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[Exclusive] GOP Insider Sabotaging Trump

Paul Ryan is doing every thing he can to sabotage Trump. Of course this isn’t really news. We’ve seen if for ourselves constantly.

He needs to GO!  People in Wisconsin should take a good look at Paul Nehlen, and vote for him instead. He’s not a Muslim lover like Ryan.

On a recent appearance on Fox News, Nehlen issued a dire warning for voters: Ryan is planning to sabotage Trump at every opportunity.

This is not the first time Ryan’s loyalty to his party’s leader has come under question by leading political insiders. In May, conservative talk show host Sean Hannity complained about Ryan sabotaging Trump:

In fact, Ryan’s distaste for Trump is one of the worst kept secrets in Washington, and could serve to thwart progress under a Trump administration.

While Ryan has officially endorsed the Republican presidential nominee, he hasn’t been shy about repeatedly, publicly criticizing his party’s candidate’s proposals as un-American or even racist.

Even when not directly attacking Trump, Ryan refuses to mention him.

At a recent meeting with a wealthy establishment donor network run by the billionaire Koch brothers, Ryan declined to even mention the name of his party’s presidential nominee during his speech to the group, and referenced the election as a “personality contest” without specific goals or principles.

It seems like even The Donald himself has had enough of Ryan’s shenanigans.

Yesterday, he took to Twitter to thank Ryan’s rival Nehlen for his kind words, to which Nehlen responded:

We can see how bad this is because I’ve yet to see Ryan or McConnell come out and try to destroy Hillary. Where are they on her emails scandal? Why are they not saying anything against her. Obviously they are in the tank for her not wanting to upset the apple cart which bears the fruits that line their pockets.

They are traitors every last one of them who is trying to take Trump down.


You can read comments here on this article.


Paul Ryan Should Be Worried

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – State Delegate Scott Taylor defeated Rep. Randy Forbes in the Republican primary race for the second congressional district on Tuesday.

With nearly 53% of the vote, Taylor won more than 21,000 votes. Randy Forbes won about 41% of the vote. Pat Cardwell, a local attorney, registered about 7% of the vote.

This could be good news for Virginia who decided to throw out Forbes, a long time RINO and bring in a new fellow, Scott Taylor.


Scott Taylor is a former Navy Seal who stated this on his campaign page:  “As a former U.S. Navy SEAL and Iraq War veteran, businessman and author, I’m ready to take the fight to Washington D.C. to reverse the failed policies that brought us ISIS, Obamacare and stagnant wages for middle income families.”

“I am a passionate advocate for men and women in uniform and veterans and have been a frequent commentator on Fox News Channel, discussing national security, military issues, and foreign policy. I believe in free market capitalism, American energy independence, smaller and less intrusive government, and private sector job creation.”

The dumping of RINO Forbes should have Paul Ryan, another RINO very nervous. He is one of the GOPe who does not support Trump’s policies.

The RINOs in Cesspool City need to take a good look at themselves. Their inability to do anything about Obama may get a lot of them thrown out in the upcoming election.

Paul Ryan: Trump’s Muslim Ban Violates First Amendment

House Speaker Paul Ryan is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous politicians in America, perhaps even moving past President Obama and Hillary Clinton when it comes to threats against our cherished way of life.

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that Ryan, along with many in the Republican leadership, are now being forced to take off their masks and show the country that – when it comes right down to it – there isn’t as much difference between them and the Democrats as they’ve had us believe.

I believe the Republicans masks have come off and they did it all by themselves exposing themselves to what we already knew, that being we can’t trust them and they are not for us, the people.

It’s no wonder Paul Ryan keeps coming out criticizing Trump and using liberal talking points to do it. Trump never said he was going to ban all Muslims forever, just until we can get a handle of the situation and find some way to vet these them. Right now there is no way to vet them and Paul Ryan knows it.

On Sunday, Ryan once again went out of his way to criticize Donald Trump. “I obviously don’t support the Muslim ban,” he said in a CBS interview. “I do not think we should have a religious test on people who come into this country. I believe in the First Amendment, I believe in religious freedom, I believe in religious liberty.”

