

Russia also conducted a series of intercontinental ballistic missile tests this week, launching three missiles in a single day. Two of the nuclear-capable missiles were launched from submarines off Russia’s Pacific coast, the third was fired from an inland launch pad, RIA Novosti reported.

While this is going on, the news outlets are spending all of their time on fake Trump sex scandals. Where are their priorities? I guess that’s a pretty dumb question.



Since When Did Experience Automatically Become Good Thing?


Recent polls (IE. Quinnipiac) show people polled prefer Hillary over Trump on foreign affairs, because “she has experience.” I can’t help but wonder how the questions were asked.

There’s no debating she has more experience as Secretary of State. However, is it purely experience that is required? Shouldn’t it be how one performed gaining that experience? Is experience gained while one fails time after time in their performance a good thing?

Here is how I measure Hillary’s experience on foreign policy under her leadership: Honduras and Haiti, FAIL. Afghanistan, FAIL. Benghazi, FAIL. Libya, FAIL. Egypt, FAIL. Iraq, FAIL. Syria, FAIL. Ukraine (she laid the groundwork for the overthrow of the neutral government), FAIL.

Telling the truth about her foreign policy failures, success! She lies every time.

LIAR Hillary

It’s not hard to see simply having experience demonstrates she did a good job. Not even a poor job. Her experience illustrates she is now the worse Secretary of State in the history of our nation.

I honestly can’t think of one success she had as Secretary of State.
She promises more of the same if elected president. After witnessing how much of our planet she has set ablaze and devastated, it surpasses simple logic that so many people will vote for her and more of the same failure. I’d call that glutton for punishment for which we all would have to pay.

NOTE:  Please direct all comments and questions to Dave. Thank you.

Obama Has Mush For Brains

Putin Slams Obama on Syria: US Has ‘Mush for Brains’

Now Putin is telling the truth on this one. Obama has never had a serious strategy for Syria except to train some so called Syrian Freedom Army guys who pretty much either got knocked off or ran. And the government spent tons of money for this craziness.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, passes by US President Barack Obama at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014 in Beijing. (AP Photo/RIA Novosti, Presidential Press Service)

This picture say so much. Obama gives a sideways glance at Putin that looks like fear. Putin has his hand on Obama’s shoulder as if to say, “Now, now, we all know you have shit for brains and I’ll take care of everything for you. I will become the great leader of the world while you blather away about climate change being the biggest threat we are facing.”

Then we have this piece of stupidly: U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter warned that Russia’s actions “will have consequences” and the bombing“will only inflame” Syria’s four- year civil war.

Wow, I bet that had Russia shaking all over! What consequences? Has Obama ever followed through with any of his threats. Of course not. And that’s one good reason Putin says he has mush for brains. And those of us who know about Obama know that Putin is right.


I don’t usually post whole article or a long one. This one is both but it’s very enlightening and scary. Pepp

