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Being on a farm in Eastern Kentucky has been a very exciting experience believe it or not. I’m surrounded by beauty through every one ofย  my windows. I’m not far from the Appalachians, about a 10 minute drive and I can see them from my back windows.

Being in the boonies where there are no lights is another great experience as I can see so many stars I never saw before. It is peaceful, rural, rustic, and beautiful to live here.

With the help of my companions, my German Shepherd, Merlin, and my cat, Zima, I’m never alone. My Merlin is my loving, loyal and very protective watch dog. Zima, my cat, thinks she’s a princess. What more can I say? ๐Ÿ™‚

I used to blog on Townhall, but came here after I got tired of all the censorship and the columnists were way behind when it came to identifying all the political mayhem that is now going on in our country.

Loyal readersย  come back here and new readers add to the mix. I have found many new friends on WordPress. com.

I mostly write about politics being a political junkie, but I also try to use humor and my love for animals in my articles.

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  1. My friend Pepp,

    I had a ball reading this! I think this might be your best work I’ve read. I really got a kick outta you all getting use to Southern direction givers!LMAO!! At least, no one told you to turn where Billy Bobs house USE to be before it burnt down and now that area is completely covered by grass…and yes…those type of directions have been given to lost folk’s in the past. I bet the Hawk had a real good time getting use to the enormous amount of pollen in KY seeing how he came from the far west land “Den of Inequity LA.” How many nose spray’s did the Hawk need the first few years breathing in this fine pollen count KY offers??

    This was delightful to read and I’m very glad you sat down and wrote it!

    Your buddy,

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    • Thanks, Dave. Glad you enjoyed our little story.
      Yes, the road instructions down here defies anyone to find anything.
      It took us 2 hours to find the Ace Hardware store with 6 people giving us 6 different instructions.
      We finally found it when we happened to stop at a place that was right across the street from the place. Talk about embarrassing.


  2. Pepp:

    Congratulations on a great blog. Thanks to Gunny, I have found your blog. I added it to my blog roll on my more modest blog. Keep up the great work.

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  3. cromwellswar said:

    Hello from an Englishman. I have a small farm and live in our boonies. I loved your story, you write well. The description of KY fits my mental image. I found you by accident, frankly I am glad I did. You both sound grand folk.

    God bless you in all your endeavours.


    • Hi cromwellswar,

      Thank you for coming to my blog. I am glad you enjoyed the story of our new home since 5 years ago in Kentucky.
      So you have a small farm and live in the boonies too. How nice.

      When you come back tell us more about your life on a farm in England. I would love to hear about it. I visited England one time, a job related trip, and spent a lot of time in London. I fell in love with England.

      Tell me how many acres you have and what do you raise. We’ve really gotten into the farm life here and enjoy it greatly although we rent from the owner of the farm, we are still very curious as to all the things our landlord has to do on his farm. It’s a lot of work and there are no days off from the work. You have to love being a farmer to do it.

      We love the quiet and solitude here. It’s very peaceful and we now hate big cities. We do not like to have to go to them any longer, but have to on some occasions.

      I’m so glad you found us even if it were by accident. I love having new readers and people who comment. I’m very flattered you found our blog interesting. I hope to hear more from you as time goes by.

      God bless you too.


  4. cromwellswar said:

    Thanks for the welcome Pepperhawk. Well, briefly. After infantry, firefighting and a spell in adult psychiatry ( not a patient! ) I came back to my roots. We are semi retired so rent off a large chunk of land. We have what cousins term a homestead, around three acres, vegetables and raising poultry mainly. We are part of a small group of like minded souls. We look out for each other, we joke about being “electronic Amish”. We prep, rare in England, but the state of the world makes us…..
    My passion is, after working dogs, history. I love my books and study modern geo politics. I write the odd article for publication, in between bouts of woodcutting to feed my wife’s passion for feeding stoves ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think thats it in a nutshell. I did blog, somebody then hacked it, guess they took exception to my views!
    Finally, libertarian, free thinker and do everything I can to undermine Leviathan and its minions. Quite happy in my own skin, and, I agree with you. Cities are abysmal creations of concrete and noise. Dogs do not like cities, I tend to take their views on most things!


    • cromwellswar,

      You are most welcome here.

      So, you were in the infantry, firefighting and in psychiatry. Wow, what a resume you have.

      Your homestead sounds wonderful. Nice amount of land to raise veggies and poultry. Looking out for one’s neighbors is indeed a very good thing to have in a small community. I like how it sounds.

