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Another ISIS Horror Story

by Pamela Geller

A Yazidi woman who was caught and held captive by ISIS terrorists for weeks shared her tale of tragedy and slavery during the recent Women in the World Summit — and as horrific as her story was, her translator told one that was worse.

The translator, according to the New York Times, spoke of a friend who was pregnant in 2010 and unable to flee an ISIS assault.

Yazidi women who refused to be raped by their Islamic tormentors were sent to their deaths.

The friend was captured and this is what happened to her, the translator said:

“Extremist fighters, [the translator] explained, sliced open her friend’s stomach and took out the fetus. ‘They raped the baby, and they raped her, and they thought she was dead so they left her behind,’” the New York Times reported.

Her remarks came after those of Shireen Ibrahim, a Yazidi woman who spoke at the summit of her own eight months of ISIS enslavement.

From the New York Times:

“The Yazidi woman wept at times while describing the eight months she spent enslaved by ISIS, and how the persecuted minority is enduring the attempted genocide.

“Speaking on Friday to the Women in the World Summit, in Kurdish with activist Feryal Pirali as her translator, Ibrahim recounted how the trauma began when she tried to flee Islamic State militants in August 2014. Having heard of the atrocities committed by the group, she and her family were desperate to hide from the genocidal extremists.

“‘They captured me when we were running to the mountains,’ Ibrahim said in her interview with Women for Women International founder Zainab Salbi. She and her family were taken taken back their hometown of Sinjay, in Iraqi Kurdistan. There, they were held as slaves. Only half of the 40 family members taken prisoner remain alive today.

“In captivity, Ibrahim was forced to convert to Islam. She also witnessed the extremists kill some of her friends. To avoid being raped, Ibrahim first pretended to be married to her cousin. But the ruse did not work for long. After two months the ISIS fighters discovered she had lied and forcibly separated her from her cousin. “They did not believe me and they took him,” Ibrahim said. She never saw him again.

“Ibrahim said she never was raped, but she was subject to abuse. Once, after she tried to escape, her captors “did every bad thing they could do to me.”

“Ibrahim was sold and resold repeatedly. At one point, however, she became so sick that her owner let her go free. Today she lives with some of her family members in northern Iraq in a camp for Yazidi victims of ISIS violence.”



Information Overload

Have you ever experienced little dots flashing before your eyes? I always chalk it up to being tired and stressed.

Lately, I’m feeling so stressed trying to keep up with all the information and all the happenings in the news. I feel like  years have passed since the 2016 election process started.

Has it been 10 years this has been going on? That’s how it feels to me.

Ever since Obama took office it’s been one thing after another; a new regulation; a new Executive Order no matter how unconstitutional it is; one injustice after another; bringing in so many refugees without vetting; the failed economic policies; his unjustified wars; his war against us.

Elites, globalists, Agenda 21, the UN, Establishment politicians, never Trumpers, BLM, Shooting cops, anarchy. What more could one ask for in information overload? Far too much going on all at once. I think it’s called “deliberate chaos” to keep us off-balance.

Then the election process starts and new stories, new lies, Wikileaks dumps, the MSM bias and their lies, the polls, electoral maps, Hillary scandals, Trump’s faux pas.

My brain feels like it exploded at some point by so much to take in from these information overloads, that my brain matter is now splashed up against the walls like some horror scene.

I can’t keep up any longer on all the articles to read. At some point my brain shuts down and I can no longer take anything else in. My psyche screams “Enough”!

What used to be fun for me writing on my blog, now feels like a chore from hell. I try to find something that nobody else has on their blog. But that isn’t always easy to do. Search for more stories, different ones. Vetting the veracity of the stories.

I find myself spending hours upon hours on the Internet when I’ve got personal things to take care of and chores to do that I’ve let go because by the time I’m finished reading and writing for hours, I am simply drained of energy. My body feels sluggish and I drag myself around trying to complete some chores, half done until I return again to finish them up. It’s erratic.

This is an important time in our history. This election means everything to do with what path are we going to take. Are we going to save our country and ourselves or are we going to turn down the black brick road to hell with Hillary Clinton. Everyone, including myself is consumed with it. So much is at stake.

I’m in a sleep deprivation mode now. I sleep in shifts of all kinds of different hours. I can’t seem to make up my sleep deprivation. My sleeping habits are about as nuts as anybody I’ve ever known. I know it’s due to the upcoming election. I need to put this in God’s Hands because what control do I or anyone else really have. We can vote. Some one else who is illegal, dead people and foreigners vote cancelling our votes out.

What will become of us if Hillary wins? What is the next step and is it inevitable?

“The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.”
George Washington.

You White Conservatives Are Just Phobes

Now I must tell you how to recognize if you are a Phobe.
It’s not really so hard to tell. I will give you many examples and then you can judge for yourself. Now this list is not the entire one of course. That would take volumes. In fact, if you want you can add your own examples in the comment section. Feel free to do so


1. You don’t like gay marriage.

2. You don’t want gays to adopt children and possibly molest them.

3. You no longer like God’s rainbows and have developed an allergy to them after the White House was bathed in rainbow colors for gays.

