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Report Reveals $42 Billion…….

..in Regulations Trump Could Slash on Day 1

Throughout much of his successful campaign for the presidency, President-elect Donald Trump spoke repeatedly about his intentions to roll back, if not entirely undo, many of the business-killing federal regulations put in place by President Barack Obama’s administration.

To that end, the American Action Forum dug into the regulatory nightmare emanating out of Washington, D.C., and compiled a list of dozens of regulations that could be immediately cut by Trump and the Republican-led Congress, according to The Daily Caller.

Utilizing what is known as the Congressional Review Act to invalidate at least 48 major regulations, the AAF report noted that, “Together, those rules impose more than $42.5 billion in total costs, $6.5 billion in annualized costs, and 53 million paperwork burden hours.”

“Republicans have the opportunity to enact regulatory reform on a scale not witnessed since President Reagan,” the report continued. “CRA disapproval resolutions seem poised to be a significant part of those plans.”

“Although it is unlikely that Congress will cash in all its political capital to this end, several high-profile major rules – and their sizable burdens – could go by the wayside in 2017,” the report noted, tempering expectations for a broad sweep of all burdensome regulations right away.

Furthermore, there are other regulations that may not have even been written yet that could be quickly overturned, due to various agencies in the Obama administration rushing to push through new “midnight” regulations at the last moment.

Alas, Obama’s regulators have been quite busy this year, already formulating more than 78,000 pages of new rules thus far in 2016, with an estimated cost of at least $148 billion. The administration sill has a month and a half still remaining to write more.

Analysts and report authors Sam Batkins and Dan Goldbeck provided a few examples of cuts that could immediately be made, such as to the Department of Interior’s restrictions on oil drilling in the Arctic region, or the Environmental Protection Agency‘s ludicrous fuel efficiency standards for the trucking industry.

The Arctic drilling rule has been estimated to cost more than $2 billion, while the EPA’s industry-killing fuel regulation costs soared to an astonishing $29.3 billion.

Nevertheless, we anxiously await Trump and his team to finally taking office and beginning the arduous process of taking a scythe to the field of chaff that has grown up in and around D.C.’s regulatory structure.

Wow, just look at all that money being wasted and a noose around our necks as a country. Business and energy stifled under Obama’s regulatory agencies.

I hope Trump follows through with his promise to get rid of these onerous burdens and allow us to become energy independent and for business to bloom once again providing lots of new jobs.


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Obama Costs Miners Their Job — Tells Them Take Welfare

This is an old story back from May 2015 but it strikes at the heart of where I live in Eastern Kentucky, the Appalachians. And it saddens me greatly since I moved here only 8 years ago. You might say this was my first time in life to see up close and personal the devastation of the poor and middle class in one community. 

Thousands of coal miners and coal-fired power plant workers who have lost their jobs due to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations since President Barack Obama took office can go on welfare – and to take advantage of $35 million in set aside “Power+Plan” welfare grants for the industry.

According to the Obama administration, the Commerce Department’s Power+Plan grants program will help “communities and workers successfully adapt to changes in the coal industry and power sector.”

Making no mention of easing the mostly arbitrary EPA regulations to staunch the bleeding of jobs in the coal industry, President Obama is asking Congress to raise the budget for Power+Plan grants to $55 million. The president believes the increased funding will “diversify” local economies across Appalachia so they become less reliant on coal jobs.

In the county I live in the massive closings of coal mines and miners who have lost their jobs, the misery is great. God’s Food pantry here is trying to feed 25% of the county. The need is so great that families are on a waiting list of visits to God’s Food Pantry every 3 to 4 months.

Just where are these new jobs promised by Obama? I see none. According to the Ag Extension office who works with God’s Food Pantry (run by a Christian church) tells me that the number of people who need food has skyrocketed since Obama took office. It used to be that families could come every month. I don’t know how these families stay fed on what is given out for one month to last throughout the next 3 to 4 months.