      What is “prep”? I’m not familiar with that term.

      So you write for a publication. That is impressive. What kind of articles do you write for them? I’m always asking questions I know, but I really like to know about people. And when it is somewhere else than the US I like to know how life is. I have a very wonderful friend from Israel and I’ve learned so much from her what it’s like to live in Israel.

      I see we have some common interests. My husband and I love dogs, love reading about Geo-politics. We don’t do woodcutting but we believe we may have to since the rise in electric prices due to Obama’s destruction of our coal companies. We generate a lot of electric from coal, but for whatever reason he wants to break every coal company. Here in Kentucky we live on coal, 90%. We are fearful about how this will effect us. Already he has through the EPA shut down so many coal plants including 7 here in KY. Our electric costs have sky rocketed and we can barely afford it since we are both retired.

      Another thing we have in common is that we are libertarians. I am a died in the wool libertarian. My husband is more of a conservative, very right wing. Obviously we don’t like the person we have in the White House right now. We’re becoming a dependent nanny state and that does not go down well with us. We do not like government intrusion in the least. And that is all we’re getting from this president who we believe is not even a legal one.

      Ha, ha, we tend to do the same thing too, take our choices on what the dogs sense. I’ve been saved I think by my dogs on many occasion. When I lived in suburbia I walked my Corgi, Dakota 3 miles every night. There were a few nights, he would stop dead in his tracks and want to turn back. I followed his instincts. I figured he knew something up ahead was perhaps dangerous. He also stopped a man from coming across the street where we were. He put himself into his fight stance and scared the man away. That was unusual for him to do unless he sensed something wrong. Dakota has been my “friendly” greeting dog. So for him to do what he did that night, there had to be a reason. Dogs sense so much more than we do.

      And my shepherd Merlin is my protector and loyal dog who lets us know when someone comes onto the farm he does not recognize. So we get the warnings which is helpful. Of course if anyone tried to attack me, he would kill them. I am his master. He is a very loving dog within the family unit, and accepts our friends, but not strangers.

      I’m sorry your blog got hacked into. Have you thought of taking it back up or are you finished with it? Well, there are many who take exceptions to my views, but I have the option to throw them off my blog. Mostly, I think our government would take exception to my blog and I expect that they might shut me down and others who write political blogs that are not favorable to this president.


      • cromwellswar said:

        Well, prep! We are habitually storing and building stocks of everything. Food, fuel and a host of other things too numerous to mention. We are not a bunker mentality outfit, we will however survive whatever the world throws at us. It is nice to think our families will not go hungry, no one will be alone or want. Folk think us a little weird, we are open about our Faith and tend to keep ourselves apart. We have learned a lot from cousins and friends in the US. In England we are branded as mild eccentrics.
        I am sorry about your coal, I come from mining stock on one side, the same has happened here. We pay outrageous prices because of green nonsense and the EUSSR. Thats having 300 years worth underground!

        My writing tends to be on current affairs, usually the collapse of the western world! I do not have much published in magazines, however I guest write for online publications and sometimes hit paydirt with a publisher!
        I travel and give talks on English history, usually to historical societies. A friend in NC allows me to use his material and I link English history to American, a fascinating process and the formula seems to be working!

        I like your dog stories, we are isolated and a dog is a necessity. I have always kept Border Collies, not just for shepherding but it really is the only breed for me. My family on mothers side were hill farmers from the north, some still are. I crofted on a small island for four years in Shetland. I wanted to return but my wife put her foot down, it was too isolated for her. As in all situations involving marriage, we compromised! We live in an area called Fenland in the east. It is reclaimed land bordering salt marsh so we are near the sea. Also our family live close, we have a grand child so get roped in for weekly tasks that daughter is “unable” to perform.
        We were lucky to find a very old house, it dates back to around 1750. It has taken over ten years to get it into a kind of order, and a pot of money. Mind you when an easterly is blowing from Russia, snow is on the ground and two chimneys belching smoke it is worth the effort!

        My other interests are wide, I shoot and fish, I fly birds of prey and love archery. Winter is spent welding and renovating old farm machinery. I hate waste!

        I hope to read more of your written work, it seems interesting. The internet and I are not easy bedfellows. However it is a reformation that is taking place, and it is good to feel part of it. The blog? Well I am not sure, to have some lunatic take down months of work was very disheartening. The jury is still out on that one. I am dependant on daughter geek to sort things out for me computer wise. She manages some words I did not know she knew at times. Something about technophobe dads that hits the button is there not?

