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Jill Stein’s crusade to obtain a recount in three states — an effort also taken up by Hillary Clinton’s supporters — just hit a major snag.


There is no absolute “right” to order a recount in Pennsylvania. In general, a person requesting a recount of votes must first present a showing of fraud, Yahoo News reported.


The only recourse for the Green Party presidential nominee and Clinton’s supporters is to take their cause to court. Ka-ching!

The Pennsylvania Election Code provides that instead of granting candidates the absolute right to file a direct recount request, they must instead contest the count in a court proceeding. According to Pennsylvania code:

While candidates cannot file a direct request for a recount, they may appeal the order or decision of any county board regarding the computation or canvassing of the returns of any primary or election, or regarding any recount or recanvass thereof. During the appeal process, the court may determine that a recount is necessary.

And what evidence must the disgruntled candidate present to the court to be successful? Yahoo News reported:

Per Pennsylvania regulations, there is only one way remaining for Jill Stein to get a recount in Pennsylvania and it is a complicated process. Billy Penn reports that Stein would have to file for a court appeal and present a “prima facie case” showing that voter fraud took place. While prima facie has a lower burden of proof threshold than “beyond reasonable doubt”, it is still significant. Stein would have to prove in court that fraud was “probable.” This is going to be very difficult given that even the computer specialists recommending the recount say there is no proof of hacking or fraud.

On the issue of fraud, when the Clinton campaign joined forces in the recount effort, Clinton campaign counsel Marc Elias conceded that while there was no evidence of fraud, claimed to “have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton to participate in ongoing proceedings to ensure that an accurate vote count will be reported.”

One person suggested that the only fraud on the issue was Stein herself.

In addition, to be successful, a recount in Pennsylvania would have to overcome another huge obstacle — Trump’s large 70,638 vote margin of victory. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State‘s office reported this final tally:

  • Donald Trump: 2,934,583 (48.80 percent)
  • Hillary Clinton: 2,863,945 (47.83 percent)
  • Darrell Castle: 21,193 (0.35 percent)
  • Jill Stein: 49,170 (0.82 percent)
  • Gary Johnson: 144,141 (2.40 percent)


This recount is nothing more than a way for the left to divide our country using these means to do it.

This is silly, stupid and a waste of money. I do believe Soros is behind this to try to take Trump down.Where is all this money coming from if Soros is not involved?

There seems to be no end to which these crooks on the left are willing to go.

I hope President Elect Trump has plenty of security because what is left if this fails which I think it will.  I see assassination as the last resort.




Comments on: "Recount Effort Meets Major Snag" (10)

  1. I do too. Trump need to stop popping his head up and waving to the crowd every time he exits or enters the armored limos. The UniParty is shit scared.

    This recount is just another effort to divide this country and cast doubt on Trump for the benefit of the lemmings and ultimately to the coffers of Stein and Clinton.

    Kudos to PA. This recount is absurd. We should do a recount here in VA and subtract the illegal and felon votes. Hillary won my 60,000 votes. Trump could then add 13 more electors to his column. We know fraud occurred.

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    • Nox, I wish Trump would keep his head down too. It scares me every time he does it. He’s so tall and I figure that makes it more likely for some damn fool to get a shot at him.

      Yep the recount is to DE-legitimize Trump as president elect. And of course as prez after he is sworn in.

      I heard last night that Stein has filed her case to the court in PA. How long and how much further is this crap going to go on. It makes me sick.

      From all the pundits I hear there is no way to flip this election. Jill Stein is a nut case. I saw her on Elisa Kelly’s show last night and she made such a fool of herself.


  2. It’s time for this country to unite now. I totally agree with you! So this really is the arrogant, self-serving Hillary showing her true colors.

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    • GP, yes it’s time to unite but I think the left is never going to accept they lost and see Trump has fraud president because they probably have no idea how our system works with electors deciding the outcome.

      Oh yes, the arrogant, selfish crooked Hillary always at it of course. I heard last night she’s trying to set up a run for 2020. God save us all.

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      • She’s not too self-centered, eh?! I thought at 70 years old, she start training Chelsea to do her bidding, but I suppose that wouldn’t allow her the right to live at the White House…..


  3. The Libs and Left wingers are seeing the definition of repudiation unfold in front
    of their eyes and can’t handle the reality of it. Hillary got her nose out of joint when Trump wouldn’t say he’d abide by the election results and now she’s showing the hypocrisy that
    made her infamous.I hope Trump will tell his AG to see what he can find out about this so called Clinton Foundation.

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  4. This hag has no standing. She needs to be hit with a frivolous lawsuit ruling.

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  5. One down… On a completely unrelated topic, what do you think of Mitt Romney for Sec. of State? Hmm…


  6. AfterShock said:

    I think the recount has as much to do with lining Ms. Stein’s pockets with money via her PAC to discredit Trump’s mandate, more than actually believing they can delegitimize it. At any rate, that effort is backfiring on them especially on the media that has been covering it. She’s actually helping Trump but as you’ve said, they are making life very dangerous for him as all the violent kooks are on the left and respond to Marxist dog whistles.


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