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BUSTED! Latest Trump Accuser

Summer Zervos Wrote a Letter Just MONTHS Ago Offering to HELP Trump


Now we’ve got another Trump accuser busted for lying. How far and how long is this going to go on?  After they keep getting busted no one is going to believe any of them.  –Pepp–

The Hillary Clinton and Mainstream Media’s orchestrated parade of liars and attention-seekers acting as Trump victims just keeps getting sillier.

This is what happens when you have every single new organization offering every woman who has every met Trump national fame in exchange for slander.

The latest case, Summer Zervos claimed Trump kissed her and shoved his genitals at her in 2007. Well if that is the case, why did she write a letter to the Trump Campaign just a few months ago offering to help?

Apparently, someone wanted attention and if it wasn’t going to be for Trump, she would get it being AGAINST Trump. SO SO Pathetic.

The letter is below and confirmed as authentic. However, the disgusting mainstream media is deliberately NOT reporting on this letter and instead pretending they have another “credible” Trump victim to add to their parade.


OK this is getting pretty doggone silly. These women should be ashamed of themselves. Attention getting hags!

Now can be get down to the real business of who deserves to run this country and it’s not crooked Hillary.




NBC News Declares The Election Is Over

HYPOCRITE: Hillary on Tape Joking….

…About Wanting to See Man’s Penis [WATCH]

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a massive hypocrite. Now, this in and of itself isn’t news. However, two videos have surfaced in which Clinton objectifies men that add to the hypocrisy by Clinton herself and the left-wing media’s faux moral outrage about GOP nominee Donald Trump’s locker room banter.

Two videos featuring Clinton were posted by Subject: Politics that show the candidate objectify men — that is, if we are to apply the same standard that Trump and other conservative men have been held to.

In the first video, Clinton spoke with Lena Dunham for her newsletter, “The Lenny Letter.” Dunham told Clinton how honored she was to meet her and that her Lenny readers were as well. Clinton responded that she thought “Lenny” referred to R&B musician Lenny Kravitz.

From there, Dunham — an avowed feminist who admitted she molested her younger sister — began to discuss a time when Kravitz’s pants split and his genitalia was exposed.

The two women bantered about it and Dunham asked Clinton if she had seen it. Clinton hadn’t, but she did ask Dunham if she could see the footage on YouTube. Dunham said that she could, to which Clinton noted that she would take a look at it.

Now, that sounds an awful lot like the objectification of a man who had an unfortunate situation that they pounced on to demean and diminish the talented musician. That’s what the left would say if the tables were turned, is it not?

In the next video, from a campaign rally, Clinton objectified a couple of men in the crowd who were shirtless. They were about to be kicked out, but she let them stay and joked that it was difficult for her to concentrate while they were there — so difficult that she had to look elsewhere.

Why, that sounds an awful lot like these male supporters were treated like pieces of meat! Where’s the moral outrage from the left? Oh, that’s right, Clinton’s a Democrat and a woman. Carry on.

The point of all this is simple — Trump has been raked over the coals over the last few days for what amounted to locker room banter, yet Clinton can do the same thing and nary a peep from the media.

Trump’s comments were not defensible, but the level of outrage is absurd — especially considering that he apologized for them. While plenty of men talk, in private, the way Trump did — as evidenced by these two videos, so do women. That includes Clinton, who gets a pass for her lewd conversation as Trump is labeled “unfit” for the presidency.

Hyprocrite, thy name is the Democrat Party and the candidate they strong-armed and schemed to represent their party in the general election is one of the most repeat offenders


OUTRAGE: Proof Positive Obama……….

…Uses Your Tax Dollars To Elect Hillary

If Barack Obama wants to hit the campaign trail with his chosen successor, there’s basically nothing wrong with that. In fact, it would be unusual if the president didn’t roll up his sleeves and shout into the podium mic as he glares at the audience in rallies for Hillary Clinton.

But when the president and the wannabe president fly together on Air Force One to a big political event in a key swing state for the sole purpose of trying to win votes for the Democrat in the race, what would be wrong is for the candidate not to pay for the trip. Otherwise, of course, you know who would be picking up the tab — yep, you and me and all the other taxpayers.

So, guess what we discovered? Guess what we found when we did the math about the Clinton campaign’s use — and abuse — of the privilege of prestige afforded by arriving in style on the presidential?

Shortly after Hillary was let off the legal hook by FBI Director James Comey with regard to her email malpractice as secretary of state, Clinton and the man who named her to that job campaigned together in North Carolina. They flew to Charlotte on Air Force One, with the local newspaper reporting that the Clinton campaign would be “picking up the tab for the costs of bringing the president to town.”

