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2018 KMEA Kentucky All-State National Anthem


An Art Masterpiece In A Tree Trunk

To step away from the political news for just a bit, this following story is one of a great artist, just for fun and your pleasure.

When you first look at this tree trunk it looks like nothing more than a rotten trunk. But, at closer inspection there is much more than you may think.

Giant tree trunk 1OK, so right here it doesn’t look like anything, but wait there is more than meets the eye.

Giant tree trunk 2

Giant tree trunk 3

Giant tree trunk 4

Giant tree trunk 6

Giant tree trunk 5

Just look at all those carvings inside the trunk! Whoever did this is one heck of an artist.

This trunk has been recognized as the longest wood carving by the Guinness Book of World Records.

This carving has over 550 people not to mention the foliage and buildings.

It’s a replica of the famous Chinese paining, “Along the River During the Quinming Festival”, created by the artist Zhang Zeduan during the Song Dynasty.

This artwork was created by Zeng Chunhui and took 4 years to complete.



H/T to Lorraine and Bill

What Makes a Good Friend

We often hear people ask “why am I hare” or “what purpose is my life”.

I want to talk about what makes us a good friend today.

My list is like this:

  • Friends share some of the same interests and/or hobbies.
  • They are willing to actually listen to you and you return that favor. It’s not a one way street.
  • Friends are capable of being empathetic with you. This does not mean pity, but the ability to put themselves in your shoes and understand your emotions.
  • Friends accept one another for who they are.
  • You cannot control another person and how they feel about something, so friends never try to control you.
  • If you are making an attempt to try something different, friends don’t try to tell you what to do even if they think it’s stupid. Unless of course it would be something criminal.
  • Friends don’t care how you look. They accept your flaws
  • When bad things happen to you your friends don’t disappear out of your life but stick with you.
  • Friends don’t criticize you behind your back.
  • Friends may disagree with one another, but remain friends even if it is a hot button issue.
  • Friends respect you and hold you in esteem.
  • Friends don’t criticize you and make you feel bad about yourself.
  • Friends allow you to maintain your dignity.
  • Friends are kind to you
  • Friends, good ones, uplift you with their love and prayers

Readers of this list may have more input on what makes a good friend. Please feel free to add to the list if you want.

We don’t have many good friends in this life. In fact you are very blessed if you one good friend, and blessed even more if you have more than one.

It is important in our lives to remove the people in our lives who are toxic to us. These people just drag us down and drain us. None of us needs that.

God bless to all my friends. I appreciate you.

Good day 19





Christmas card10

Silent night, Holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin, mother and child
Holy infant, tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace,
Sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night, Holy night
Son of God, love’s pure light
Radiant beams from thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace,
Jesus, Lord at thy birth
Jesus, Lord at thy birth.

Silent night, Holy night
Shepherds quake, at the sight
Glories stream from heaven above
Heavenly, hosts sing Hallelujah.
Christ the Savior is born,
Christ the Savior is born.

Merry Christmas to everyone who comes to this blog and all my followers. I have not been posting due to illness, still broken foot, and just feeling burned out. So I am taking a short break.
I will be back at some point.  I wish you all a blessed Christmas with love.
Merlin and Zima wish you greetings too.
Merlin 1

Yesterday I Got a Wonderful Blessing

Yesterday I received a call from my Daughter in law, Peggy.  I am going there soon to spend a week with them and my Grand children, Anna and John. I am so excited to see them all and this is like a little vacation for me and Merlin.

He gets to go too because he and their two dogs, Sarah and Bailey, love to play together and have a blast.

Anyway, I thought Peggy was calling about this upcoming visit and she told me she had a question she needed to ask me.

What came next put me into shock and I could barely speak.

Peggy asked me if I wanted a different vehicle.  Her husband, Chris’s Mother was going to trade in her car and get a new one.  But, Peggy and Chris wanted to know if I wanted the car before the trade in. They would pay for the car for me.

My jaw dropped. 

Here is the car and the description.

1999 Buick Century
Light blue interior
Oil changed today
Front tires good. Back tires fair
Air conditioning works we think
Power windows and locks

Buick from Peggy and ChrisChris’s Mother has been the only owner and she kept the car up nice.

All I could do is keep thanking Peggy and Chris for this unexpected gift. I was overwhelmed continuing to be almost speechless and what was coming out of mouth was gibberish. 

The thought of using less gas, not burning up in my black jeep with no air conditioning  and freezing in the winter with no heat in it was unbelievable to me.

While I am there they will help me get the car titled in my name and license plates since it is not much of a drive to get to Northern KY, right across the Ohio river so I can drive it home.

And with this car I can come up to my daughter in law’s house without her having to come down to get me and take me back home.  I can go visit my brother and spend holidays with them.  I can also visit much missed good friends in Ohio.

After we got off the phone, I was shaking all over. Why I don’t know but shake I did. It was time to feed Merlin and I was all butter fingers. I dropped his kibble all over the floor out of the bowl. Then when I added food out of a can for him, I dropped that too and that splattered everywhere.  Needless to say I had a lot to clean up off my kitchen floor.

Dave tells me it’s a blessing from God.  I can even go visit him now since he is only about 70 miles from me in Lexington.

I don’t know yet what I’ll do with the jeep. I think I’ll keep it for the time being  since it has 4-W drive. I have become attached to that bucking bronco. 

As Scarlett said to Rhett in Gone With the Wind:  “I can’t think about that now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Another Respite, Animal Fun

Horses from Dan

dog and toilet paper

dog on pole

dog and pig

dog and kid

dogs hiding

dog and baby

cats for food

Cat with Hat

cat on puzzle

cat and furniture

cat and dog

bear picnic

I hope these gave you a bit of a smile.  Smiles and laughter needed.  At least for me.

Hat tip to Dan G. for the pics.


Respite Day – Animal Fun

OK, I’ve had enough of this week’s news and it’s now time for a respite. I hope you enjoy.

what is the pw

two loving cats

two baby elepant friends

tired pup in his bowl

the cat gets to poop in the house

sitting pads for animals

puppy anger mgmt

people don't land on feet

panicked dog

mother dog giving story to pups

Hugging elephant

dogs we want it

dog love

dog and baby asleep

cats in a box

cat with stuffed lamb

cat wanting catnip

cat on dog's head

cat on dog 2

Cat getting out of bed

cat bad look

Big ears dog


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