The Missiles of October, 2015 Edition

By Doug Hagmann  October 9, 2015

When the farmer in Iowa plowing his field suddenly and unexpectedly hears a noise and feels the ground shake from missiles being fired from a hidden underground silo in retaliation against Russia, perhaps then Americans will wake up to the litany of lies we’ve been fed by our leaders and a complicit media. Even then, I suspect that most Americans will continue to believe the lies of the U.S. leaders and succumb to revisionist history that has little-to-nothing to do with the truth.
We are at the precipice of World War III, yet the average American has no idea. The average American is oblivious to the fact that America has been captured from within, its leadership is traitorous, and the media complicit in all aspects of seditious criminality. Many of those who might have a level of understanding however, don’t know the real story about how we arrived at this point in time. For both, we have our elected officials in Washington to thank…or to blame… or perhaps congratulate, depending upon which agenda you’re pushing.
In the event you missed the news, twenty-six cruise missiles were fired into Syria by Russian warships yesterday as Syrian ground troops launch an offensive against ISIS and U.S., NATO and Saudi-backed anti-Assad terrorists. Who didn’t see this coming?
Three years ago to the day – October 8, 2012, I wrote Lemmings…On the precipice of World War III, explaining that Barack Hussein Obama, in his capacity as the man selected for the Oval Office, was overseeing a private war in the Middle East at the direction of the Saudis. What was taking place in Syria at that time was the result of the Obama-Clinton parallel CIA/State Department’s “Fast & Furious, Libyan Edition.” To Hillary Clinton’s cackling delight, Gaddafi was deposed and killed, and Libya was being used as a supply depot for weapons funneled to Syria via Turkey and other areas in close proximity. The primary staging area in Libya was Benghazi, and specifically, the CIA complex that was attacked on September 11, 2012.
The actions by this rogue element within the U.S. government, many who are still in power and continue to hold positions of influence, led to the attack on the CIA compound that caused the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and three others. Although the attack was conducted by proxy groups, those groups were acting on behalf of Russia. Accordingly, the United States did not respond, as doing so would have certainly widened the conflict and exposed the largest weapons running operation in the Middle East. Stevens, having a rolodex full of unsavory contacts including those he met while on assignment in Syria, reportedly oversaw a portion of this operation, according to my contacts in the intelligence venue.
To fully understand the perilous situation the Renegade-in-Chief has created for us as a nation, it is critical to understand the truth regarding how we arrived here. That, of course is something that Obama, Clinton and their facilitators cannot have exposed at any cost. To understand Russia’s response in Syria, the current situation must be viewed through the larger lens of past events for accurate historical context, and those events include Benghazi. It is for this reason that the American people will never get the truth about Benghazi or the mysterious Clinton e-mails, as any truthful revelation would expose the criminally traitorous activities of this unlawful administration.
How deep the lies
The lies, however, go much deeper than most reasonable people can comprehend, as we are not dealing with reasonable or rational people. We do not have truth in the media, as all media outlets are controlled by only six corporations that act as chokepoints for truth. The large media conglomerates dutifully report only what they are told to report and nothing more. Included in this pattern of control are those media pundits, including most who are identified as conservative, and most who host talk shows and television panels.
The above, therefore, explains why the background of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II, the Renegade-in-Chief was declared “off-limits” to discussion by even those “conservative” pundits. Anyone out of compliance was (and still is) publicly ridiculed. This complete takeover is overtly obvious even in Hollywood, where many night-time talk show hosts often mock and ridicule anyone daring to question the bona-fides and allegiance of the Communist Muslim occupant of the White House.
I stress the above in this report as it is relevant even today, for the events we are watching unfold could have been prevented with a true conservative effort and media pundits who could have chosen to place the fate of their nation over their careers. They chose their paycheck over the truth, and bowed to their corporate handlers as deeply as Obama bowed to his handler, the king of Saudi Arabia.
We have grown to expect as much from the toxic liberal “progressive” Marxists, but find it difficult to accept such from the self-proclaimed conservative media and pundits. Depicted as intellectual talking heads, they never seem to break through the thin veneer of lies that covers the truth. They entertain rather than inform, which appeals to the average, non-thinking American. They offer just enough “us versus them,” play-by-play action of the long-dead partisan paradigm to satisfy those addicted to mainstream news.
What every thinking American needs to understand is that the lies that have been and continue to be perpetuated by those in elected positions emanate from members of both political parties, for most members of both parties have chosen to take their assigned seats at the globalists’ table. It is easy to see how others may have been blackmailed into taking their assigned seats, especially after drinking from the fountain of power and wealth within the beltway. That assertion also applies to certain members of the Supreme Court, a body that has become an activist arm of the globalists.
We did not, however, arrive here overnight. The subjugation of America’s sovereignty was an incremental process. It seems that the tactics of the Fabian Socialists won out over those of the Communists. Their goals are the same, only their approach is different. The ultimate objective is nearly complete, and each of us has a front seat to the next act of this Orwellian play. From Woodrow Wilson to the Clinton cabal to the globalists currently in power, Americans have been led into servitude. Sadly, many Americans are enjoying their servitude, or have no idea that they are being held captive. Feel free to call it Stockholm syndrome, but dare not call it “battered wife syndrome,” for this phrase has been deemed off limits by the thought police.
For those reasons and many more, don’t expect to learn the truth about Benghazi, for the next act of this Orwellian play has already been written. While most Americans could not find Benghazi on a globe, those who could seem to have long forgotten about the attack and its implications. A dutiful and complicit press has made sure of that.
While many quickly dismiss ludicrous explanations concerning the Benghazi attack, including the embarrassingly laughable narrative relating to the anti-Muslim video The Innocence of Muslims, they will often stop there, purposely neglecting the evidence that is highly suggestive of a rogue CIA, Clinton, Obama and Brennan cover-up. As I detailed in my report of that video, its creation appears to trace back to people and groups close to the CIA. Additionally, the same people and entities whose fingerprints appear on the video also appear to be involved in the breach of the passport office files in 2008. It was that breach that prompted the admission by Obama that he traveled to Pakistan in 1981, and also appears to have played a role in the murder of one of those involved at the periphery of that incident.
Although seemingly tedious and arguably off-topic, it is vital to understand that everything we are presently seeing taking place has been carefully orchestrated. We are not living in a world of coincidence, but one of conspiracy. Laugh if you must, but do so only after you’ve investigated all of the facts. And then, laugh at your own peril.
Three years ago, I wrote that World War III would begin in Syria, not Iran. Admittedly, Iran would play a role, but the flashpoint, Putin’s red line in the sand runs directly through Damascus. It still does, and now over two-dozen sophisticated Russian cruise missiles have served to emphasize and validate my assertions.
Obama’s deliberately destabilizing actions across the Middle East, known as the “Arab Spring,” was planned long ago in the bowels of a Saudi mansion. With the approval of Washington leadership of both parties, including the “gang of eight,” Obama was selected to oversee the operation. Obama is acting on orders from his Saudi and globalist handlers. John Boehner and other Republican leaders provided the necessary cover for Obama to complete his task. He was assisted by the Clinton criminal cabal, and given a pass by a complicit media.
If you look long enough and close enough, the evidence is there. Sadly, there are too few with the intellectual and moral integrity to report it. Or, they have already submitted their reservations for their seats at the globalists’ table.
For those with the temerity to report the truth, there is a solution to deal with you. If you’re not silenced by the restrictions of the soon-to-be-passed Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty or its Atlantic counterpart, there’s always room for you at one of your local non-existent re-education centers. They’ll even leave the light on for you.
From there, you’ll have a front row seat to the series of final acts of the screenplay of the globalists. The “Missiles of October 2015 edition,” produced and written by the Globalista’s studios, although a bit behind schedule, has been “launched.” Pun intended.
Prepare. Pray.
Doug Hagmann, Canada Free Press