But these are just empty words, and, frankly, you could slap these particular sentiments on Obama’s teleprompter tomorrow without changing a thing. And since we’re talking about a president who has been nearly treasonous in his failure to address Islamic terrorism, that should greatly worry Republican voters.

We have a chance in November to take this country in a new direction, free from the politically-correct chains that have kept us weak for far too long. If we lose that chance due to establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan, we can and must hold them accountable.

That’s right, if Trump loses it will be because of the establo Republicans who will do and say anything to make sure Trump loses and Hillary wins because they prefer her over Trump.

And why do we have to take Muslims in who we can’t vet? What has that got to do with the First Amendment anyway? I’m sure our Founding Fathers never meant to allow people who are known enemies of our country into America.

For whole article read here.


Lou Dobbs Smack Down on Ryan


Paul Ryan is nothing more than a useful idiot for the Democrats. He does not care about what we, the people want, only his agenda. I suspect that agenda, open borders, big Omnibus bills where we get nothing, are what he wants, not Donald Trump. So he can’t resist jumping on Trump every time he opens his mouth.

I hope come November the people of Wisconsin vote him out.

Who Sets The Agenda

If Donald Trump becomes the president it is he who sets the agenda, not Paul Ryan.


According to Pat Buchanan:

Forty-eight hours after Donald Trump wrapped up the Republican nomination with a smashing victory in the Indiana primary, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he could not yet support Trump.

Ryan is a congressman from Wisconsin. He has never won a statewide election. As number two on Mitt Romney’s ticket, he got waxed by Joe Biden. He was compromise choice as speaker, only after John Boehner went into in his Brer Rabbit “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” routine.

Who made Ryan the conscience of conservatism?

Who made Ryan keeper of the keys of true Republicanism?

Yes, exactly, since when did Paul Ryan command the “conservative values”?  He wants open borders, supports Syrian refugees into this country, giving big bucks to the Democrats, like Obama. Just who does he work for anyway? Certainly not us, the people.

Trump “inherits something … that’s very special to a lot of us,” said Ryan, “the party of Lincoln and Reagan and Jack Kemp.”

But Trump did not “inherit” anything. He won the nomination of the Republican Party in an epic battle in the most wide-open race ever, in which Trump generated the largest turnout and greatest vote totals in the history of Republican primaries.

What is Ryan up to?

He is pandering to the Trump-hating Beltway media and claiming the leadership of a Republican establishment routed and repudiated in the primaries, not only by that half of the party that voted for Trump, but also by that huge slice of the party that voted for Ted Cruz.

The hubris here astonishes. A Republican establishment that has been beaten as badly as Carthage in the Third Punic War is now making demands on Scipio Africanus and the victorious Romans.

I’d like to know when Paul Ryan became the King of the Republican party. How dare he dictate to Trump what “his agenda” is and tell Trump he has to bow to it?

Someone should instruct Paul Ryan that losers do not make demands. They make requests. They make pleas.

Paul Ryan, in declaring that he cannot now support Trump, and imposing conditions to earn his support, has crawled out on a long limb.

Trump cannot capitulate. He has to saw it off.

This is one Private Ryan we cannot save.

Let’s hope that Trump does not capitulate to a worn out establo like Paul Ryan whose agenda does not match Trump’s. Trump wants to build a wall. Paul Ryan could have funded a wall but he did NOT.

And that is only ONE difference between the non-conservative, non-principled Ryan. Right now in my estimation Trump looks and sounds more like a conservative than Ryan. So Ryan needs to get over it and get behind Trump and stop acting like a damn fool.

To read more of Buchanan’s article: http://freedomsback.com/pat-buchanan/who-promoted-private-ryan/

No Doubt Whatsoever by Peppermint

After the closing of the Republican convention tonight, one thing that we learned is that Romney’s middle name should be “character”.

Tonight was spent with many individuals who talked about Romney in personal ways, the Bain Business, his successes with Bain, his success with the Olympics.