Well, if there’s any truth to that “picking up the tab” claim, it lies in the typically slippery, lawyer-like wording we’ve come to expect from Hillary Clinton when she tries to thread the needle.

As CNBC just reported, the government was reimbursed for Hillary’s transportation on Air Force One to the tune of $36,602.99. But that tune is way off key, when it comes to covering the actual cost of the ride.

The same CNBC report notes, “For every hour Air Force One is in flight, it costs $206,337.00, according to a Freedom of Information Act letter obtained by the nonprofit Judicial Watch.”

Our investigation shows that a flight from Washington, D.C., to Charlotte takes about an hour, generally. So, subtract what the campaign shelled out for Hillary’s ride from an hour’s flight cost for the president’s plane, and you find the taxpayers stuck with a bill of around $170,000.00

That’s not counting time on the ground for the Air Force One crew, nor any return trip to D.C.

Now in the big scheme of things — with the national debt rapidly approaching $20 trillion, 170 grand may not seem like all that much. But when it’s money demanded from taxpayers who have no say in whether they want to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign with federal dollars like that, the word “scheme” seems appropriate.

According to CNBC, when the Clinton campaign was asked if the real costs of the use of Air Force One were covered by Hillary and company, spokesman Josh Schwerin said: “As is the standard practice, the campaign is covering its portion of the costs.”

Wow, that must certainly rely on Common Core math and reasoning skills…for the Clinton spinners as well as those who might fall for another move in the big con.

The con jobs the Clintons use on all of us never end. I resent having to pay for her trips to campaign.

This is almost just like abortion. The tax payers have to pay for women’s abortions even when they don’t believe in it.

Just another shameful display of both hers and Obama’s arrogance. This should give people one more reason NOT to vote for her.



Obama Blasted For Black Bullying

‘House Negro telling the field Negroes to go support the mistress or we in trouble’

Leslie Wimes, a community activist in Florida, penned an intensely personal op-ed taking it to President Barack Obama for suggesting it would be “a personal insult” if black Americans fail to turn out in support of Hillary Clinton.

“I will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election,” Obama said Saturday while addressing the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference annual Phoenix Awards Dinner.

Wimes didn’t mince her words in responding to the president in an op-ed, “No, President Obama, Black America Doesn’t Owe You a Vote for Hillary!.” The post was published on Monday exclusively in Florida’s Sunshine State News.

I recently wrote that Black America really didn’t want to see you go, but if you keep talking like this, we’ll hold the door open for you.

As I get older, I like to use phrases my grandmother used, and Mr. President, you were smelling yourself that night when you said you would take it as a personal insult if we didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.

Whether you know it or not, the smell was pure garbage.

Wimes reminded Obama that if blacks support Hillary Clinton, it “should be because she represents the best person for our community compared to Donald Trump, not because it would be a personal affront to YOU.”“Just like the Democratic Party doesn’t own our votes, neither do you,” she wrote.

The community activist went on to detail some of Clinton’s sins against the black community and to inform Obama that any debt black Americans may have owed him “is more than paid in full.”


Hillary Clinton hasn’t always been a friend to our community, so should we take it as a personal insult that you are now trying to tie our respect for you with a vote for her?

That’s almost like a domestic violence abuser. “If you love me, then you’ll do this! If you don’t do it, then that means you don’t love me.”

President Obama stop it!

Wimes wasn’t finished. She stressed to the president just how offended many where over his comment… and we’re talking plenty offended.

She also pointed out that support for Clinton among many black Americans is wavering, at best.

I think you getting out on the campaign trail for Hillary is great. I think using the line that black people not voting for her is an insult to you is the wrong approach.

It actually stinks of the house Negro telling the field Negroes to go support the mistress or we all are goin’ get in trouble, and I’m sure you don’t want us to feel like that, Mr. President.

Honey, he doesn’t care how you feel. He’s not interested in you. His agenda is his only interest. Perhaps you will see that one day. 

Even though this woman is an activist I had to chuckle at her response to the King. Yes massa we better vote for Hillary cause if we don’t we’re disloyal to you. Right. As if King Obama has ever done a thing for blacks in the whole 7+ years he’s been in office.

Maybe some blacks are getting smart about the Commie party and how blacks lose constantly. Since they are on the plantation all they mean to the Dem/Commie party is a voting block. After that they mean nothing to these Dems/Commies. However she still shows her ignorance that she hates to seem him go. 


Wikileaks Dumps Damning Information……….

A sampling of the massive and damning document dump by WikiLeaks last night nailing Hitlery and the DNC to the wall

As I reported last night while WikiLeaks was uploading it latest document dump to the web, provided by infamous hacker Guccifer 2.0, following are a few of the docs hacked from the DNC.

