Wicked Commentary

Voter Registration Forms in Refugee Kits.

By:  Andrew West

Few issues in recent months have been so clearly divided between democrats and republicans as the refugee crises that have crippled the globe.

While Europe continues to cope with an influx of violent and often sexual crimes, occurring proportionally higher in locales whose populations have been affected by massive refugee resettlements, former President Barack Obama foolishly encouraged American cities to openly accept these dangerous immigrants during the last few months of his lame duck term.

Now, with Donald Trump and the republicans working to curb the inflow of possibly nefarious characters during these resettlements, democratic operatives in Nebraska are fighting back with a sneaky plan to bolster their voting numbers.

“The Nebraska Democrat Party is providing voter registration cards to non-citizen migrants arriving in the state.

“Even more shocking, state party members even bragged about the scheme despite its clear criminality.

Read More: http://constitution.com

This should be criminal in my opinion.



Comments on: "Nebraska Dem Party Including…" (11)

  1. Hey Pepp, glad to see ya back on the job !
    These asswipes are absolutely shameless in their corrupt attempts at taking back Our Country.
    Then, this today : the Mass. dem rep. who warned illegals & gang members of upcoming ICE raids. She should be jailed for …a LOT of reasons.


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    • Yeah, these corrupt dems want to make sure they have a new voting block. I’m so sick of them getting away with this kind of stuff.

      I did read about the dem rep who warned illegals about ICE. The people on the left obviously think the law doesn’t apply to them.

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  2. How else are the Criminal Immigrants supposed to make sure they can hire (elect) people who will support the Criminal Hispanic Illegal Program? (CHIP), as opposed to, or in conjunction with the the Criminal Radical Arab Program (CRAP) and the Criminal Radical Islamic Immigrant Entry Program (CRIIEP)

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  3. ANY ILLEGAL ALIEN / IMMIGRANT caught voting needs to have any and all assets confiscated and deported immediately without any possibility of return.

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  4. And bragging about it? How typical. Now that they have completely reversed everything, you register to vote before you become a citizen. In fact, why bother ever becoming a citizen with these miscreants, they want to roll out all the benefits on them anyway?

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    • Yeah bragging about their criminal activities is such a slap in the face to all of us who are citizens. You’re right why become a citizen when you just simply get all of the same benefits as those who are citizens. This makes me sick to my stomach. I’m so tired of all of the criminal activities by the demonrats.


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