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As reported by whatdoesitmean.com, On June 1, 2017, a raid took place in a home in the 7200 Block of Jonathon Street in Dearborn, Michigan which is owned by a “shell company,”  turns out it’s actually owned by Huma Abedin’s brother and sister. This shell company is the Journal of Muslim Affairs. Important to note, Huma worked as an Assistant Editor for this company at one time.

Several FBI and DOJ officers left Washington enroute to Dearborn……convoys of cars descended on the home located at 7246 Jonathon Street, assisted by other law enforcement officers from neighboring locals.

During the Clinton campaign last summer, if you recall, we didn’t see Huma Abedin for awhile, she had apparently made a trip to Dearborn, Michigan. A few months before she left to visit her brother, Hassan Abedin’s home in Dearborn, she was interviewed by the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s lost emails. Upon Abedin’s testimony to the FBI, it is reported that a laptop containing an archived copy, along with a thumb drive, were lost in the mail.

Apparently after it was reported that Huma and Anthony Weiner would be getting a divorce shortly after Weiner was convicted in May, the story takes a different turn, they moved back into their home in New York City. Hmm, this begs the question, is Weiner still going to prison?

Only 24 hours after the Weiner’s moved back into their home the Raid in Dearborn took place. It is assumed that when Huma left during Hillary’s campaign last summer, she made that secret trip to Dearborn to hide the archived copies of the missing emails. Events now are falling into place.

As of now, the fake news mainstream media still has not reported what the Raid was in reference to, only stating it was not a terrorism issue, it was a national security issue. This information was conveyed to people that lived around the house in Dearborn. Can you imagine all these Agents pulling into your neighborhood? That would send panic into me, that’s for sure.

According to multiple sources they took one person into custody, took boxes with them. I am wondering if this was some type of spy network they are going after. This could involve many people.

Fox News also reported about this, but not CNN! Lol, guess their to busy keeping it quiet, that tells me it’s something big! In my opinion, it likely involves people they don’t want to tell us about.

After Fox reported this, other new sources are starting to release video, such as channel 7, WXYZ Detroit News! Hope we will hear what other state this is involving other than Michigan. [VIDEO BELOW] Important to note, Joey Lowe said in his comment to me that in the unedited version of the video, there was an NYPD detective at the scene in Dearborn.

As for now, Huma and her husband are cooperating with the FBI and DOJ. I am sure it will take awhile to go through all of those emails. Hope we hear something soon from the MSM, but don’t hold your breath!

To view the video and the full story go here: https://jodyrossel.com/2017/06/03/fbi-raid-huma-abedin-brother-and-sisters-home-june-1-2017/


Will this investigation go anywhere? Call me cynical but I don’t believe it will. The Clintons and their associates are too well protected in the DC swamp.



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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    NYPD Detective shields: #1234- collector’s generic number; #273 and #373- if I recall correctly, were Hollywood numbers. The good news, is that gold shields (detectives), were involved in the investigation originating in NYC, and through multi-agency cooperation, were involved in the raid in Dearborn, Michigan.

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    • Thanks for the reblog. Hmm, interesting info. So some of this was fake? Is that what you mean about the shield numbers? At least the NYC detectives.


      • You’re welcome. The shield numbers by the media are only representative that detectives were involved, as those shields are not “live” shields. There was only one account from New Jersey, where a cop was stopped and identified himself with #1234, as an actual issue. He had to show identification and then, it launched an investigation, but his police agency really issued, the number. Shield are not usually obtainable for collectors, so they are allowed #0000, or #1234. Hollywood series shields, for authenticity, have political pressure applied to get numbers that are removed from the series, stolen, retired, lost, to be used and, those numbers are circulated so if any cop happens to come across anyone with those numbered shields, they get taken into protective custody to be questioned.
        NYC Detectives, remain, the “World’s Greatest Detectives”, and working the investigation from NYC, to the ends of the world, is both typical, and most welcome. I remember having gone to North Carolina on a case, to bring someone back to NYC, and the whole thing was excellent. I was treated most kindly, and like royalty. I have the utmost respect for North Carolina. What we see in this instance in Michigan, also explains Hillary suddenly back on stage, running her mouth to get sympathy, Podesta converting the foundation money into gold, Huma and the Mighty Weiner plotting a deal to sing to avoid prosecution or leniency. It’s all tied together. All the knots are being worked out. Comey could not be trusted, nor Lynch, or Obama. The NYPD, does the Job, and will not back down.

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        • Wow, thanks for all the info. It’s really good to hear that the NYPD will not back down. Maybe there’s hope. I pray it comes to convictions.

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          • Other reality, Weiner could commit suicide by jumping off a rooftop in NYC after shooting himself in the back of the head, twice.
            If things get bad, we will be seeing the return of Feeble Hillary.

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  2. beachmom said:

    Interesting. I wonder if Huma is actually cooperating and if she is doing so to avoid being just another body on the Clinton list?

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  3. Hi beachmom, nice to see you. I wonder. She and Weiner got back together as man and wife so they can’t testify against one another. So it makes me wonder if they are going to cooperate or not.


  4. Hardnox said:

    This is indeed interesting. Good news? Maybe? I’d like to think so given who our POTUS and AG are. The Clintons and their fellow travelers are as slippery as eels though.

    Got rope? 🙂

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    • HN, I wish it were good news. I’d like to see these people go to jail finally, but like you said they are slippery as eels. I think we all have rope just waiting. 😀


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  6. Exactly, will it go anywhere? Or could this be scrambling to bury yet more info. (as cynical as I am, I wonder) Huma and Weiner are cooperating…. I’m lost for words. Maybe in the Orwellian way Hillary was always cooperating. Color me skeptical what comes of it.

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  7. “The Clintons and their associates are too well protected in the DC swamp. ” Indeed, righto. Clintons are the swamp. Obama just leases space there from them.

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  8. Gar Swaffar said:

    The Silicone Billy et al will never see the inside of a cell and probably never see a courtroom either.

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  9. Gar, I agree with you, the Arkancide Hillbilly will never see the inside of jail cell.


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