Will this be the magic bullet that finally takes down the campaign of the Wicked Witch of Benghazi and damages the Democrat Party beyond redemption? We can only hope and continue to publish what we find.

This appears to be, by far, the most damning information to date, and we are only getting started sorting through the massive document dump.

Admitting they were compromised then emailing new password.

Email from Colin Powell to big Democrat donor, Jeffrey Leeds, emailing what he thinks of Hitlery. “No one likes her and the criminal thing ain’t over.”


Democrats strategizing on staging protests. This is the level of scum we are dealing with. They stage protests to make their targets look bad.


DNC: “when our allies screw up and don’t deliver bodies in time…” Dems stage-manage “protests” for TV.

Read full article  and more leaks at Powered Whig

Media Blackout: New Poll Over Samples………

………Democrats by 40% Masking Trump Surge

The Latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll shows that Hillary maintains a five point lead over her Republican rival Donald Trump, but the demographic mix of the poll is raising alarms that the results may be cooked in Clinton’s favor.

The campaign of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton celebrated Sunday morning’s news that a major national poll showed her campaign rebuilding a five point lead against the truculent tycoon and reality television star Donald Trump after a week of attacking the Republican nominee for alleged infatuation with Vladimir Putin, Russia and the Kremlin following his appearance on Larry King’s show that is broadcasted on RT among several other international outlets.

Yet the most recent data on party affiliation shows that 26% of American voters identify as Republicans, 29% as Democrats, and a haltingly high 42% identify as Independents calling into question the veracity of the party affiliation mix of the poll in a way that undercuts Trump’s dominance among both Republicans and Independents – both of which appear heavily undercounted.

The Washington Post, the primary trafficker in Trump-Putin conspiracy theories with a dozen new articles on the topic this weekend asserting the Republican nominee has subverted the Party of Reagan turning it into some sort of treasonous kleptocratic political force, commissioned the poll along with ABC News raising immediate alarm bells as to the neutrality of the findings.

A thorough analysis of the poll which found Trump trailing Clinton 46% to 41% among likely voters and 45% to 35% among all registered voters seems to confirm the suspicion that a particular result was produced by design with the ‘news’ outlet even ghost editing out a link of the poll’s full demographic cross tabs after a number of readers examined the findings with more scrutiny.

The full poll’s 23rd page shows a startling irregularity in party affiliation among those selected for the poll with 34% of the respondents identifying as Democrats, 24% identifying as Republican, 33% as Independent, 5% as other, and 3% declining to say.

Yet the most recent data on party affiliation shows that 26% of American voters identify as Republicans, 29% as Democrats, and a haltingly high 42% identify as Independents calling into question the veracity of the party affiliation mix of the poll in a way that undercuts Trump’s dominance among both Republicans and Independents – both of which appear heavily under-counted.

Nor do Democrats tend to vote at higher rates than Republicans, in fact the inverse is true. Older white men tend to make up a larger portion of the Republican Party than the Democratic Party, but even though this cohort’s portion of the overall population is diminishing it is also the group with the highest voter participation rate which highlights just how curious the demographic calculation is.

Other results in the poll seem to bear out this reality with 46% of Trump supporters saying that they are “very enthusiastic” about his candidacy compared to only 33% for Clinton.

What’s more, Trump supporters report greater interest in the campaign with 6 in 10 saying that they are following the campaign closely and 93% saying that they are certain to vote compared to 45% of Hillary’s supporters who say they are paying attention to the race and only 80% saying they are certain to vote.

It is safe to say that if Democrats outvote Republicans by 41% on Election Day then Hillary is all but certain to secure the presidential nomination – but that is a tenuous proposition. The poll of 1,002 respondents claims to have a margin of error of 3.5%, but it is safe to say nobody can really tell what the true margin of error is on the poll as it is fundamentally flawed.

Just my opinion:

I say NEVER trust these polls. It’s an underhanded, sneaky way of voter suppression for Trump. If people believe these polls they may become despondent, sit at home and not vote believing their candidate, Trump, has no path to winning.

I also believe that the early voting results will be reporting heavy Democrat numbers in favor of Hillary. So don’t let that get to you either.

On top of that remember that during the Bush/Kerry election, the media reported that Kerry had already won while the polls had not even opened on the West Coast. Another voter suppression tactic by the crooked media.

Let’s remember and remind each other that the media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Right now all of the media are doing their best to sway voters in Hillary’s favor. Almost every day we hear how well Hillary is doing no matter what you eyes tell you when you see her small rallies while Trump has Yuge rallies.


Read more: https://sputniknews.com/us/20160911/1045201371/trump-surge-hillary-cooked-poll.html


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