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Comey: No Charges for Hillary


hillary-and-comeyOnce again Comey gives Hillary the “Get out of jail free” card.

I’m sure the DOJ and Obama made sure the new investigation went nowhere.

Now, is there anyone brave enough to take her down?  Is there anyone with enough honor to risk their life to take down the Evil Witch of Benghazi?

There are others with the same information, but the DOJ is sitting on them too. The NYPD has all of the information but who is going to risk their life to expose it?  I don’t think anyone now.

Everyone around the Clintons get paid off to do her bidding. That includes so many tentacles it would be impossible to make a map of where the octopus roams. I would imagine all over the world.

The Clinton Cartel and all who are involved in it are worse than the mafia. They are now too big and too dangerous to take down.

We know our government is completely corrupt.

More than the Clintons are involved in the Cartel. Many politicians on both sides of the aisle are involved.

The Globalists, the media, the DNC, to name a few of the bad actors are all in collusion to make sure she never gets charged for any of her felonies.

We are doomed. And what happens to all of us who are the deplorables and irredeemables she so hates?

Given the unprecedented ignorance, laziness and apathy of today’s America we are, just 240 years later, only microns away from losing our precious republic.




Julian Assange Promises To Kick Out Hillary…

…From Presidential Race Before the September 26th Debate

by AnonHQ.com. Read here

On Monday, September 26, 2016 Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will appear on one platform at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York to tell the American public how they will manage the country, if elected as president of the United States.

The debate, which is the first debate between the two competing candidates for the November 8 presidential elections, was initially scheduled to take place at Wright State University in Ohio, but it was later moved to Hofstra, due to budget issues.

However, before the debate takes place, Julian Assange, the founder and editor-in-chief of the international non-profit journalistic organization WikiLeaks, has said his next publication on Clinton will bring her presidential ambition to a complete crash.

WikiLeaks publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources. The latest leak by the organization is the Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails it published in July 2016, revealing how top officials of the Democratic Party teamed up to make sure that Clinton secured the nomination of the party ahead of her then contender, Bernie Sanders.

The leak by WikiLeaks has placed the Democratic Party in disarray. More and more people are tendering their resignation letters, stepping aside from the DNC. Before senator Sanders left the Democratic Party, he said the publication by WikiLeaks showed a corrupt DNC that cannot be trusted anymore. The Vermont senator then called for a total overhaul of the DNC.


At the same time Sanders called for a new DNC, the then chairperson of the body, Debbie Wasserman Schultz had resigned. Many other junior officials of the DNC also later resigned.

Politico reported recently that the DNC’s finance director, Jordan Kaplan is also stepping down due to his involvement in the emails published by WikiLeaks.

The revelation by WikiLeaks has angered many supporters of Sanders, who have since said they will not vote Clinton in because she cheated the contest to become the nominee of the party.

Although he lost, Sanders pulled over 12 million votes during the contest with Clinton. Political commentators say if many of those who voted for Sanders refuse to vote for Clinton in the November presidential polls, she will lose the contest to Trump.

However, it seems Clinton might not even get the chance to appear on the ballot against Trump. Assange has said Clinton committed “extortion” by hyping fears over the possibility of a Republican victory, in order to attract left-wing voters.

Assange also claimed he has in his possession, damning emails on how Clinton made secret deals with sponsors of the terrorist organization, the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Assange said Clinton’s secret dealings with this ISIS sponsor have resulted in huge funds donated to the Clinton Foundation from the sponsor.

He continued that the Federal Bureau of Investigation cannot overlook these impending damning materials that will soon be made public. Assange made this latest claim in an interview with the British journalist, Afshin Rattansi of Russia Today network.

“We have more info and we will publish everything when the time is right some of these materials can get Hillary Clinton to lose the nomination,”  Assange reportedly told Rattansi in the interview.

Assange further said Bernie Sanders will get the nomination after Clinton is gone, as he is the one holding the remaining votes of the party delegates.

Below is the full transcribed version of the interview Rattansi held with the WikiLeaks founder on the next leak, which will kick Clinton out of the presidential race.

Rattansi: If there is any illegality in the pending emails you will release or malfeasance in what you already released President Obama could presumably act on it and get Hillary Clinton charged? Regardless of whether you are about to release any email which would mean that James Comey and the FBI would have no alternative but to arrest Hillary Clinton?

Assange: Our view which we have already stated is if the evidence that the FBI has is enough for a grand jury to indict already… But a prosecutor has to ask a grand jury to indict. And if a prosecutor doesn’t ask, a grand jury won’t indict. But our next leak can bring her down because it is something that FBI can’t overlook!

Rattansi: When will be the date when you will release this leak?

Assange: I will not reveal the exact date but I can promise you this, will Bring Hillary Down Before The Debate Stage On September 26th.

