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Nebraska Dem Party Including…

Voter Registration Forms in Refugee Kits.

By:  Andrew West

Few issues in recent months have been so clearly divided between democrats and republicans as the refugee crises that have crippled the globe.

While Europe continues to cope with an influx of violent and often sexual crimes, occurring proportionally higher in locales whose populations have been affected by massive refugee resettlements, former President Barack Obama foolishly encouraged American cities to openly accept these dangerous immigrants during the last few months of his lame duck term.

Now, with Donald Trump and the republicans working to curb the inflow of possibly nefarious characters during these resettlements, democratic operatives in Nebraska are fighting back with a sneaky plan to bolster their voting numbers.

“The Nebraska Democrat Party is providing voter registration cards to non-citizen migrants arriving in the state.

“Even more shocking, state party members even bragged about the scheme despite its clear criminality.

Read More: http://constitution.com

This should be criminal in my opinion.



Obama Admin. Allocating $4.6 Million for “Emotional Wellness” of Refugees

YOUR tax dollars at work.   You are paying for the “emotional wellness” of these refugees Obama is determined to resettle here.

“Each refugee admitted into the United States from the Middle East costs taxpayers an estimated $64,370 to resettle.”

The Washington Free Beacon reports – The Obama administration plans to spend $4.6 million next year on health promotion and “emotional wellness” for refugees as President Obama plans a 30 percent increase in the number of refugees admitted into the country.

The Department of Health and Human Services issued a grant forecast last month detailing its plans to issue health care grants for refugees on top of government programs that are already available, such as Medicaid.

“The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) within the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) invites States to submit applications for Refugee Health Promotion (RHP) discretionary grant funds,” the grant forecast says. “The purpose of the RHP grant is to support health and emotional wellness among refugees. The program is designed to coordinate and promote local health and mental health services and education.”

The agency said the funding would be in addition to Medicaid and programs that provide cash and medical assistance for refugees.

Read More:  http://freebeacon.com

So our tax dollars can never cover enough for these refugees who we, the people, don’t even want coming into our country. The Fraud Resident in the Oval Office decides to hit us over the head with the hammer of paying more for these folks.

And where the hell is Congress on this? Don’t they hold the purse strings? Or is this one of his “slush funds”?


You White Conservatives Are Just Phobes

Now I must tell you how to recognize if you are a Phobe.
It’s not really so hard to tell. I will give you many examples and then you can judge for yourself. Now this list is not the entire one of course. That would take volumes. In fact, if you want you can add your own examples in the comment section. Feel free to do so


1. You don’t like gay marriage.

2. You don’t want gays to adopt children and possibly molest them.

3. You no longer like God’s rainbows and have developed an allergy to them after the White House was bathed in rainbow colors for gays.

4. You don’t like gay parades where gays wear practically nothing.

5. You don’t want your children to see naked men and women marching in these parades. And our government requires that all your children must be shown every deviant activity there is. You don’t like that.

6. You don’t want men, (who say they are women) in women’s bathrooms.

7. You don’t want your kids in bathrooms with transgender men or women.



1. You want to eat meat that is not halal.

2. You don’t like burkas because you don’t know what’s under it like a gun, a sabre, or a bomb.

3. You don’t like that head-gear the women wear. You’d rather see the face so you can tell if it’s really a woman or just a man hiding to rape you and/or your children.

4. You don’t like Radical Islamist Jihadists who kill people here. You want them held accountable for their crimes. You want them arrested and sent to Gitmo. This makes you extremely Islamophobic.

5. The numerous calls to prayer hurts your ears and gets on your nerves.

6. You get annoyed because they smell like camel dung.

7. Actually you don’t like camels and think they are mean.

8. You don’t get rid of your black dogs or any dog which offends Muslims.

9. You don’t like that Muslims are given special treatment with foot baths and prayer rooms in schools.

10. You would like Christian prayers in schools since Muslim prayer is allowed. So very Islamophobic of you.

11. You don’t want to pay food benefits to all 4 wives of a Muslim man.

12. You think polygamy is against the law, but it’s allowed for Muslims. This bothers you but shouldn’t.

13. You are in general afraid of Muslims.

14. You don’t want Sharia law.

15. You don’t approve of honor killings.

16. Although it’s a hate crime for whites to dislike gays it’s OK for Muslims to throw them off of rooftops. This bothers you. It shouldn’t because that makes you a Muslim hater.


Xenophobe: Under this one Racism is covered.

1. If you buy white corn, white bread, a white wedding dress, white flour, white tortillas, books with white jackets, white shoes, and you have a white face,  you are definitely a racist.

2. If you want law and order restored.

3. You think the BLM should be designated a terrorist group, by golly, you are terrible racist.

4. You don’t like black panthers standing outside a polling station where you vote, calling you a cracker, telling you they are going to kill you and your cracker kids. You should be able to put up with this treatment.

5. You don’t want black criminals released from prison just because they are black. (Highly racist)

6. If you were born a white person, you are most definitely a racist.

7. If you are a white person born in the South of the United States, you are automatically a racist and you try to deny it. 


Xenophobes – Hispanics

1. You want people to come into our country legally.

2. You call people who come here illegally, illegals, instead of “undocumented people”.  (Very racist)

3. You would like immigrants to assimilate and love our country.

4. You don’t like Hispanic gangs and thugs running loose in our country, you are a xenophobic. What the hell is wrong with you. So what if they kill your children or rape you. That’s their right.

5. You are sick of paying their welfare checks and food stamps.

6. You don’t want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

7. You don’t want to display the Mexican flag on your front porch and would rather display the American flag.

8. You want “illegals” deported.

9. You want a wall to keep out illegals.

10. You are offended by Hispanics giving you the finger while they grab their crotches. It shouldn’t because it’s their country because we stole it from them. So actually we live in Mexico, not the United States.

11. You would like everyone to speak English.


Xenophobe – Muslim Refugees

1. You don’t want a bunch of refugees coming in here when you don’t know who they are.

2. You are afraid ISIS may infiltrate the refugees to get in here and kill you. This one really bothers you but it shouldn’t.

3. You would rather see money that is spent on Muslim refugees go to our Vets.

4. You would rather see the money go to all the starving kids we have in our own country.

5. Simply you just don’t want your tax dollars going to Muslim Refugees who may be in here to kill you. There is nothing like paying for your own deaths by ISIS. And this bothers you. 


Now if you want to vote for Donald Trump, it’s easy. You are all the things listed above. You are absolutely a Phobe.

What Trump Wants To Accomplish

The following is a partial list of what Trump wants to accomplish as listed by one of my Twitter followers, Mike Daskaluk: His site one Twitter is https://twitter.com/mplay0000

Mike's list of Trump's plans****************************************************************

I agree with Mike. Many label Trump as a non-conservative, but I agree with the issues Trump put forward and what he wants to do for our country. Trump is more of a Nationalist actually and if there is anything hated more by liberals and other Republicans is someone who is not a globalist but one who thinks of our country first and foremost.


My thanks to Mike for giving me permission to use his list.


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