Rand Paul’s Response to….

Putin About America Being Exceptional:

Paul: President Putin, America Is Exceptional

A recent op-ed by Russian President Vladimir Putin has prompted me to respond. While his position that the Syrian conflict can and should be settled through a political and diplomatic solution is correct, virtually everything else in his writing should be taken to task. So I shall.

I begin with Mr. Putin’s disagreement regarding the exceptionalism of the United States of America. I could not more strongly disagree with him. While he is correct that God created every human being as an equal in His eyes, clearly the results of each of our efforts on this earth, individually and collectively, are not equal.

America’s exceptionalism is rooted in our founding documents and values. From the rights granted by our creator, but guaranteed by our Constitution. We should not shy away from saying so, especially when our actions are in keeping with this exceptional founding, as they were this week in our debate over going to war in Syria. Our constitutional checks and balances were on full display, largely resulting in the at least temporary halting of a rush to war.

Mr. Putin’s second mistake is to focus on the speck in the eye of the United States, while ignoring the plank in his own. He accuses the United States of alarming interventions in foreign countries. While I certainly have my bone to pick with our foreign policy over the last 15 years, the Russian President is the least qualified person I can think of to make this argument with a straight face.

We went to war in Afghanistan because they were harboring those who attacked us on 9/11. Mr. Putin’s cohorts went to war there three decades earlier for no legitimate reason.

The United States until now has resisted arming one side of the Syrian civil war – all the while the other side has been armed by Russia.

The United States has used diplomatic pressure to attempt to resolve the ongoing situation with Iran – Russia has just announced a large arms sale that will escalate tensions in the region.

Being lectured to on foreign intervention by Mr. Putin would be comical if it weren’t such a serious example of a lack of self-awareness.

Nevertheless here we are. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or at least my temporary ally. As Mr. Putin correctly pointed out, the United States and

Russia banded together to defeat the menace of the Nazis a generation ago. And both countries certainly face real and present threats from Islamic extremists, both at home and in areas of strategic importance.

American should not act militarily in Syria because it cannot and should not join the same side as Al Qaeda. Russia cannot and should not continue to support militarily the brutal Assad regime.

And so, the dialog that began this week must go forward, and it must be given a chance to succeed.

The issue of course, is with the participants and the details of the plan. Asking us to “trust them” is clearly not a palatable option, and we cannot act naively simply to bypass war. Any diplomatic solution must involve a clear plan to rid Syria of these weapons, with strong verification and enforcement mechanisms. As Reagan used to put it, Trust but Verify.

So while I welcome the engagement of the Russians, and the dialog Mr. Putin this week attempted to begin with our country, I remain to be convinced of the details.