        I am glad to have found a fellow libertarian. My wife is also very right wing, a die hard tory. We avoid political discussion, although I see a slight shift in her recently. She has taken to reading Activist Post rather than MSM. My dear dad used to say “there is more that one way to skin a cat”!

        I look forward to getting to know you better. The internet is a grand way to support each other in these dark times. Fresh ideas and new thinking is what is needed. I will not comment on your DC incumbent. Or any western government, apart from they are all corporate and central banking toadies. Truth is an unknown word to them.
        Guess I gave them some material to think about there, well thats if they could think ๐Ÿ™‚


        • Cromwellswar,

          You are very smart to stock up on food, fuel, and any other things necessary to one’s life. Many people are doing that here now too. So you don’t seem eccentric to me at all. We have old milk bottles saved up to store water for the coming collapse. It looks like it is possible as time goes by. We are going to have taxmageddon on Jan. 1 if our Congress and the Usurper in Chief do not fix this before the 2013, Jan.

          Unfortunately we have not stocked up on food. We have very limited funds and tons of medical bills that prevent us from buying the food items we need. My husband, however, is adept at hunting and dressing out deer and other animals for food. He was in Special Forces in the Korean war so he is a marksman in shooting. He has shot geese and wild turkeys out of the air for food. We have not touched the deer as yet, but everyone here in KY hunts deer to eat. There are a lot of poor families in Kentucky. They must hunt to eat. So we are very afraid of this UN Arms Treaty because then the attempt will be made to take our hunting rifles away and our hand guns. People are literally up in arms about that due to our 2nd Amendment rights which almost all Americans hold as sacred.

          The green nonsense drives us crazy. This climate change is nothing more than a hoax to collect taxes and screw people.

          I see you are having trouble too with fuel prices. I figured that was the case.

          Oh I bet the history from English to American society is very interesting. Until now, under this president, anybody could achieve the American dream. But, things are really bad now. Nothing has been this bad since the Great Depression and people are losing their money and their dreams. It is almost impossible to open a business right now under the rules and regs under this King we have.

          I can imagine your reluctance to restart you blog after having your work taken down. How disheartening to say the least. Your daughter sounds cool. She must be a geek. That was my former life while working, a geek, working on all kinds of IT areas.
          I managed 11 servers and over 800 computers at an airline. It was exciting but extremely stressful. But, at least I can fix most
          problems that arise, but not hacking.

          I’m glad you will be interested in my upcoming articles. I have 3 new ones up right now. But, of course if you don’t wish to comment on our “leader” I do understand your reluctance.

          My husband is right wing, but he has many libertarian leanings and since we got together 5 years ago, he has become more libertarian as I speak about what it means. Libertarianism is more in line with what our Founding Fathers imagined for our country to be, not this colossal federal government we have now. As I said before our government is in every area of our lives and we both hate it. So we don’t have much to argue about with politics. We are pretty like minded in that arena.

          Yes, the Internet is a good place to get to know people. I’ve gotten to know people from all over. It’s a cool way to connect with other countries’ people and find out what is going on there from the actual people, not the media who lie a lot or from the governments who don’t think as you say. They think all right, but they are thinking and doing the wrong things that are not good for us. Corporate cronyism is rampant now in America. Another bane to free enterprise. You are right about most governments.

          I wish for the time when we felt free, were free. We are not any longer. Those of us who have lived longer remember the freedom we used to have and see it falling away from us. We feel afraid a lot. I think that at any time the government will take down my blog. But, I figure I’ll keep writing until they do so.


          • cromwellswar said:

            That is touching and sad. I feel, well, humbled by what you have written. I suppose having led the life I have, having like your husband seen war. Nothing frightens me, I am frightened for my family though. However, I and many others will not back down. When you compromise your core principles, well you are lost.

            I have faith, strong immovable certainty. I also have a belief that these people are in a blind panic. The internet has awoken millions to their skullduggery, lies and deceit. Notice the rush to start WW3. The game is up.
            Heck when I watch Russian news to get an alternative view, well I know how low my trust in “them” has sunk.

            Times are hard here, we are the most taxed people on the planet. We went around that, we barter and share labour. We only pay when we have no choice, we do nothing illegal. Paying $13 a gallon for diesel hurts us. We are even considering using horses and traps.

            Do not despair lass, keep writing for you do it well. Afore they close you down they will have to shut the whole thing down. It has got that big.