Kentucky and West Virginia have been two of the hardest hit states when it comes to federal regulations on coal. EPA regulations are forcing power companies to delay coal-fired power plant repairs and maintenance… cancel plans to build new power plants… and force fully operational coal-fired power plants to close.

Some jobs have also been lost due to competition from natural gas. Kentucky lost 644 power plant jobs from 2008 to 2013 – a 37 percent drop in the workforce – and 5,188 coal mining jobs during that time – a 31 percent reduction in the state’s coal workforce.

I see the ramifications of the loss of these jobs daily. During the winter schools close when the temperatures are cold because children don’t have coats, mittens, and boots to protect these children. And I’m sure the schools also cannot afford the rising electric rates that go along with the EPA’s draconian regulations.

Through many conversations with people in town whole generations of families are now living together because their daughters and sons have lost their jobs and their homes. Therefore the families must move in, sons, daughters and their children. They are having a difficult time feeding this many people under one roof.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said:

“Kentucky’s coal miners, their families and those working in coal-related jobs continue to suffer under this Administration’s War on Coal and its burdensome regulations, the result of which has been the loss of thousands of high-wage jobs in a region facing serious economic challenges.”

Until January, when Republicans took over control of the Senate following the 2014 elections, not much attention was paid to the Kentucky Republican. Since then, McConnell has only been able to secure $7.5 million from the Labor Department retrain coal workers who lost their jobs.

“This funding will help … provide essential reemployment services – including for emerging information technology jobs – to approximately 700 Kentuckians who have lost jobs or businesses as a result of the decline in the coal industry,” McConnell said.

But I see no evidence of this. There is no lessening of people who go to God’s Food Pantry. They look like they are on their last dime. Many are badly disabled people. Most of them are depressed. After all they once had good paying jobs. They don’t want this for their families.

Families who are somewhat better off try to help by donating clothing but the need is too great to be fulfilled. Plus there are not that many people who better off than those who lost their jobs. Wages are low. Jobs are scarce.

Another ramification of this burdensome EPA that is not mentioned is the tax money loss due to fewer coal trucks on the road who used to pay taxes to support programs for many things, including the Agriculture Extension Agency and the Senior Center.

The Ag Extensions supplies much-needed programs for farmers and women who need to grow and can food. There are so many helpful programs I can’t name them all but helping Diabetics and lunch boxes for kids on weekends so they have food are a couple out of many.

The senior center used to provide an adult care center for those seniors too disabled to get out of the house. Two workers did the care taking of these people during the morning and through a nutritious lunch.  That has been stopped too due to the lack of tax money that used to come in from the coal trucks. The bus which picks up seniors has had its’ time limited. So Seniors who can’t drive any longer have less time to do the things they need to do. Walking is not an option for many of these seniors either through inability or the distance.

I felt I needed to write about this because just hearing that coal miners are losing their jobs isn’t enough without telling the whole domino effect of such effect the lost jobs have on a community. In my county and those around me this has been devastating.

Furthermore, I see no sign of any new types of energy production such as natural gas. There are many in this country who heat by wood. But that is not the norm. I fear when the time comes when we families can no longer afford the rising cost of the coal and the EPA’s surcharge which rises every year. The percentage added onto the electric bill is excessive and the poor cannot afford it. Not even the middle class people can keep paying these exorbitant electric prices.

And then what happens when all the coal companies are shut down? Our governor, a Democrat, has done nothing to help this situation. He is in lock step with Obama. The man running for our new governor, another Democrat and sleaze has never done anything either. Governor Beshear has made no plans on supplying our Appalachian counties with a different form of energy. A real lack of planning on his part to say the least.

Eastern Kentucky you might say is a lost part of the country. Most people make fun of the wonderful people who live here. I don’t think you could run into kinder and more helpful people than they are. I experienced this kindness when I lost Ron. I didn’t even know the people who helped me. It didn’t matter to them, they saw I needed help in all kinds of ways. That is their Christian way.