And I respond to him directly with the statement that yes, American is indeed exceptional. Our history has proved it so. While we all share the same Creator, we do not all share the same richness of history regarding human rights, freedom and democracy. There has been in the past 200 years a city on the hill that has shone brighter than all others. We will not be ashamed of that. May God allow us to continue to model this example to the world in these difficult times.

KGB Putin Contempt for Weak Obama

The Russian President, (and former head of the Soviet KGB), seems eager to take advantage of America’s folly.

Barack Obama’s National Security Leaks are weakening America on the world stage. And Vladimir Putin, the Cold War Director of the KGB turned Russian President is taking full advantage of that weakness to beat America once and for all.

This week, it was announced that Russia is planning military bases just 90 miles off Florida’s coast, in Cuba. Such outrageous action never would have been considered under a strong and secure administration like we had under Reagan or Bush. But Obama’s weak foreign policy combined with his administration’s repeated habit of spilling our national defense secrets to the world have created an atmosphere ripe for Cold War warriors like Putin to crush us.

As the Cold War Director of the KGB, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin knows the tactics and strategies employed by the US and as well as the faults that brought his beloved USSR down. He was the head of the equivalent of our CIA and he was in charge of the enemies initiatives. We would be crazy to think that losing an ideological war does not stick with him. Putin has ultimate hate and animosity toward the United States simply because we are the United States. You know his roots as to Communism and control, how else do you think that he became the HEAD OF THE KGB during the COLD WAR? The man is a ruthless warrior and Politician who LEADS AS A MAN, as opposed to our own Obama who looks to BEG, BORROW and BOW away the sovereignty of the American people he abhors.

Critical information about our defenses and National security initiatives is being leaked to the world on almost a daily basis. Our military, are strategic defenses are unable to operate with the security they require to keep America safe. Obama’s loose lips are literally putting America in a position where Russia may well sink out ships.

America is still great in power but Obama’s leaks are weakening us drastically. Our enemies see this and look to exploit our vulnerability so that we fall to our own stupidity and become weak enough defeat. Congress MUST IMMEDIATELY appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate and STOP THE LEAKS! Our national security is at risk and we simply cannot afford another Cold War show down with the likes of Vladimir Putin.

Russian Style Politics by Dave Taylor, Contributor

On March 12, 2012 and announcement by the rector of the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University of the students in the Russia said the following, “Dear student, on March 4 we will have elections for the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin…” As of now, Putin is only the Prime Minister of Russia. He is one of the candidates for the next presidential election (there are others) and the election was still one month away. Obviously the rector knows exactly who the election is for and who will win. One of Putin’s main competitors turned in his required petition containing 250,000 signatures to be eligible to get on the ballet, but the Russian governing body for elections refused his petition without any explanation. A joke was made of Facebook stating, “If you are electing another person, you are not voting in the same elections apparently.” It sounds like the fix is in.

It also appears the fix may already be in place here in the United States. Two days before the Nevada caucuses Newsmax published an article on February 2nd announcing that Romney will win. Newsmax quickly pulled the article. Even with the changed date, the time of the article (6:40pm Nevada time) makes it impossible for anyone to know, if Romney won. The first results did not start coming in until 7:00pm Nevada time. Hum…

The article claims that the caucus in Nevada was quiet, but apparently there was nothing quiet about it in reality. The article mentions nothing about the broadcasted vote at the Adelson precinct in Clark Country, while it says that Romney won (past tense) but gave no specific numbers. Also, when it lists the number of delegates each to the candidates has so far, the number given to Ron Paul was 4; serious mistake. Ron Paul won 7 delegates in Iowa and 3 in New Hampshire. Hum…

In reality, what Newsmax did was no different from the announcement of the Russian rector for Vladimir Putin. It basically read, “In two days the Nevada GOP will be voting for the candidate for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.” Hum…

So the question remains of how did Newsmax know Romney would win Nevada two days in advance? Also, how did CNN and FOX News know that Romney was the winner when only 4% of the votes had been counted? Strangely, why does the Nevada GOP refuse to release the full and detailed vote count precinct by precinct? Could it be because then the caucus-goers at every prescient will be able to see that the numbers are incorrect? Hum…

Apparently, the GOP leadership wants us to elect between “one” candidate the exact same way as being done in Russia with Vladimir Putin. The Nevada caucus appears to have just been for show when in reality for all intense purposes it is what the GOP party decides. Hum…

The GOP elites seem to have missed the fact this is not the 1930’s and we do not live in the USSR; we have internet now. Times have changed and “business as usual” can’t fly anymore. Or can it; hum…

Thank you to Godfatherpolitics for the base of this article:




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