            If you study history, the last Reformation took around a hundred years. The Vatican tried to stop Luther and failed. English Lollards were trying to implement change from 1300 onwards. Then it took Cromwell to kill an autocrat and found a republic. That short lived entity lasted a short time. John Locke’s ideas lead to Jefferson and others founding the greatest idea ever.

            I suppose I am saying, like I often do. What can they do to us? We are legion and worldwide.

            Thus I say, do not be disheartened. Many share your fears, your ideals and your aspirations. “They” will not win. We will not let them.


          • cromwellwars,

            Thank you for your inspiring words. I think many people are afraid for their families. My husband and I are older folks so we won’t be around for what may take place eventually. We have decided one thing however, we are not going out without a fight.

            If this globalist government led by a Fraud is going to turn us into a Marxist place, that means many will be marched off to internment camps for FEMA camps which they are supplying right now with lots of MREs and ammo. So what is the ammo and guns for we ask? We believe it is to shoot us down.

            My husband says he will not tolerate being taken to a gulag. So we plan on shooting when Obama’s private army arrives to disarm us. We will not give up our guns. That is why the 2nd Amendment was put into place so that we would never have to suffer an oppressive government ever again. Many Americans are saying that “out of their dead cold hands” will their guns be taken away. Our 2nd Amendment is sacred to most Americans.

            The Obama administration is going to sign that UN Treaty Arms control on Friday. We don’t know what to think about it. The Senate has to ratify any treaty. But Obama uses executive orders a lot to end run the legislative branch. The American people will not tolerate it. We are the most armed country in the world and gun sales have been massive ever since Obama got into office. People seem to know what is coming. Then there are the Obama supporters who go along with everything he does. Our media covers for him constantly.

            But you are right, the Internet has broken the spell of the lame stream media and more information is available to us than ever before.

            I too think these people are in a panic and are trying desperately to get their policies through before out election in November. Obama may lose. He is not helping himself by a lot of was he is saying as he stumps across the country constantly campaigning.

            People of faith, including us, are praying to God constantly to deliver us from this evil going on in our country.

            Yes, I know you guys are taxed to death. It is very wise to trade and barter among yourselves. That is what the Amish do here and they are not dependent on our system. I also have thought about getting a buggy and horses to get us around as the fuel prices rise. But ours are not half as bad as yours as yet. Obama wants our gas prices
            to match Europe’s. He literally shut down any use of our resources except what was in place already. But even with that he has shut down our oil rigs, shutting down our coal plants and the fracking for natural gas which will begin
            soon has a target on its’ back already by the EPA; He wants us to have no resources. These belong to us, the
            people not him. It astonishes us that one man has so much power. That is not how are government is supposed to work. We don’t understand how he keeps getting away with what he has.

            I hope you are right and we fight and win. A lot of us are hoping and praying the American people will rise up
            eventually against this tyranny. If we don’t we are done. Thank you for giving me hope.


  5. Hi Pat
    I enjoy Merlin and Dakota Hey LOL did you forget my name? ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Susie,

      What did I do? Did I address you somewhere in a different name? I apologize Susie for that. My brain is frying these days.
      Let me know where I did that. Thanks for telling me.


      • No you just said that Lucie and gave her other names visit with a friend. I’m not angry I was just joking.


        • Susie,

          I apologize for that, but I am so glad you are not angry with me. Both the Hawk and I think of you with fondness and we think you are a very sweet and warm person. As I said before we loved having you here with us.


  6. Thank you
    I also feel the same way about you and the Hawk blessing send to you


  7. Thanks


  8. AlyssaSue Habor- am one of your friends on Facebook. :) said:

    Ann-Marie Murrell is the national director of this, and they are looking to expand. Here is a way for our lady conservatives to espouse their conservative opinions and promote their groups in a national forum.


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  9. I’ll right away grab your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you’ve any?
    Kindly allow me recognise so that I could subscribe.

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  10. Pepp – I don’t know how I missed it, but I never before read your “About” story. For some reason, this evening I did.

    It certainly does flesh out the mental image that I have of you and Gos and I must say that I like you guys even more after hearing of your love story and challenges finding you way to your home! In many ways, I envy your more back-to-nature living, if moving wasn’t such a monumental pain, I might consider it, but (alas) being wifeless and so close to my grandkids, that’s not gonna happen. You two sound like genuine, real salt-of-the-earth people, the kind who help to make the U.S. what is WAS, in better times.