Obama and the EPA have Appalachian lives in their hands and it seems the end game is to make sure we all die at some point when we either freeze to death or suffer heat stroke in our very hot summers. They do not care. Obama does not care about the poorest among us and every time he speaks about the helping the poor and the middle class he is lying. I see the proof. Obama kept his promise that he would break the coal companies and he has done that. But he also has broken the proud and independent people who live here. I have a suspicion however that these proud people will make a come back some how, some way with their deep belief in God.




SCOTUS undermines Science

The Supreme Court has taken up another case based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s campaign of lies that carbon dioxide  is the cause of “climate change” and claims about the quality of air in the United States. The Court is composed of lawyers, not scientists.

At this point in the present era, the Court has made rulings that run contrary to the original, clear intent of the U.S. Constitution and has wrought havoc on our society.

In 1973, it ruled that the killing of unborn babies was protected; and millions since then have been deliberately killed. It extended protection to sodomy and same-sex marriage. It is destroying the fabric of our society  that has served Americans well for more than two hundred years.

It ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act was a “tax”, enabling Obamacare to be unleashed with the subsequent loss of health care plans by millions of Americans, often the loss of their personal physician, and the requirement that deeply-held religious opposition to contraception and abortion be negated by a law that requires their beliefs be overruled and denied.

In 2007, I wrote a commentary  that was published in The Washington Times. I criticized a Supreme Court ruling that carbon dioxide (CO2) was a “pollutant”, opening the door to the EPA’s rapacious intent to control all aspects of our lives based on this lie that is used to justify its war on coal-fired plants that provide nearly half of all the electrical energy we use daily.  “CO2 is not a pollutant,” I wrote, “It exists in the Earth’s atmosphere and every blade of grass and every tree depends on it.” It plays no role whatever in the Earth’s climate.

The Clean Air Act and revisions passed in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s. The original regulation of air pollution was a good idea, as were the laws affecting clean water; but the EPA has since used pollution to impose a vast matrix of regulations that do not reflect the fact that the nation’s air and water is now as clean as it ever can be.

Carbon monoxide emissions have fallen from 197 million tons to 89 million tons. Nitrogen oxide emissions fell from 27 million tons to 19 million tons. Sulfur dioxide emissions fell from 31 million tons to 15 million tons. Lead emissions fell by more than 98%.  Particulate emissions (soot) fell by 80%. The air in the U.S. is considerably cleaner, but the EPA’s assertions continue to be made to expand its regulatory power and to attack the sovereignty of the states.

A case that was recently argued before the Court is another EPA effort to rewrite the Clean Air Act, asserting that it be given authority to regulate the flow of alleged “pollution” between “upwind” states and those who receive particulates and gases under its control. Some 27 states are considered “upwind,” and those states along with all others have their own air control laws.

A coalition led by Texas of more than a dozen other states brought a case, Environmental Protection Agency v. EME Homer City Generation, opposing the EPA’s regulatory re-write of the Clean Air Act. In August 2012, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the EPA, which appealed to the Supreme Court.

The Wall Street Journal noted that “The D.C. Circuit only rarely overturns EPA rules, which shows how out of bounds the cross-state regulation is. The Supreme Court should overturn it for violating the federalist intentions of Congress, but there is also the added judicial incentive to show this increasingly rogue agency that it can’t rewrite the law as it pleases.

The U.S. has been harmed by the many laws whose justification is based on the totally unscientific hoax regarding CO2. During the 101st and 111th Congresses, there were 692 laws introduced containing the term “greenhouse gas” when, in fact, CO2 is NOT such a gas, playing no role whatever in trapping warmth to affect the weather and/or climate of the Earth.

Stringent domestic laws and regulations, moreover, do not take into consideration the role of many other nations whose emissions are far greater than those produced here. However, reducing their emissions will have no effect on the Earth’s climate. The Earth is in what will likely be a lengthy cycle of cooling based on reduced solar radiation. It recently snowed in Egypt and in Israel, where snow has long been a rarity.

