Wicked Commentary

Bombshell Leaker

From Tom Madison

It is being reported by multiple sources, none of which are part of the mainstream media, obviously, that the White House leaker who has been passing sensitive information to The Washington Fake News Post, The New York Fake News Times, and other purveyors of fake news in the mainstream media, has been revealed.

Katie Walsh, Deputy White House Chief of Staff, former RNC staffer and notorious Never Trumper, has been exposed as the White House leaker.

I always thought that Reince Priebus was a compromise hire, President Trump appeasing the RNC. Why in the world the new president allowed Walsh in the White House is confounding. Maybe he simply wanted to place his confidence in Priebus and allow him to hire whoever he wanted as deputy. For whatever reason, it is certain now that Walsh was a horrible hire, and Priebus is definitely going to take some heat for this.

The question now is did Walsh pass the information of her own accord, or was she ordered to do it by Priebus, which obviously would make him another bad hire. With so may enemies in his own camp and his own party, our new president, who in my opinion has done a fantastic job thus far, must scrutinize closely the potential Judases working around him.




Comments on: "Bombshell Leaker" (14)

  1. Good news but a deputy? “Judases working around him” is right. But at least by fate or luck they have a habit of being exposed under Trump. So that’s the only good news. Remember we never heard about any leaker in Obama’s regime.

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    • Bull, right, a Judas right in the Trump WH and what does this say for Priebus? And I wonder why Trump allowed her in. He had to know she was a never Trumper. But then again maybe Priebus assured him she changed her mind. This is really serious business.

      No of course not, never one leaker out of the O admin. I think his radicals are too true to him and others I think he had a dossier on just about all of them.


  2. willibeaux said:

    Hmmm……Who reported this? I’m not doubting the story but tend to be a little skeptical anymore of where the source is.

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    • Boe, there is a link at the top from where the article came. It’s by Tom Madison and he also has a video on his site which for some reason i couldn’t post.


  3. Not a swamp once you get used to it. More of a jacuzzi.

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  5. Preibus was given an opportunity. Trump knew he would either sink or swim, to me he sank along with one of his understudies. Now Trump can say, hey RINO potentates, I gave your establishment person a chance, he failed, I paid the price, now let us move forward.

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  6. I was always baffled at the smiley-faced turn around Priebus did for Trump. Maybe his slip is starting to show now.

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