    I also enjoyed your conversation with the English guy. I spent 3 months there, right outside of Oxford on an airbase when I was in the USAF and made a couple of trips into London. Enjoyed it all EXCEPT the food. It’s really neat being in a country which has history going back so far and still be able to see some of those historical places.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you and Gos how much I admire what you guys do (I’ve also done some amateur painting, sold ONE piece for $1 just so I could say that I sold one!) and do appreciate your political perspectives, which closely parallel my own.

    Best to you both,


    • Garnet,

      Thank you so much for reading about us. I’m so glad you enjoyed it too. Yes, we are the salt all right. Both of us like living as far out as we can away from those maddening crowds and cities. I don’t know how I spent 18 years (single) in a condo. I never dreamed I’d be living on one of my friend’s farms, but here we are! Before married to my ex we also lived outside the city, but not like this although we had no one near us and tons of privacy.

      I can understand your reluctance to move away from your grand children as I hate being 2 hours away from them. I don’t get to see them like I did when I lived in Westchester OH, which was only a 30 minute drive from them in a suburb of Cinti. I was over their house at least 3x a week baby sitting. With Anastasia, the first, she and I became so bonded, she never wanted to sit on anyone’s lap but mine. She adored me and I her. She was the love of my life. Then the 2nd one came, John and I found it difficult to adjust to having two of them. It was complicated for me, as dumb as that might sound, because I only had one child, Jeff, and didn’t quite know how to share my love with the both of them. And Anna would get so jealous of any attention I paid to John. But, I got over that and learned how to share the love. LOL!

      Well Garnet, I’m glad we came up to your image of what you thought of us. I think very highly of you too. I’m sorry you are wifeless, but you never know about love coming around the corner when you least expect it. Ron was 70 and I was 61 when we got together. Both of us thought we’d never meet anyone again. But, we did. And we are very happy we have one another in the winter of our lives.

      It is a massive undertaking to move. I sure agree with you on that one. And both of us moving to a different state. Poor Ron coming all the way from California dragging a trailer behind him for over 2000 miles. It was a rough trip for him and his shepherds at the time.
      So I sure do understand why you would not want to go through all of that. It exhausted us and Ron was so depleted from that trip due to the heat being gawd awful that summer.

      I admire you too, Garnet. I see we are closely aligned politically and you are so masterful with your stories. I don’t know how you pull all of that out of your head and make it hilarious. I so love reading them.

      Well congratulations for selling a painting if only for a $1. Hey, that’s a start! Ron has been painting since he was a kid. He is self taught and his talent is indigenous. His paintings were sought after when he lived in the Southwest. He never had to try to sell his paintings. He got commissions to paint by word of mouth. He did really well here with the painting he sold, but he doesn’t feel well so much these days so he has slowed way down on his painting. Our doctor wants 2 more of his, whatever they are. He doesn’t care because he loves Ron’s work and has offered Ron his whole building to hang his paintings up for sale. Such a wonderful offer and we are so grateful to him about it. But, so far Ron has been in so much pain with his back and never feels good anymore.

      Yes, I so agree that London is fabulously wealthy in historical places to visit. I did not like the food either, so my boss and I went to Italian restaurants, one American one, and a French restaurant where the food was delicious.

      Of all the places we visited I loved the Tower of London the best. I had chills run up my spine standing in the room where William the Conqueror had his round table meetings in 1025, I believe that was the date if my memory serves me correctly. I also so enjoyed seeing the crowned jewels and was speechless after seeing so much gold and jewels. Wow is all i could muster. I so agree with you about being in a country that has so much history going back centuries. It was a thrill for me, a history lover that I am.

      I’m glad you enjoyed your time in England too. Being there serving in the AF you must have seen much more than I did in only a week of being there. I also loved Covent Garden and the flea markets. And the Irish coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Like you Garnet, I admire you too for just who you are and your wonderful masterpieces of satire. I think if we lived near one another, you, Ron and I would be very good friends. I also think we share the same philosophy of life in how we deal with other people like the positive feedback we talked about on your blog. My image of you is also that you are one of the salt of the earth, one who loves this country and would do anything to get it back. I really like you too very much. And thanks for coming by and reading my little story.


