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Mark Levin torches Megyn Kelly over Gingrich interview: ‘Don’t pretend you’re a journalist!’

October 28, 2016 |


Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s contentious interview with Donald Trump supporter Newt Gingrich, during which she challenged the former House Speaker at every turn and even referenced Trump as a “sexual predator,” drew the ire of conservative radio host Mark Levin, and the former #NeverTrump stalwart let Kelly have it on his Wednesday radio show.

Levin, who now plans to vote for Trump on election day, ripped Fox News and the “liberals” who are “ruining that network,” specifically Rupert Murdoch’s two sons, James and Lachlan.

Levin then turned his attention to Kelly, saying, “Their top star’s Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly is out of control. Megyn Kelly pretends to represent women.”

(By “pretend,” Levin was referring to a 2010 interview with Howard Stern during which Kelly made sexual references to both her and her husband’s body parts.)

Levin then reminded listeners of the “fuse” set when Kelly asked Trump the provocative “Does that sound to you like a man who should become president” question at the first Republican primary debate.

“She was so obsessed with Rosie O’Donnell,” Levin said, “and Donald Trump and things that were said back and forth, she set the stage for what became month after month of vicious personal, nasty attacks, and she’s doing it again.”

On Kelly’s interview with Gingrich, the one where Gingrich gave as good as he got by accusing Kelly of being “fascinated with sex,” Levin said, “There was no news. There was regurgitation — 14 days before an election … She is auditioning, in my opinion, for a bigger forum … whether it’s ‘Good Morning America’ or the ‘Today Show’ or even CNN — and a huge payday. Fine. But please don’t pretend you’re a journalist. And if this is the future of Fox, then Fox will be dead. Because this kind of National Enquirer stuff dressed up as journalism doesn’t fly.”

From one of Megyn’s photos you could come to the collusion she is the one obsessed with sex as Newt stated.



Just Gossip, Megyn Falls Flat on Her Face

Megyn Kelly, the “face of Fox” went BOOM on her new celebrity interview show on Fox’s regular channel.

Could this have happened to more money grubbing, arrogant woman? It proves she is no Barbara Walters. I did not see the Trump interview, but I did catch the last half which was a real snooze.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly was hoping that her interview with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would launch her into the firmament of television journalists. Instead, according to a recent article, it could mean that her leverage for a new contract is gone.

I think that just crashed into nothingness. Too bad Megyn, you’ve made yourself the face of the Trump bash! And yet you have the nerve to have Donald do an interview with you just to gain ratings for you new failed show.  Ah, just desserts!

According to an article in New York Magazine, while Kelly’s interview with the presumptive Republican nominee on a Fox News special generated some interest, the show as a whole fell flat. “Megyn Kelly Presents” garnered only 4.8 million viewers, far fewer than ratings watchers were hoping for.

Multiple sources said that nine million viewers would have been the number Kelly was shooting for, just slightly less than double what she ended up getting.

I wonder if she’s as popular as she thinks she is. Does not look like it to me.

“Not good for her at all,” one anonymous insider said.

The show as a whole was panned by critics, many of whom felt it was poorly produced and derivative of those interminable Barbara Walters specials. And while her tête-à-tête with Trump generated interest, many were skeptical that her newfound embrace of the billionaire real estate mogul happened to coincide with both the fact that he had all but clinched the Republican Party nomination and Fox News chairman Roger Ailes’ about-face on The Donald.

A poorly received special might not be of too much concern for Kelly and her camp if she hadn’t been using it as a major bargaining chip in her negotiations with Fox and other networks.

Aw, is that not sad?

Kelly’s contract with the “fair and balanced” network is in its final year, and the host of “The Kelly File” was seeking $25 million and an expanded on-air role.

“In recent interviews, she’s said her ambition is to be a combination of Oprah, Charlie Rose, and Barbara Walters,” New York Magazine reported. “The special was essentially a public interview for her next job.”

“She’s very upset with the show reaction, and in hindsight with how it was produced,” an unnamed Fox veteran was reported to have said.

Kelly had been seeking $25 million from Fox, and sources had said that Ailes couldn’t afford to lose her. Now, the tables seem to have turned; one Fox insider said that Ailes had been heard “snickering” when Kelly’s special was brought up during a meeting.

Wow, she may not get that money or airtime she thought she would. Poor baby, Trump basher, cut her own throat.

And you can bet she’ll go back to bashing Trump after he so generously gave her an interview knowing it would help her ratings.

Forget about her, she’s just a leech.

Megyn Kelly’s Interview With Trump Falls Flat… Now She’s In SERIOUS Trouble

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