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Police Officer Unleashes His Deadly Weapon

In a harrowing close call, a law enforcement officer was attacked by a gang of three thugs who stabbed him with a box cutter. They dragged him off in the direction of the nearby woods, and Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Frazier may well have thought May 25, 2015, was going to be the last day of his life.

That is, until he got a hand free and released his K-9 companion to unleash hell on his attackers.

The Hancock County, Mississippi, sheriff’s deputy survived the attack thanks to his furry friend, Lucas, a black Belgian Malinois. When Frazier needed him most, he came through.

That fateful night, Frazier was investigating a lone male sitting in his car near a rest stop, according to The Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

When he approached the vehicle, he was ambushed by two other men. It devolved to three against one very quickly — not odds anyone wants to play.

“I had three people on me and I’m not a very big man, and they basically whipped my butt,” Frazier told the newspaper.

The attackers reportedly told Frazier that they were going to kill him, and started dragging him off in the direction of the woods.

Frazier was able to get one hand free, but he didn’t reach for any of his defensive tools. He went right for his friend.

“I had a button on my belt that I wear, and when I hit the button Lucas jumped out of the car and attacked all three of them and they ran away,” Frazier said. “That’s why he’s my hero.”

Apparently, three-to-one odds don’t apply when you’re a hero police dog.

The face of a police dog German Shepherd. Not a face you ever want to see.
I know my German Shepherd would eat someone alive if anyone tried to attack me. Good doggie!




Dog Humor

If you have a dog, you already know he is your best, most loyal friend and sometimes make you laugh out loud.  I love dogs and never want to be without one ever.












This is one of my favorites since it shows how much room I have after Merlin gets in bed with me. In fact, he usually beats me to the bed once I say “we’re going to bed”.

dogYes let’s all smile and be happy for the day. After all we woke up on the right side of the dirt this morning. So let’s make the most of it! And no I don’t want to think about or talk about politics today!



















dog-4 dog-5 dog-6 dog-7 dog-8 dog-13 dog-15 dog-16 dog-18 dog dogsilov doxie


God and Dogs


Another Respite, Animal Fun

Horses from Dan

dog and toilet paper

dog on pole

dog and pig

dog and kid

dogs hiding

dog and baby

cats for food

Cat with Hat

cat on puzzle

cat and furniture

cat and dog

bear picnic

I hope these gave you a bit of a smile.  Smiles and laughter needed.  At least for me.

Hat tip to Dan G. for the pics.


Respite Day – Animal Fun

OK, I’ve had enough of this week’s news and it’s now time for a respite. I hope you enjoy.

what is the pw

two loving cats

two baby elepant friends

tired pup in his bowl

the cat gets to poop in the house

sitting pads for animals

puppy anger mgmt

people don't land on feet

panicked dog

mother dog giving story to pups

Hugging elephant

dogs we want it

dog love

dog and baby asleep

cats in a box

cat with stuffed lamb

cat wanting catnip

cat on dog's head

cat on dog 2

Cat getting out of bed

cat bad look

Big ears dog


How About a Smile Today

Do you need a smile or a laugh?  I know I do with all the bad news every day. I need relief from it all because sometimes my head starts to hurt so bad. My eyes hurt from reading so much bad stuff.  My heart sinks so I need a laugh.

Hope you enjoy.

Dog Smile 2 Dog Smile 3 Dog Smile 4 Dog Smile 5 Dog Smile 6 Dog Smile 7 Dog Smile 8 Dog Smile 9 Dog Smile 10 Dog Smile 11 Dog Smile 12 Dog Smile 13 Dog Smile 14

Y’all from the city dog is my personal favorite.  City folks don’t get it why we live in the country.  People tell me it’s too boring, too quiet. Well I’m here to tell y’all that it’s not boring, it’s not always quiet, and if you love nature there are plenty of noises and animals to observe.  I don’t find it boring.  I actually like the sounds of the coyotes and the eerie sound of screech owls at night.

Since there are no lights here I can see stars I never even dreamed of seeing. I can see whole galaxies. It’s a wonderland of light on a dark night

It’s beautiful to see the Amish go up and down the road in their magnificent horses.  I like the laughing and smiles of the Amish kids coming home from school riding in their buggies with their own little horses.

Wild flowers abound in their seasons.  There are always new ones I find.

Farmers are out with their equipment churning manure into the ground, planting their crops, hanging their tobacco, feeding the cows.  Up and down my road horses, cows and sheep keep the grass cut for the Amish.

I get to see swallows in their artful nests raise their babies and see the little peeps take flight.  A whole flock of swallows fly with them on their first flight making sure they do not fall to the ground.  They fly with joy celebrating the peep’s graduation.

On hikes I may see a deer suddenly jump from its’ nesting site in tall brush.  I find tracks of all kinds of animals, mountain lions, bears, hares, racoons, deer.

I like the smell of the earth. I like the many different trees when they bloom, bear nuts, fruit, and the shade they provide.

I like the privacy of having no neighbors close to me who can see me run out with Merlin outside to potty him in my pajamas or old beat up clothes. I like I don’t have to dress up for the neighbors. Everyone dresses in old work clothes and hats.

Yeah, it’s quieter out here than towns or cities, but that is good to me.  What is so wonderful hearing semis loudly shift down the roads, motorcycles making the most noise they can, the heat blasting up from concrete roads and buildings with no shade to be had in the summer.

I’d rather sit on my porches feeling the cool summer breeze on most days and play ball with Merlin who can run where he wants.

Yep, it’s quiet and peaceful here in the country, but it’s a relief to be able to reflect, having your deepest thoughts uninterrupted, by all those “unnatural sounds”. 

Dogs At The Office by Peppermint

Upper mgt right hand dogSysadmin dogThe girl from the other dept dogNew girl dogNew Girl in Department

janitor dog 2

Secutry guard dog

5 oclock dogs

Company event dogs

After the comp event dog

Friday night dogsSat morning dog

Sick leave dog

faking sick leave doglay off notice dogAt home after work dog

dogs can smell a good person a mile away!
And you are all good people who love animals! Thanks to all my blog friends. You are the best!

Hap tip to Dan G for sending the pics.  Thanks Dan!

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