      • I concur, I’m certain that we would be friends. It’s unfortunate that we can’t get more penetration into those who haven’t yet awakened to what’s going on in the country. For the most part, we are “singing to the choir.” Our friends, those who regularily read and comment on our blogs as well as those who write their own blogs that we regularily visit – we’re all a big family of like-minded individuals who are deeply disturbed by what Obama and his minions are doing to this wonderful country. I see our “family” as being intelligent, well read, concerned and muture individuals who have lived through better times than we’re experiencing now and know that we can do better. We’ve just got to somehow wake up the low-information voters in this country to rise up and take the Senate in ’14 and the Presidency in ’16. I hope and pray that will happen.


        • Davetherave said:

          Hey garnet, I know Pepp very well and she surely is the salt of the earth. They don’t come any better than Pepp! I also enjoy your comments. It’s obvious you are a very intelligent man and a true patriot. I pray God blesses you and your loved ones for all time and I look forward to seeing more of your comments on Pepp’s blog. Be well….Dave


          • Thanks Dave, I’ve enjoyed your comments here as well. You’ve got to visit me at Pesky Truth (my blog) too. I’ve seen the Davetherave handle before here, but can’t associate your handle with a blog. Do you have one, and if so, give me a link and I’ll visit. At the least, we can both continue to offer our two cents worth here at Pepperhawk Farm!


          • Garnet,

            In case Dave does not see your answer, he writes articles for my blog. I will send him the link to yours so he can enjoy your satire masterpieces. I’m sure he’d love them.


        • Garnet,

          I don’t think we are getting to the 90% who pay no attention to politics, but want to be entertained instead. Back in the day of only ‘network” news, everyone was captured audience becuase there were no other choices. With the blooming and building of cable stations of all the shows they offer people much prefer to watch that.

          In a way it’s understandable, people with families who both work outside the home, come home, have children to raise, to help them with school work, etc, have to get dinner on the table, and probably don’t get a chance to even sit down until maybe 9 or 10pm, don’t want to be bothered by the news. They already have a rough enough time trying to make ends meet and all the stress they go through on a daily basis want something entertaining to watch before they haul their weary bodies off to bed.

          On the other hand, they are going to be in for a huge shock when things boil over here and a war starts.


  11. What a delightful story, I am so jealous of where you live.


    • Phoebe,

      Thx, I’m glad you enjoyed the story. A lot of people would like to live so remote as we do especially with what is going on in our country right now. We so enjoy the rustic, remote life here. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Funny, all my life I wanted to live on a farm and then this opportunity presented itself and Gos and I jumped at it. The house is really old, but we don’t care. We are here for the solitude and beauty.


  12. My lovely wife Phoebe recommended your site to me. I like the style of your writing. As someone who grew up in SoCal, I can relate to the Southern directions thing. We moved to Western North Carolina between my junior and senior year of high school in the summer of 1975. As kids, we used to go camping a lot in the Mojave Desert, as well as the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

    Direction s consisted of …”Wal, ya go over thet ridge thar fer a couple of mile, then hang a right at the big Oak, then go on a piece til ya git to the ol’ Buford place, hang a left and purty soon, y’all will be thar.” And don’t ask what the road mane is…they’d look at you like you were an idiot.

    Will add y’all to my blog roll. By the way, having lived in the South for forty years now, I’m considered a native now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • thatmrgguy,

      I most certainly will add you too to my blog roll.

      I’m glad Phoebe recommended you to my site. I hope you enjoy some of the articles.

      I bet you were so glad to get to N.Carolina. That is one of my favorite states to visit. There are so many things to enjoy there from the mountains to the sea. I’ve been to the Outer Banks about 3x now and I so love it. I always have gone after Labor Day when the crowds are gone. In fact visiting the Outer Banks was one of my best vacations ever besides visiting London via my job that sent me there.

      Your descriptions of directions there are so like ours. You do get the hang of it after awhile. Here is KY you can’t follow the route signs because they go into all different directions. It soon dawned on us why the directions never contained a street name or route. Now we do the same. Our family thought we were nuts until they got down here and found out how far back off the main road we are.

      We’ve been accepted too in this tiny rural area where every body knows everyone. So that was a big deal because people in these tight communities don’t take to strangers real well. I guess we won them over. ๐Ÿ˜€


  13. Great blog site. I stumbled across it looking for Maureen Scott’s piece about the soon to be new world order leader Ovomit. Loved your story on where life has taken you. After retirement, we have move to a small farm town, also among the Amish. It is great, no freeways, shopping centers and more churches than pizza shops which is refreshing. Keep up the great blog.

    Living by what we get. We make a Life by what we give.

