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2018 KMEA Kentucky All-State National Anthem


Comments on: "OUR LOVE OF AMERICA" (19)



  2. Bob Roller said:

    Lay the fire cracker down before lighting to fuse,Do NOT hold it and engage in conversation.

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  3. What a place and sound. Atrium whatever. Sung the way it should be. Not fast. Happy 4th of July.

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  4. Willibeaux said:

    Beautiful…….Pepp. Thanks. Interesting building. Where is it ?

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  5. Great music, and very well done. Pay no attention to Bob, hold, light, toss. Life is a risk no matter what we do. And you still have another entire hand to use in case anything goes wrong.


  6. Bob Roller said:

    MAYBE you’ll have another hand. On the darker,serious side,one of our long time friends had a grenade go off in his right hand and survived but had to learn left hand living.
    The grenade had a faulty fuse that was assembled by part time sub contactors that left
    a critical component out,the delay device that gives 7 seconds to be rid of the grenade.
    He was in the military and several more defective grenades were found in that case they were shipped in.

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  7. Happy 4th to you, Peppermint. I haven’t forgotten you. Just waiting for each blog post.

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  8. Thanks Jacqui. That’s so sweet of you. I’ve been burned out for quite some time obviously. It’s so nice you remember me. I have not forgotten you either.


  9. What a great video ! I sat through my spell of vertigo and savored every note of it !

    Good to see ya back in the saddle Pepp. Hope you are doing well. Don’t be a stranger now, ya heah !

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    • Hi Terry, good to see you too. I’m glad you liked the video. I love it. I play it at least twice a day to savor the beauty of it done that way.
      Well, maybe I’m back or maybe not. Have to see how things go. I’ve been so burned out on everything lately. More like months. I’ll go your way to see what you’ve got up for the 4th.


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