4. You don’t like gay parades where gays wear practically nothing.

5. You don’t want your children to see naked men and women marching in these parades. And our government requires that all your children must be shown every deviant activity there is. You don’t like that.

6. You don’t want men, (who say they are women) in women’s bathrooms.

7. You don’t want your kids in bathrooms with transgender men or women.



1. You want to eat meat that is not halal.

2. You don’t like burkas because you don’t know what’s under it like a gun, a sabre, or a bomb.

3. You don’t like that head-gear the women wear. You’d rather see the face so you can tell if it’s really a woman or just a man hiding to rape you and/or your children.

4. You don’t like Radical Islamist Jihadists who kill people here. You want them held accountable for their crimes. You want them arrested and sent to Gitmo. This makes you extremely Islamophobic.

5. The numerous calls to prayer hurts your ears and gets on your nerves.

6. You get annoyed because they smell like camel dung.

7. Actually you don’t like camels and think they are mean.

8. You don’t get rid of your black dogs or any dog which offends Muslims.

9. You don’t like that Muslims are given special treatment with foot baths and prayer rooms in schools.

10. You would like Christian prayers in schools since Muslim prayer is allowed. So very Islamophobic of you.

11. You don’t want to pay food benefits to all 4 wives of a Muslim man.

12. You think polygamy is against the law, but it’s allowed for Muslims. This bothers you but shouldn’t.

13. You are in general afraid of Muslims.

14. You don’t want Sharia law.

15. You don’t approve of honor killings.

16. Although it’s a hate crime for whites to dislike gays it’s OK for Muslims to throw them off of rooftops. This bothers you. It shouldn’t because that makes you a Muslim hater.


Xenophobe: Under this one Racism is covered.

1. If you buy white corn, white bread, a white wedding dress, white flour, white tortillas, books with white jackets, white shoes, and you have a white face,  you are definitely a racist.

2. If you want law and order restored.

3. You think the BLM should be designated a terrorist group, by golly, you are terrible racist.

4. You don’t like black panthers standing outside a polling station where you vote, calling you a cracker, telling you they are going to kill you and your cracker kids. You should be able to put up with this treatment.

5. You don’t want black criminals released from prison just because they are black. (Highly racist)

6. If you were born a white person, you are most definitely a racist.

7. If you are a white person born in the South of the United States, you are automatically a racist and you try to deny it. 


Xenophobes – Hispanics

1. You want people to come into our country legally.

2. You call people who come here illegally, illegals, instead of “undocumented people”.  (Very racist)

3. You would like immigrants to assimilate and love our country.

4. You don’t like Hispanic gangs and thugs running loose in our country, you are a xenophobic. What the hell is wrong with you. So what if they kill your children or rape you. That’s their right.

5. You are sick of paying their welfare checks and food stamps.

6. You don’t want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

7. You don’t want to display the Mexican flag on your front porch and would rather display the American flag.

8. You want “illegals” deported.

9. You want a wall to keep out illegals.

10. You are offended by Hispanics giving you the finger while they grab their crotches. It shouldn’t because it’s their country because we stole it from them. So actually we live in Mexico, not the United States.

11. You would like everyone to speak English.


Xenophobe – Muslim Refugees

1. You don’t want a bunch of refugees coming in here when you don’t know who they are.

2. You are afraid ISIS may infiltrate the refugees to get in here and kill you. This one really bothers you but it shouldn’t.

3. You would rather see money that is spent on Muslim refugees go to our Vets.

4. You would rather see the money go to all the starving kids we have in our own country.

5. Simply you just don’t want your tax dollars going to Muslim Refugees who may be in here to kill you. There is nothing like paying for your own deaths by ISIS. And this bothers you. 


Now if you want to vote for Donald Trump, it’s easy. You are all the things listed above. You are absolutely a Phobe.

ISIS Warns American, British Christian Clergy, Congregants: You’re Next

By Bethany Blankley

Following the brutal murder of an elderly Catholic Priest in France, ISIS has publicly warned British Christian clergy and their congregants: you’re next. Police publicly warned Britain’s 5.4 million Christian church goers, pastors and clergy to be on alert as they are likely targets for ISIS.

The Daily Mail reports that security has now been increased for Britain’s 47,000 churches in response to ISIS’s threat to target Christians and churches in major world cities. Roughly 5.4 million British citizens are church members.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said: ‘Following recent events in France, we are reiterating our protective security advice to Christian places of worship and have circulated specific advice today. We are also taking this opportunity to remind them to review their security arrangements as a precaution. Daesh and other terrorist groups have targeted Christian as well as Jewish and other faith groups in the West and beyond. While the threat from terrorism remains unchanged at severe we urge the public to be vigilant.”

Citing analysts at the SITE intelligence group, the Mail reports that London is on an ISIS hit list of cities it plans to target next.

But, London is not alone. America is next.

ISIS released pictures of major world cities online, two of which are New York City and Washington, D.C.