The Obama administration’s “war on coal” has used the EPA to inflict an attack on the nation’s capacity to provide energy. And the EPA has not ceased from using every ruling it has imposed to degrade the nation’s ability to maintain and expand the industrial base it needs to provide for economic growth, an increase in jobs, and the sovereign right of states to determine their own response to the need for clean air. The U.S. is a republic composed of separate republics.

At this point, control of the nation’s air and water quality should be returned in full to the states; and the EPA should be eliminated as the threat to the nation it has become. The Supreme Court has played a role in this threat, ruling without any attention to real science, traditional values, and the clear intent of the Constitution.


Considering the recent activist role the SCOTUS is playing it does not seem that they are following the Constitution and are becoming dangerous to We, the People.  I wonder if these lawyers have a chance of getting the EPA knocked down to size and ridding us of this onerous agency.

There is another lawsuit coming up soon waged by some groups and Senators McConnell, Rand Paul, Reps Andy Barr and Tom Massie who have been fighting for KY’s coal industry which the EPA is destroying.

And the folks of W. VA should be mad as hell at Joe Manchin who ran campaign ads picturing his shooting a gun at a sign which said EPA and I have not heard of him doing one thing to stop the destruction of coal in his state.  W.VA has been devastated by the EPA destruction of their coal industry while ghost towns appear everywhere now and people have no jobs.

EPA War on Coal, Phase 2

It’s already been three months since the Obama administration debuted their draft proposal detailing what is, for all currently practicable purposes, a ban on the construction of coal-fired power plants (and even that reveal was the result of still another months-long delay as the administration struggled to formulate the rules in a way that could both survive the inevitable legal challenges while not restricting greenhouse-gas emissions so stringently as to disqualify even the construction of new natural gas plants — overzealous, much?). The rule finally hit the pages of the Federal Register today, opening up the formal 60-day period for comments — of which I am certain there will be a veritable deluge, because coal country has been in an uproar over the incoming rules. Via HuffPo:

The Environmental Protection Agency will finally publish notice of new proposed rules limiting greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants on Wednesday, more than three months after announcing the rules last September.

The rules are scheduled to be published in the Federal Register on Jan. 8. The lag time between the announcement of the rules on Sept. 20 and their publication has prompted conjecture as to the reason for the delay, from prosaic possibilities like the government shutdown in October to more significant ones, like potential problems discovered in the legal underpinnings for the rules.

The draft rules are the first ever to limit greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The rules require that new power plants be built with carbon capture and storage capabilities if they burn coal, or that they burn lower-emission fuels like natural gas. The rule has drawn criticism from coal industry supporters who say that carbon capture technology is not sufficiently developed at this point to be viable.

Of course, this is happening out front of the introduction of emissions regulations on existing power plants due to come out this June (although I’d probably count on those being delayed, too), because what reasonable administration could ever simply be content with the hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of regulatory compliance costs they have already imposed upon our struggling economy? It’s all a part of their munificent ambitions to maneuver around that spitefully obstructionist Congress and work their climate-change will via executive action. They don’t really expect this round of regulations on new power plants in and of itself to lower carbon emissions much, because a good deal of the recent investment in the industry has been going toward the cleaner natural-gas plants thriving on the ongoing fracking boom — but the Obama administration is actively assuring that coal’s affordable, reliable energy source won’t be available if the market should ever swing the other way for whatever reason. Reasons like, say, the ones undermining Germany’s misbegotten quest to speedily foist mostly renewable energy forms upon the masses and resulting in the most coal use they’ve had since 1990. Woops, via the Financial Times:

Brown coal electricity production in Germany rose last year to its highest level since 1990, despite the country’s campaign to shift to green sources of energy.