But, the most important messages of tonight came from people who Romney quietly and with great compassion helped.  He himself would not be able to tell these kinds of stories because of his humility. But others could speak of his great giving as a human being to others who needed help in their darkest hours and he gave to them in the name of his faith and God.

If I had any doubts whatsoever about who this man is or what he has done throughout his life that ended tonight. If I had any doubts about Romney’s appreciation and love of America that also disappeared tonight. I do not see Romney wanting to be president for his ego but to save America.

This is a man who believes in God, his faith, his family and his neighbors whoever they may be.  He is a shining example to all Americans for his devotion to his faith, his wife, and his family. Romney is best of all, a patriot.

Some of the stories brought me to tears as the recounts of his generosity of his time and aid came one after another.

Nothing the Obama administration has said about this man is true.  It is all lies.

Romney has the faith, the courage, and the experience to bring this country back onto its’ feet and raise everyone up once again as he sets forth to restore our country to the once great place it has always been.

Tonight I felt as if God had answered our prayers for those of us who have been praying so hard every day and night.

This is the time and the place for Mitt Romney.  This is the night that proved to me that Romney will not fail as Ann Romney said the other night. She knows who her husband is more than anyone else.

Now for the long slog through the next couple of months for Romney/Ryan to win this election.  I hope as many people as possible were watching tonight. I hope millions of people saw and heard from ordinary Americans and what they had to say about Romney.  It is time to put our faith into this man and vote for him and get everyone we know to go vote in November.  We need to rid ourselves of the evil in the White House and restore it with a great American once again.

If God sent us Romney to restore our Republic we must pray for his success in restoring our country.  And we can believe and hope in America as it once was, the greatest country on this earth.

The Church of Black Worshippers by David Taylor, Contributing Writer

The unqualified (in more than one way) president appeared at one time to have an easy ride to re-election, until now. Barrack was comfortably ahead in most polls. The radical dominated news media fawn upon Barrack as though he was in the words of one of his own close advisers “black Jesus.”

The black Jesus radicals are now in a panic. The first lying ads were being shown within hours of Paul Ryan being named by Mitt Romney as his VP running mate. Ryan is the tea party movement’s dream candidate and is a true conservative. Radicals don’t just hate true conservatives; they fear us and the radicals have a very good reason to fear Ryan.

The radicals keep trying to make the tea-party movement nothing more than a small gathering of extremists, but they’re waking up to the truth. This extraordinary, spontaneous, grass-roots uprising against the radicals assault upon our liberty represents not an insignificant minority, but a great majority of people in our great nation.

Ryan is a young, fresh faced, charmingly articulate true conservative. He is conservative in matters of religion, a numbers/statistics guru, opposes baby butchering with the exception being the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother and has not been fooled by the radicals climate scam. He has all the attributes for voters who have despaired over the wimpy republicans who have until now controlled the Republican Party.

Ryan’s biggest plus, however, is the one the radicals are screeching about the loudest. He clearly points out that the out of control federal spending will bring our nation down without anyone firing a single shot. He has a real plan for bringing that spending under control and the radicals have a real plan to continue that reckless pending. The far majority of US citizens firmly believe this reckless, irresponsible spending must come to a stop as soon as possible.

The true significance of Ryan’s appointment is that he is not afraid to be honest with the voters. He talks about the “gravy-train” that Barrack has set up has already tipped our nation into the gulch and it must stop. He was not afraid to look Barrack directly in the eyes and tell him the cost figures the radicals were touting about Obamacare were completely wrong (way too low) and done so intentionally. He’s an avid hunter and supports our second amendment rights 100%.

The radicals immediately spouted how happy they were Romney picked Ryan, because Ryan is an extremist and only appeal to the far right members of the Republican Party. The radicals were so happy with Ryan being chosen they immediately sent out an email begging potential supporters to donate as little as $5 to keep Mr. & Mrs. Manchurian in the luxury to which they have become accustomed. That sounds more like a panic attack than being happy. The Church of Barrack worshipers just realized way too many of us don’t drink Barry’s Kool-Aid…


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