    God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”


    • Hi Walt,

      Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you liked my story and to hear you live in similar conditions is amazing. It is so nice to not have a bunch of traffic, no shopping centers, lots of churches and the feeling of peacefulness from living on a farm. We have only 1 pizza shop in town, a couple of dollar stores and grocery stores and that’s about it. If we see 4 cars waiting on a stop sign that is a “traffic jam” here. LOL!

      I realize growing older is mandatory and God has been with us throughout every situation we’ve gone through. If He was not there we wouldn’t have made it.

      Yes, giving is extremely important and i try to give what I can to others in need emotionally and be supportive. It really helps me and those I’ve helped. That is how I live my life.

      Thank you so much for coming on and commenting and I hope you continue to come to my blog.


  14. What an interesting “About” ~! My extremely belated condolences on Dakota’s passing. IF I may, a tale (Tail?) of my own,,,
    I’d had a stroke, and was on the path of healing when I met my Lady. She had a dog, named Gordon. Now, Gordon had quite a reputation around our area as a Man-hater, and he was all of that~! When i came down to her place from “The Big Town”, I had to stay at her mother’s place, also on the “Ranch”. I’d do small things around the property, and Gordon would bark ferociously through the patio doors. I’d talk with him, as he was truly, a beautiful Golden Wolf. Pretty soon, it was a bark of “greeting”.
    I told My Lady I’d like to meet him, and she was terrified of my doing so, because he’d taken after other men of her acquaintance, whom she was socially allied with, including her martial arts instructor~!
    Finally, Gordon’s bark became more of a whiny, “Why don’t you come see me???”, kind of thing.
    One night, M’Lady put him in the back of the Station Wagon, and I got in the front seat, unknown to him. She got in the driver’s side, and closed the door. ( There was no dog screen in the back, by the way )
    She said something, and I answered her. That’s all it took. He was over the seat like shot out of a cannon. He attacked me, all right,,, Licking and whining and going pure-D NUTS~! I opened the door and got out, and he came over the back seat, just ecstatic and trying his level best to meld into me.
    He was at that time, about 8 years old. And I became the proud “slave” of a First Class Chow / German Shepherd Mix, with a purebred heart.
    As he and I grew to trust each other, I’d give him treats, first from my hand, then holding between my lips. I started with the larger milk bones, and finally, the treats for small dogs, about two inches long (if that~!) He was always very careful, and very obedient. He waited until I hand motioned him it was okay for him to take it.

    We had to put him to sleep in early February, this year. He “lost his caboose”, and could no longer walk. The final day was an immediate drop off. And he knew himself, it was time to go. He was rambunctious in the morning,,, at noon, there was nothing. At two, he was across the Rainbow Bridge. He was a Rescue,,, but I often wonder, who rescued who???
    ~ ~ G F ~ ~


    • Grouchy,

      Well thank you very much for reading our story. And thank you for your condolences about Dakota. I still miss him, he was such a cute little dog. He had a big heart and thought he was a very big dog so he feared nothing. He was my protector before Merlin. By the way, Hawk had two German shepherds when he came here who were trained attack dogs. Nobody could get near them at all. But when the Hawk brought them here I had them eating out my hand very quickly. Hawk was in a state of shock over that.

      Let me give you my condolences for your Lady’s dog who you made friends with and obviously loved a lot. It’s so hard losing our pets. They are like our children and when we lose them, it’s hard to take. We both cried a lot over Foxy’s death and Shadow’s. Then when Dakota died it broke my heart since he had been my loyal dog for over 13 years.

      Since you were the only guy that your golden wolf accepted, then I’d say he sensed the goodness in you as did Foxy and Shadow with me. Most dogs like me.

      That’s a cute story about your feeding him with your feeding him treats from the mouth. And it’s so sad when our beloved pets have to give it up. That’s what Dakota did. One night he just looked at me with the saddest eyes and it ran chills up my spine. I knew then he was telling me he couldn’t make it any longer and the following morning he was in the death throes.

      I believe dogs pick us not the other way around. For example both Dakota and Merlin jumped into my arms and smothered me with kisses. Dakota kept hugging me. I knew then they chose me and I wasn’t going home without them.

      Merlin is a purebred German Shepherd and he is huge. I put my hands and fingers in his mouth all the time. He allows it. He adores me and I’m his master. His head is twice the size of mine and the Hawk saw me one night with my fingers in his mouth and about had a heart attack. He told me Merlin’s head was so much bigger than mine. But, I’m not the least bit afraid of him. I do feel fearful of someone who would try to do something to me, because he’d probably kill that person. He hates the Mexican workers on the farm who come here for part of the year. He has no trust in them whatsoever.