Germany, which is the world’s largest brown coal miner, last year used the fuel – also known as lignite – to generate 162bn kilowatt-hours of electricity, according to EnergieBilanz, an electricity industry association. That is up from 161bn kWh in 2012 and the highest total since the 171bn kWh recorded in 1990, when east Germany’s ex-Communist plants were still in full flow.


posted at 3:21 pm on January 8, 2014 by Erika Johnsen

Agenda 21: The Raping of America


A covert game of hide and steal among the United Nations Agenda 21 Project, the U.S federal government, and Indian tribes will result in irreversible consequences that will let the feds control all national water rights. According to a press release by small ranchers and property owners in Montana, “Circuit Court Judge Cameron Wogan in Klamath Falls, Oregon, refused ranchers’ requests for a temporary restraining order to allow their cattle and horses access to drinking water.”  Their main water tributaries were shut off in June of this year after tribal demands on rivers and streams feeding Klamath Lake turned 100,000 head of cattle into herds of animals dying from thirst.  By calling the U.S. Indian Tribes sovereign people, just like France, China, or Germany, the feds seek to take over complete control of America’s water. “Families are being forced into bankruptcy as their sole source of income is being taken away while legal battles slowly grind on with delays and hearings with time-wasting lawyers,” continues an urgent appeal for help.

By continuing to harangue average citizens with guilt over the treatment of Native Americans, the federal government along with the UN one world power momentum are dividing the cattlemen, killing their animals, seizing and spoiling private property, and in essence threatening all of us by taking over water rights for everyone.  The tribes “with their $12 million a year kickback from the feds in addition to their casino earnings” are dragging out this Klamath water war in a five county region out West.

Rural Cleansing was first identified in a WSJ article by Kimberly Stassel when Klamath Basin water shut-offs occurred in 2001.  Farms in the lower Klamath basin were all part of “The Project” that the federal government set up to give by lottery land to returning WW I and WWII veterans with “a 1905 water right supply, regardless of what year the acreage was put into production.”  But now, by political and legal maneuverings, closed and/or secret meetings, and a divide and conquer mentality, these very ranchers are facing destitution and rape of their privately held lands!   Yes, this is happening here in the good old U.S. of A.  And what is worse, if legal precedent can be established by this huge UN-US takeover of the Sprague, Williamson, and Wood Rivers, ALL rivers in America could become part of a One World owned and managed water supply.  “No river in the country is safe,” warns the ranchers’ news release.  “Once precedence is established here, it makes it easy to attack other rivers elsewhere.” If the feds control our water, they control our food supply.  We’ll have to fill up our own daily water allowances at the village wells or tanker trucks to take back to our cluster homes designated for us in UN designed ipodment living quarters. One rancher put this outrage in real perspective when he said, “Many of my friends up here have mortgaged the ranch, mortgaged their lives, and those of their children and grandchildren to fight this insane taking. . .what are you willing to do. . .Open another beer in your recliner and watch the drama?”  Folks, this is serious business because if the federal government controls our health care, our water, and our food, we are serfs, not free Americans.  Do something now.  Call your representative and Senators, no matter where you live, and demand that this takeover be stopped NOW!


The Cornered King Obama

With all the scandals rocking the Obama administration and the American people becoming angrier, especially after the IRS scandal came out, one wonders what this King/president to what level will he stoop?  Just what does the cornered rat have in store for all of those who are starting to come forward and break his lies apart? His stories are coming apart like shattered glass.

He now is living in a glass house.  The scandals are swirling. There are more than Benghazi, the IRS and the AP.  We now have Jim Rosen from Fox news being under the watch of the King’s henchmen, wiretaps on him and on other Fox news people, including Fox executives.  Jim Rosen was just one more in a steadily growing list of reporters being wire tapped.

On the environment he is allowing windmills to go without penalties for killing bald eagles and other birds as they fly into the windmills chopped to death. No such consideration is given to the oil companies when there are oil spills.  They pay huge fines for accidentally killing birds.