According to political commentators, if Assange’s yet-to-be released materials warrant the indictment of Clinton, senator Sanders will replace her per the rules of the Democratic Party. As it stands now, everybody is calmly waiting for the very day Assange and his team will drop this bombshell, kicking Clinton out, and replacing her with senator Sanders.

We shall see if this batch of Wikileaks will bring down Hillary. So far nothing has brought her down. I don’t see the DOJ wanting to indict her. So far she has slipped by everything against her. The FBI is as crooked as the Obama Administration. They will do nothing. The DOJ will do nothing. Everything is set to protect her no matter what her crimes are.

Even though this news sounds promising, I have no hope this will destroy her in any way at all. There already is a mountain of evidence to indict and convict her, she runs free. We sure found out that someone as powerful as Hillary Clinton means no justice.

Tom DeLay Knows Of Secret DOJ Memo To Legalize ’12 New Perversions,’ Including Bestiality And Pedophilia

Now folks the Obama administration is really going down one of the darkest roads possible, that is it almost unbelievable and inconceivable. I feel sick to even have to report this it is so awful.

Tom DeLay appeared on Newsmax TV yesterday, where he told host Steve Malzberg that, just as he had predicted, all Hell is now breaking loose because of the Supreme Court ruling striking down gay marriage bans. Things are now so out of control, DeLay said, that he even knows about a “secret memo” from the Justice Department aimed at legalizing “12 new perversions,” including bestiality and pedophilia.

“We’ve already found a secret memo coming out of the Justice Department,” DeLay claimed. “They’re now going to go after 12 new perversions, things like bestiality, polygamy, having sex with little boys and making that legal. Not only that, but they have a whole list of strategies to go after the churches, the pastors, and any businesses that tries to assert their religious liberty. This is coming and it’s coming like a tidal wave.”

Malzberg, who was predictably shocked by the news that Department of Justice was now going to seek to legalize things like pedophilia, asked DeLay to clarify that was what he had just claimed and DeLay assured him that it was.

“That’s correct,” he said. “They’re coming down with 12 new perversions. LGBT is only the beginning. They are going to start expanding it to the other perversions.”

The Next Big Scandal Coming for the Obama Administration


The next and another horrible scandal to reach the Obama administration concerns the human experiments carried out by the EPA in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The DOJ is supposed to investigate this  one.  I am sure Ferret Smolder will  tell us he knows NOTHING. 

Here are excerpts from Frontpage:

If the shocking allegations contained in a lawsuit filed  last Friday by responsible science advocate Steven Milloy are accurate, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a major scandal on its hands. As reported by the National Legal and Policy Center , Milloy initiated litigation in U.S. District Court in Virginia, based on evidence he accumulated via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). He alleges that the EPA engaged in disturbing experimentation that deliberately exposed human beings to airborne particulate matter the agency itself considers lethal. The experiments were conducted at EPA’s Human Studies Facility at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. “That EPA administrator Lisa Jackson permitted this heinous experimentation to occur under her watch shocks the conscience,” said Milloy.

The suit accuses  the EPA of paying as many as 41 participants $12 an hour to breathe in concentrated diesel exhaust, for as long a two hours at a time. The exhaust was directly piped in from a truck parked outside the Chapel Hill facility. According to the lawsuit, the fine particulate matter, called “PM2.5,” was piped in at levels 21 times greater than what the EPA calls its “permissible limit.”

Yet even that phrase is misleading. In testimony delivered  to Congress in September of 2011, EPA chief Lisa Jackson claimed that exposure to fine particulate matter of 2.5 microns–or less–was lethal. ”Particulate matter causes premature death. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should,” she testified at the time.

Now we find out the EPA parked a truck’s exhaust pipe directly beneath an intake pipe on the side of a building, The exhaust was sucked into the pipe, mixed with some additional air and then piped directly into the lungs of the human subjects. EPA actually has pictures of this gas chamber, a clear plastic pipe stuck into the mouth of a subject, his lips sealing it to his face, diesel fumes inhaled straight into his lungs.”

To read the entire article go to http://frontpagemag.com/2012/arnold-ahlert/the-epas-disturbing-human-experiments/

This is a must read story at Frontpagemag.  The actions of what Lisa Jackson and her EPA scientists are like something you see in a horror film. The article is two pages long so go there to get all the details.

And here I thought after the exposure of giving poor blacks syphilis sometime back in our history was something we would never hear or witness again out of our government.  We just can’t trust this government to ever do the right thing, but instead harming poor and elderly people. And there is no doubt that the Devil in the White House knows about this one.


A hat tip to Willibeaux for sending me this article!  Thanks Willibeaux!

DOJ tapped Republican Congressman’s Phones.