      I’m glad you found your Lady. Sounds good to me. We need partners no matter what age we are, but sometimes we have to wait until God sends us the right person.


  15. Oh, and Grouchy that dog rescued you!


  16. I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award! God bless you Pepper.

    May your new year be filled with the joy you indeed deserve.


    • peppermintfarm said:


      How sweet of you to do that. Thank you for your consideration. Do I deseve such a thing? You have a wonderful New Year too.


  17. please attach the link to part one of Willibeaux’ article Americas destiny- 9 Harbingers, only finding part two!


  18. Pepp, A little off topic I suppose but I notice that you follow Crawfish and Mrs. Al. I’ve communicated with them since the old Townhall.com days, but they seem to have fallen silent. So too has Dr. Pete, not sure if you’ve familiar with Doc, has gone silent. Might you know why?



    • peppermintfarm said:

      Dan, Mrs.Al, I’m sorry to tell you died. I can’t recall exactly when now. I lost track of time. It was a great loss for all of us.

      I think Crawfish is writing now on Nox and Friends. You can look at my blog list for Nox and Friends.

      And I have no idea whatever happened to Dr. Pete.

      I hope that helps. I probably should take down Mrs. Al on my blog list but you know how that is you almost hate to do it.


      • Yes it does. I haven’t been able take her off my blog list as well, I leave her there as kind of a reminder. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ya, it does. I was afraid of that. Which makes me wonder about Doc. He no longer has his blog on WordPress and the email address I have for him is no longer any good. I’ve thought about taking down Mrs/ Al as well, but I just can’t bring myself to so it. I leave it there are a reminder. Thanks for getting back with me on this, appreciate it.



        • peppermintfarm said:

          After you contacted me I took her down on my blog. I thought it was time now. She lost her battle with cancer, bless her soul and she did it with so much dignity. She was a lovely and brave woman.

          I have to say that does not sound good about Dr. Pete, but perhaps he just gave things up as far as blogging and also changed his email address. Or it could be the worst. But I’ve heard nothing on it so for now I’m going to assume he’s alive.

          Nox is pretty good at letting people know these things. But you’re right it’s odd.


  19. AfterShock said:

    Sure Peppermint Pat(ty) — running out of material since Trump was elected right? So ya stage a dramatic life-threatening death-defying daredevil car maneuver (my word processor inserted the word manure upon my misspelling maneuver) in order to tell a riveting story! Well, I’ll give prayers of thanks for the Angels that were watching over you, but don’t try this again! Get well soon! A.S.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. AfterShock said:

    Oh yeah and BTW FTR, I’ve been told over and over again that I’m just not that funny so I’d better add this disclaimer — my last post was actually humor, just in case it wasn’t funny or obvious! But really, do get well soon I’ll add ya to my prayers.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. May I use a few things from your article on “the tree of hope” in my book , called: “In Search of Truth”.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. morninglight1, can you tell me exactly what you want to use. Thank you.


  23. The ceremonial planting of the cedar tree took place on November 22nd 2003. The speech at the ceremony was given by a clergyman: โ€œWe are gathered here today on holy ground. Ground hallowed by its witness to the dust, and death and destruction of September 11th. The ground is sanctified by our presence here as we dedicate this Tree of Hope in witness of the divine within each of us.โ€ โ€œIt replaces a sycamore tree destroyed on September 11th 2001 by the collapsing Towers. Our prayer is that this Ground Zero Tree of Hope will be a sign: a sign of the indomitable nature of human hope. As we walk this hallowed ground, may this Tree be an icon of hope, a symbol.โ€

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, yes one of my guest bloggers did an article on this very thing, the cedar tree at ground zero.

      OK, you can use it although I’m not sure how it fits in. Please quote me though. Otherwise you’d be accused of plagiarism. Just watching out for you. You may not want to use the exact words from the clergy man either.


  24. Thank you! Yes I understand about that. I’ll do my best on it. Do I use your web-sight and name Peppermint to quote you? I did paraphrase it a little but didn’t change what the clergyman said. I really can’t change that if its an exact quote, can I? As far as fitting in with my book In Search of Truth, the book is about my life and how I came out of the New Age Movement and back to Christ. I am likening the speeches in building the nation back after 911 both this one and the tower as being a lot like the building of the tower of Babel. Both are very New Age.


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