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You Can’t Make This Up

Ok, I’ve been sick lying in bed watching the news.  I have to make sure you all know that is no way to get well.  None of you are that dumb I know. You all have that figured out by now.  Watch TCM instead, please,  and those old movies will remind you that maybe there is something to say for the good ole times.

I had to ask the Hawk last night if he thought we were crazy or is everyone else crazy?   I meant those gubmint types of course.  After awhile, it kind of gets to ya.  I hear all these stories and the kinds of things these gubmint types say and my head starts to hurt so bad. The ‘awk gets very worried, but these knives keep digging into my head.

Please make it stop and go away.  I’ve got a headache on top of a gastrointestinal virus. It’s the Obama virus, you just can’t get rid of it.  It sticks and sticks and everyday you get to see the virus on TV.  Go away.  Go to Hawaii please!

Several days ago I hear one of our drones “landed” or “crashed” or was “shot down” in Iran.  Now which one of those do we pick?  I went for this one, we flew a drone into Iran and then we left it there so the Iranians, the Chinese, and the Russians could all get a hold of our stealth technology.  Ah Ha!!

Today, I find I chose the correct answer since Mr. Zilch was given 3 different ways to destroy the daggone thing, but he chose none of those 3 options because “it might look like we’re starting a war” with Iran.  O…My….G….o….d!!  Of course, I shouted to the Hawk.  It makes sense.  We must allow Iran, China, and Russia to have their “fair share” of our technology.

We must do our “FAIR” sharing of our stealth technology so the enemy has a better chance of blowing us up.  

Dumb ole me.  Here I guess I’ve watched too many James Bond movies and read too many spy stories that I thought there would be some type of mechanism that upon landing in hostile territory we could flick a switch, and bingo, that darn old wayward drone would just blow itself up.  Nope, I was wrong on that one.  Besides if we had that how could we “share” the “wealth” of our technology?

Today, at the press conference the Zero made a showing just so he could let us all know that those darned Republicans are holding up that tax holiday for all the middle class.  He also wanted to restate his position that if the Republicans include that “job making” oil pipeline from Canada in the bill he will V…E…T…O it.  Some reporter, may he rest in peace,  asked why would the President not want this job making pipeline project included.

Uh, ha, ha, we don’t need no stinking pipeline.

Well, the president answered mightily that nothing can create more jobs than the tax holiday which will put about $1000 in the poor “middle class” pockets and create ever so many more jobs than a dinky little ole pipeline, “shovel ready” mind you.  Yes this time for REAL, a shovel ready project, private enterprise project, and there would be tens of thousands of jobs.  But, NO, said the Zero.  We just can’t have that now can we?  We must have another study on that. Besides it’s just the social security “tax” anyway and we can let that program go bust.

Later,  on Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch show we were all reminded that the SS was never a “tax” as we were told in the beginning of the program.  It was a retirement fund, not a tax. But, by golly, it is now.

What about those spending cuts?  What happened to them?  They can’t come up with one thing to cut?  How about their salaries, their pensions, those agencies we don’t need?  But, no, none of them, on either side of the aisle can come up with one lousy spending cut.  Why can’t we fire them all right now?  Why do we have to wait until 2012.  In most corporations you are given a 90 day trial period.  If you don’t produce and don’t do your work, out the door you go!  No second chances. You are gone in sixty seconds, no pension, notta.

Meanwhile, Mr. Holder once again was before Congress to NOT answer questions.  Later, on Greta Van Susteran’s show, she had Steve King on, one of our illustrious and very bright congressman.  She asked him, “Why doesn’t someone ask Mr. Holder who is responsible for this program “Fast and Furious”?  Wow,  Steve King was blown over that he had also thought of that question, but he just never got the chance to ask it of the “rolling  my eyes at Congress Pinocchio Holder”. Nor had any of his colleagues in Congress asked that question.

So what the hell did I know?  I don’t know who, what, where, when. Don’t you guys ever let up on me?  I need to get back to suing AZ, ALA, Utah, you know those states who don’t want illegals in here.  I don’t like that immigration law on the books!

Is Issa mad or what?

The ever digging Issa showed Holder one box of information that he sent down to Congress to muddle through while there were 4 boxes of information they have from ATF agents, those horrible whistle blowers.  Holder, in his usual jocular manner, rolled his eyeballs once again.  So what, bro, so ya got 4 boxes from them and one from me.  What’s the big deal?  Besides, according to Holder, he’s perfectly willing to work with them on the “real” problem. Surprise, surprise, the “real” problem is that 164,000 guns (LIE) walk over the border every year since we’ve got far too many assault weapons in this country.  Now, who would have thought of that one?  Oh, yeah, Pinocchio Holder and Mr. Zero because they want to make sure all of our guns are taken away.

Never mind that their little “program” to make it look like all these guns come from us, the usual suspects, the American people,  has been outted.  Right. We’re all out on the streets  selling assault weapons to Mexico.  I wondered where I got that sunburn. Now I realize it’s from standing on street corners peddling assault rifles.

The program has been busted, Holder.  We all know what you were up to and still you try to blame this on the American people??????????????  Does anyone in this country actually believe this cockamamie crap?

While that circus is going on, the “extremely, brainy, smartest man in the room, Corzine”, testifies that he “just doesn’t know where 1.2 billion dollars went” in his MF Global company.  First I’m shocked, utterly shocked over the name of that company.  MF????  Global???   And, not once did anyone question him about his racism.  Not one democrat said a thing about the MF thing.  Are they daft?  They don’t know what MF means?

Sniff, Sniff, I’m so so very sorryAnybody got a hankie I can borrow?

Instead of taking the 5th Amendment, which I’m sure Congress would have allowed for one of their old Senate buddies, Corzine comes in with a 21 page written statement by his lawyers.  In a funereal voice Corzine states that he takes full responsibility, but, gee, he just has no idea where that money went.  Oh, I suppose all those stock holders were just so delighted and mollified that Corzine is soooooooooooooooooooo sorry. So sorry, so sorry, I’m sorry, but I don’t know where that money went.  Kind of reminds me of an old Patsy Cline song.

And he takes “full responsibility”.  So, let me guess.  What does that mean?  He doesn’t want to use any of his fortune to pay back some of these people who were swindled and now their whole retirements are gone.  I ask myself then, what kind of responsibility does he “fully take”? And Congress?  Oh, they said the Deceitful One  was so utterly sincere in his sorrow for “losing” all that money. May I ask Congress?  Do you really care where that money went?  After all you don’t care where our tax money went?  Just another big show, this time for their bud, Corzine.

Every night Judge Napolitano makes an ending statement on his absolutely wonderful show on the Fox Business Channel.

He asks every night “Does the government work for us or do we work for the government?” After that he gives his ending speech for the night which the Hawk is not allowed to interrupt. I don’t care if the house in on fire Hawk, I need to hear what the Judge has to say.

I think it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain there ain’t nobody working for us up there in that cesspool of DC.  The Hawk told me a joke tonight.  No Nativity scene is going up in DC, not because of the usual reasons, but because nobody could find 3 wise  men and a virgin.  I think that about says it all for those idiots we have in Washington,  DC.

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