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It’s the headline of every major newspaper and media outlet this morning – there is a power struggle in Washington, D.C. between President Donald Trump and the spies in the CIA and NSA.

Last week, The Horn News first reported that former President Barack Obama loyalists — many hidden within the intelligence community — are doing everything they can to sabotage Trump’s presidency.

It has been called a “shadow war” — and Trump secretly began his retaliation days ago.

While intel officers are deliberately leaking secret anti-Trump intel to the mainstream media, and The Washington Post reported Thursday that top brass at the spy agencies are keeping classified information hidden from Trump, the Trump administration has their own tricks prepared.

Trump has reportedly hired Stephen Feinberg, a highly successful businessman from New York, to lead a broad review of American intelligence agencies.

It is “an effort that members of the intelligence community fear,” The New York Times reported, because Feinberg is not just a political outsider. He’s a professional “Mr. Fix-It” who has made his fortune turning around problem-riddled companies.

The whole time the media’s attention has been glued on Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s resignation, the president’s plan to strike back at the intelligence community has been in motion.

Feinberg’s ability to identify problems, plug holes, and “make things right” in the business world has been the subject of praise all across the private sector.

Now he’s going after the Obama loyalist creeps hiding in the CIA.

Feinberg held discussions with the Trump transition team about “a senior role,” according to a letter to Cerberus investors on Thursday.

“Feinberg cofounded Cerberus, named for the mythical three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades, in 1992 and has served a chief executive since its inception. He has steered the firm to mostly impressive results over the past two decades, showing a particular knack for investing in distressed assets,” Forbes reported. “Cerberus now boasts more than $30 billion in assets under management, and Feinberg has amassed a personal fortune of more than $1.2 billion, according to FORBES’ real-time rankings of the world’s billionaires.”

Now he’s giving that all up and taking this talent to the Trump administration, where Feinberg will be tasked with investigating the halls of power at the CIA and NSA and identifying the problems.

In other words, Trump has given his “Mr. Fix-It” one simple goal: Drain the swamp.



Comments on: "Trump’s secret CIA revenge: Hire “Mr. Fix-It”" (27)

  1. Good post. He definitely needs GOOD help. Priebus needs to be booted out IMHO.

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  2. Good news. I hope he gets the job done while still being able to stay alive. These agencies don’t like anyone messing with their empires. Ditto with the entirety of the government fiefdom. This an other tasks are huge but the process needs to start. Let’s not forget about the UniParty assholes either. Trillions are at stake.

    I have several posts up at N&F on this shadow government crap.

    Btw, is the term “shadow government” racist? Bwhahahhahaha

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    • HN I hope good comes from Trump having his people investigate and find these rats

      I have read your articles on the shadow government but I don’t always comment. Depends how well I’m feeling

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  3. You’re BACK!. More malarkey from the Leftist Ghost Bureaucrat Troglodytes (LGBT) Community

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  4. Someday they’ll learn not to mess with the bull, after they’ve gotten the horn enough times.

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  5. Bob Roller said:

    I would like to see these leakers REALLY leaking due to loss of bladder control when they
    are arrested for treason and sedition. Shadow Government? What in Hell is that and why hasn’t it been shut down?

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    • Bob, I can’t wait to see these leakers tried for espionage. The Shadow government is one run by Obama underground to take Trump down. There are articles all over the Internet about it. He should be charged with sedition too.

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  6. Oh that will cause tremors way beyond the beltway. Turn the dogs loose. And Congress will stand there staring at him. I think I hear that giant sucking sound again, this time from DC.

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  7. TY Pep!
    Sounds GREAT.

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  8. Welcome back Pepp ! You’ve been sorely missed.
    I think Pres. Trump (damn that feels good to type!) made himself pretty clear at his presser today. He ain’t screwing around with these marsh dwellers.

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  9. YAAY!! Peppermint, you’re back!!!! Hallelujah!!!

    More swamp draining is needed big time! At this point, I hope President Trump will be able to find the talent he needs to root out these former Obama administration loyalist scumbags that’s undermining his administration ASAP! I tend to believe that many in this country is getting pretty hip to what these libtards are doing to undermine Donald Trump’s fledgling administration and agenda. In the end, I hope the left’s efforts will fail.

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    • HHS, thank you and good to see you too! I’m sort of back. I won’t be doing everyday articles for now, but working up to it.

      Oh I too hope Trump can weed out these Obama leftovers who are nothing but radicals that he filled his whole administration with. I think a lot of people are getting aware and are sick of it on top of it. Especially for those who support Trump, it’s getting really old. But Obama is determined to do his evil dirty work.

      I think in the end Trump will prevail. He’s a street fighter and is not about to give up.

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