One image ISIS published is of the Statue of Liberty on fire with a caption that reads: “Washington soon.” And:



Get ready folks and be vigilant, this is coming soon to us. And with all the non vetted Syrian refugees who are coming in here we don’t know how many ISIS are coming with them disguised as refugees.

On top of that we still have open borders with people flooding into our country and we don’t know who these people are.

Online Hacktivist Group Threatens ISIS

Online “Hacktivist” Group Anonymous Has Chilling Message for Islamic Terrorists

In this modern online world, a threat from the group that calls itself Anonymous strikes fear into the hearts of companies, organizations, and even governments. The assembly of hackers is often referred to as “hacktivist” because of its support for a variety of causes, particularly individual freedom. They have orchestrated Denial of Service (DOS) attacks against the Church of Scientology, child pornography sites, Westboro Baptist Church, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Sony, as well as the governments of the U.S., Israel, Tunisia and Uganda. Now, in the wake of the Paris bombings by Islamic jihadists, Anonymous has posted a video threatening the terrorists directly, including the unprecedented promise, “We will kill you.”

Along with the video on YouTube, the group published a statement: “We, Anonymous around the world, have decided to declare war on you the terrorists.” They said the video was aimed at “al Queda, the Islamic State and other terrorists,” and they promised revenge for the masscres in Paris.

The terrorists, despite their medieval practices, have been sophisticated in their use of social media to recruit and communicate with jihadists all over the world. In recent days, they have also taken over a number of municipal websites, replacing them with a message that says, “The Islamic State Say Inchallah, Free Palestine, Death to France, Death to Charlie” above the ISIS black flag, with Arab music playing in the background.

Now Anonymous is taking the fight to them, saying it has hacked numerous terrorist Facebook accounts, publically identifying dozens of Twitter accounts of terrorists, and hijacking a French jihadist website, ansar-alhaqq.net, redirecting it to a popular search engine. It promises an all-out, continuing assault, and that may be as powerful a weapon as rifles and bombs.


I guess it’s going to take we the people of the world to threaten and take down ISIS.  Zero doesn’t want to do it. Most governments have done little or nothing to destroy them. I hope this Hactivist group has a lot of people helping and success.




Thanks to Our Military…………

From all I am reading and seeing our military is ready to go to knock out ISIS.  The Pentagon has plenty of optional plans ready.  But, the Evil doer in the White Mosque can’t figure out what he wants to do.  Or I should say BHO is afraid to do much of anything.  And here we sit waiting for him to make up his mind. It does not look good for us.

The Grand Mufti BHO blames the Intelligence and the Pentagon all the while they have plans.  Our Intelligence Agencies have been briefing him for at least a year about this threat from ISIS.  I’m thinking he never even read those briefings because he was too anxious to get on the golf course.  What did this threat have to do with us he probably thought. 

But still, the Grand Mufti cannot make up his mind what he wants to do.  He tells us we need a coalition of the willing while he has done nothing much but pin point strikes.  Why should other countries want to join this so-called coalition when he has not done much himself.  I doubt they want to be hung out to dry while BHO sits back and has no idea what he is doing.  Why would any country trust him?  Well, they don’t. America doesn’t trust him either.

Can you imagine what our fighter pilots think over this?  They are probably sitting there waiting for the command to bomb, bomb, and bomb.  They know we can bomb them into oblivion if they are given a command to do so.

Meanwhile polls are showing that the American people are getting more fearful by the day.  They know the borders are open to these monsters.  They know ISIS is coming for us.  We now also know those Americans fighting for ISIS do not need to worry about their passports being revoked even though they left this country to fight with ISIS, a known enemy which to me is treason.

Ted Cruz is introducing a bill in the Senate to revoke these traitors’ passports. Is that not crazy that there has to be a new bill to do this when it is treason already.  But with BHO it becomes necessary.

He and Holder are willing to put up a big fight over Ferguson to make sure that cop gets lynched but not willing to fight a real war that threatens our lives.

As usual his priorities are in the wrong place as he mulls over at which time will he make his EO to allow every known immigrant in this country amnesty. We need these people in this country he says, “it’s good for our country”.  What? Is he nuts?  Exactly why is this “good for the country”. while the tax payer shovels out plenty of money to support these people. They can’t speak English but the kids are now being put into our schools and we don’t know what diseases they are bringing into those school systems. I guess massive epidemics are good for the country?

A president is supposed to protect us from harm, but he dawdles even while the threat grows bigger.  My 2 cents opinion is he is guilty of dereliction of duty and needs to be removed.  But that won’t happen either. It feels like a boil we can’t rid ourselves of  no matter how much we try.  It grows bigger as each day passes and that boil will eventually erupt and spill out its’ evil contents. 

BHO will have plenty of blood on his hands if/when we are hit by ISIS.  He can try to blame that crazy  Bush for this, but this time it won’t work.


G.W. Bush’s Eerie Prediction

If you didn’t catch Megyn Kelly last night here is a video so eerie.  And the liberals said Bush was a stupid cowboy! 




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