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show last night Rep. David Nunes dropped another bombshell about the DOJ taps.  The following is and excerpt from the conversation:

HH: The idea that this might be a Geithner-Axelrod plan, and by that, the sort of intimation, Henry II style, will no one rid me of this turbulent priest, will no one rid me of these turbulent Tea Parties, that might have just been a hint, a shift of an eyebrow, a change in the tone of voice. That’s going to take a long time to get to. I don’t trust the Department of Justice on this. Do you, Congressman Nunes?

DN:No, I absolutely do not, especially after this wiretapping incident, essentially, of the House of Representative. I don’t think people are focusing on the right thing when they talk about going after the AP reporters. The big problem that I see is that they actually tapped right where I’m sitting right now, the Cloak Room.

HH: Wait a minute, this is news to me.

DN: The Cloak Room in the

DN: The Cloak Room in the House of Representatives.

HH: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

DN: So when they went after the AP reporters, right? Went after all of their phone records, they went after the phone records, including right up here in the House Gallery, right up from where I’m sitting right now. So you have a real separation of powers issue that did this really rise to the level that you would have to get phone records that would, that would most likely include members of Congress, because as you know…

HH: Wow.

The cloakrooms serve as a place for members to socialize, eat, and take naps without leaving the building. These rooms are closed to all except for Senators and Representatives, and a few of their trusted staffers, and even have their own phone numbers.

UPDATE: House staffers wrote to clarify that Rep. Nunes meant the Capitol and not the cloakrooms. He was explaining that those records would reveal a lot of conversations between the press and members of Congress, since reporters often speak to Members from the press gallery phones.





A Monstrous Story: Child Sex Trafficking Ignored

Holder’s DOJ, FBI Ignoring Child Sex Trafficking Cases — Informant

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice and the leadership of the FBI are blocking prosecution of human trafficking cases, including those involving minors being forced into prostitution, according to a Townhall magazine article by FBI informant Brandon Darby.Darby and another FBI “human source,” Dottie Laster, helped investigate human trafficking for several months. Darby writes that he went undercover to gather information on sex traffickers with the help of a sympathetic FBI agent whom he refers to as “Agent X” to protect the agent’s identity.What Darby uncovered was that cases were often ignored by law enforcement because law requires them to cooperate with ICE, but ICE would often raid the target of investigations before the law agencies could gather evidence necessary for prosecution. Rather than waste the money, time and effort, law enforcement often would just ignore trafficking cases.

The FBI also has a pattern of ignoring such cases, even those involving minors, because the FBI cannot get funding to house and protect the victims of trafficking until the U.S. Attorneys Office designates them as witnesses.

According to Darby, DOJ often didn’t want to get involved because designating many of these victims as witnesses involves obtaining various types of visas and other immigration paperwork.

This also requires signing of a law enforcement declaration of having the witnesses’ cooperation, which local officers in turn didn’t want to sign because they didn’t have a guarantee of resources.

And so the bureaucratic buck is passed.

Darby contends that politically appointed leaders in the FBI and Department of Justice are neglecting their duty to investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases, while hiding behind red tape.

But the allegations get worse.

Cases involving minors are supposed to trigger an automatic investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice. But Darby believes someone working within the FBI deliberately changed information to remove one or more victims’ designation as minors so that the FBI and DOJ would not be obligated to investigate.

Further, someone in the FBI leadership seems to have engaged in retribution against one or more agents who were investigating child sex trafficking, according to Darby, thereby endangering investigations, trafficking victims and the public at large. At least one agent in question was transferred and ordered not to investigate trafficking cases, Darby says.

Darby’s allegations should be investigated by Congress immediately. The Department of Justice and this Administration have already been covering up details of the Fast and Furious operation that delivered thousands of weapons to drug cartels and resulted in the murder of a Border Patrol agent and who knows how many other people.

If the Department of Justice is also abetting child sex trafficking, through negligence or otherwise, Attorney General Eric Holder needs to be removed and possibly even face criminal charges.

And given that so many of these human trafficking cases involve illegal immigrants or even U.S. citizens being smuggled over our porous Mexican border, King Obama’s recent unilateral enactment of amnesty, the Department of Homeland Security’s retaliation against Arizona law enforcement and the decision to close Border Patrol stations must be thoroughly investigated.

All of this raises a very disturbing question.

Taken individually, Fast and Furious, the Arizona immigration fight and the granting of amnesty by executive order could each be chalked up to cheap politicking — the Left trying to tighten gun control laws, and Obama trying to boost his popularity with Latinos.

But taken together and in light of Darby’s allegations, those actions by the Obama Administration seem to set up the perfect environment for human trafficking, along with smuggling of drugs and whatever else.

So the question has to be asked: Is it just a perfect storm of bungling, or is it possible this administration is actually, consciously, deliberately working with Central American drug cartels?

And if the answer somehow turned out to be yes, that the administration is working with the cartels, then it must be asked, to what end?


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