These harsh facts were condensed into a preliminary draft study of wind subsidies by researcher Teresa Platt, who circulated it to specialists for vetting. I obtained a copy of the extensively footnoted working draft, which gave chilling reality to the truth behind wind industry claims.

“Every year since the 1980s,” Platt’s study said, “the 5,000 turbines at NextEra’s Altamont Pass in California kill thousands of slow-reproducing red-tailed hawks, burrowing owls, kestrels, as well as iconic golden eagles, and bats.” The birds Platt mentions are raptors – birds of prey – particularly valued for their agricultural role in killing mice and other crop-damaging rodents. Eagles, both golden eagles and bald eagles, have long impressed Americans for their majesty, and the bald eagle was selected by our Founding Fathers as our national emblem.

I asked Bob Johns, spokesman for the American Bird Conservancy, about wind farm eagle mortality. He confirmed Platt’s study and told me the Altamont operation alone has killed more than 2,000 golden eagles. But that’s not all. “Nationwide, the wind industry kills thousands of golden eagles without prosecution,” Johns said, “while any other American citizens even possessing eagle parts such as feathers would face huge fines and prison time.”

Huge is right. Violate either the Migratory Bird Treaty Act or the Eagle Protection Act, and you could get fined up to $250,000 or get two years imprisonment.

Not a single wind farm operator has yet been prosecuted for killing birds, yet in 2009 Exxon Mobil got whacked with a $600,000 fine for killing 85 common ducks and other birds that flew into uncovered tanks on its property. Other similarly outrageous revenge-style penalties have been assessed on oil companies by the viciously ideological anti-fossil fuel Obama administration.

“According to documents obtained by the Committees, EPA readily granted FOIA fee waivers for environmental allies, effectively subsidizing them, while denying fee waivers and making the FOIA process more difficult for states and conservative groups,” wrote Republican lawmakers, including Rep. Darrell Issa and Sens. David Vitter, Chuck Grassley and Jim Inhofe in a letter to the EPA.

Citing a report by The Daily Caller News Foundation, Republicans are asking the EPA to hand over all Freedom of Information Act fee waiver requests, responses to requests, and FOIA officer training materials since the beginning of the Obama administration.

Lawmakers are also asking for all communications regarding FOIA fee waiver requests or appeals under the Obama administration.

The free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute obtained documents showing that since January 2012, the EPA granted fee waivers for 75 out of 82 FOIA requests from major environmental groups and only denied seven of them, giving green groups a 92 percent success rate.

So what does the cornered rat do when backed up against the wall.  The rat bares its’ teeth and is ruthless and reckless, ready to bite anything that tries to take it down.

Will this be the moment when the King decides it is time to declare himself the Dictator?  We know that is his final plan.  And if he does declare himself Dictator, what does he need to do before that can happen?  He needs to disarm us, but on the other hand we know the DHS is ready and fully armed to mow down American citizens.  We know drones can be used according to Eric Holder who wrote to Rand Paul:

“It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States.”

So what would be these “extraordinary circumstances?  Rebellion by the people against this King?  We know it won’t be against Muslim terrorists.  According to this administration they don’t even exist.  On the other hand we have tea parties, patriots, religious groups on the terrorist list.

Would it be possible for ordinary citizens to fight against the massive power of the DHS?  And which citizens would stand up and fight?  So far I read and hear mostly elderly men claim they will fight. There is only so much the elderly can do.  Would the young people stand up?  I have my doubts since they are brainwashed and they don’t know what is going on. They are clueless.

We need to be ready for a massacre right here in America.  But, how does one prepare?  We have one thing we can do and that is prepare for our impending deaths.

Take the time now for those important aspects of your life. Spend time with your families and friends.  Forget about material things. They won’t mean anything once we are  slaughtered.  Ask God for forgiveness if you have anything on your soul. Pray to God to be accepted into Heaven instead of hell.



The 2nd Phase, The Complete Downfall of Our Republic

So now because half of the country voted for a Marxist Dictator who will use the next four years to completely destroy our country, we are in devastation.

The Hawk and I sat with shock that so many Americans could put this monster and traitor back into office.  We cannot comprehend this.  It is mind numbing. How do you wrap your head around what is inside of these people’s heads that they would so willingly allow the destruction of our Republic.

This man who is elected now, will become our dictator, not a president.  He will have four more years to completely destroy us and he will do it fast and furious with his Executive orders.  Congress may as well go home. He will probably disband the Legislative branch anyway.  They just sit there and are a bunch of do nothings, so what a loss huh?

We will now fall under tyranny of a lying, criminal and murderous monster, no better than a Hitler or a Stalin.  He may end up killing more people than those two put together. 

Now we are stuck with Obamacide.  Higher taxes, $10 per gallon gas, we won’t be using our own resources because this one man decides we can’t.  Who is he to decide for all of us Americans we cannot use our oil, our coal, and natural gas.

The EPA is ready to pounce on the coal companies and that will end our coal mining. Their plans are already set to go into motion sometime this November.

Higher taxes, crushing inflation which hurts the poorest among us and takes down the middle class.  We are all to become slaves to the government.  We cannot sustain more people on the dole than those who work.

The Constitution will be shredded completely now.  And our rights under God will be gone.  No freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, and he’s coming for our guns.  We will be under the government of the New World Order where nobody is allowed to own a thing, not your land, not your house, nothing.

The UN will be our new government and they plan to take away everything from us.  This is what these people wanted to voted for him?  Or is it just as simple as they don’t have a brain to think of what could happen.  Or was it women’s abortion rights which I heard tonight is what put Pennsylvania into Obama’s column of wins.  How little, how petty and selfish are these people who their abortion rights mean more to them than jobs and the loss of our America.

The Hawk and I are senior citizens now.  We both don’t even know what this country is coming to and why.  This is not the country or the type of people we grew up with and knew.  That is gone.  What happened to all those people who waved their American flags and chanted “Mitt, Mitt”?  Did they vote?  He had huge crowds at his rallies.  So where did these people go?  Did they not vote?

Obama had so much smaller crowds than Romney, yet he won.  Nothing makes sense to us.  We voted and we saw most of our county out voting and we know how they voted.  They voted for freedom and love of country.  Apparently this does not exist in over half of Americans. They don’t love their country. They must want it taken down.  It is incomprehensible to the Hawk and me.

Tonight we are angry, sad, disgusted.  We weep for once was a great America.  We weep and hunger for what America was when we were younger.  We are just so deeply sad I cannot begin to convey the depths of our despair we feel tonight.

We feel bad tonight but after the shock and the despair wears off we will get back up and prepare ourselves as well as we can to meet the carnage that we will all soon face.

I‘ll leave you with a few quotes from the Navy Seals.

“Newly released emails indicate that the Obama White House knew within 30-minutes of the initial uprising and that the American Embassy in Benghazi was under full terrorist attack, according to Fox News Channel’s Catherine Herridge.”

“An American drone reportedly sent the State Department situation room real time footage of the jihadist assault. As State Department officials watched the bloody, clearly pre-planned and well organized attack unfold, our Commander in Chief refused to take action,” Nagel said.”

“It has been further reported that instead of staying in the situation room, the President retired to his quarters for an early bed time, leaving horrified State Department personnel alone with the live feed horrors from Benghazi.”

“Obama’s love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood poses a clear and present danger to America, but worst of all are the lies and failure to act, especially in Benghazi, that got my buddies Killed”, said Nagel, a 20-year Navy veteran and former SEAL.”

“If Obama sent Ambassador Stephens to a death sentence mission in Benghazi; what will he be willing to do to the American people to appease what appear to be deep Muslim Brotherhood ties?” asked former Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith.”


Credit for the newly designed Forward banner goes to Goshawk.

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