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Vile Behavior On Plane…..

As Dead Soldier’s Coffin Is Being Loaded On Plane, Flight Full Of People Do The Sickest Thing Imaginable

If you need further proof of just how heartless and self-centered people from this generation have become, a California family’s story will absolutely break your heart.


Last Saturday, Sgt. John Perry from Northern California was killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. The Soldier was in the middle of running a 5K event for Veteran’s Day, but tragically, never made it to the finish line.

The family of the fallen Soldier was on a flight to bring the body of their dead son home, when people on the flight began to do the unthinkable. Because of the slight delay picking up the body caused, people on the flight began to boo.

“To hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a Gold Star family and the first class cabin booing, that was really upsetting, and it made us cry some more,” the father, Stewart Perry tearfully recounted.

fallen-soldier-dadThe father went on to say that this is yet another incident of military service members facing disrespect, and his son’s underscores why the American flag is so sacred by many, and not a symbol for protest.

“It’s not for protest – it’s for the death of the people who are saving us. That’s what it’s for. “My kid was over there to help put a stop to this garbage, and he died,” he said.

How more vile can people get? Sgt. Perry gave his life to defend your freedom, and all you can do is boo because picking up his dead body caused a little delay in your freaking schedule? People are truly sick.

Just what may we ask has happened to the younger generations in our country. Or perhaps they were not all young, but still show a lack of respect for this soldier who gave his all, his life.

Those who believed they were delayed a bit and “it ruined” their lives for a moment should think about this soldier who probably never complained about how his life was interrupted because he was busy serving our country.

To me this shows how deteriorated our culture has become. Who brought up these spoiled, selfish, vile people?



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  1. This behavior is beyond disgusting. Any idea where the flight was from and where it was headed? I doubt the plane was only occupied with youngsters. This disrespect for the military shit is rearing its ugly head again. Did the Capt. announce a delay or did he announce they delay because of a fallen soldier?

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    • Nox, you got it, it’s so disgusting it’s almost unimaginable. But, I recall vividly my brother arriving home from Vietnam and being spit on and called a baby killer.

      So yeah it’s starting up again.

      The article did not say if the Captain announced this or said that he said they were delayed because of the fallen soldier’s casket being loaded onto the plane. Somehow they did know of course.

      Just imagine a whole plane load of vile people. It’s sickening.

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      • I was another of the many who were spit on as I arrived home from Nam. It was right in front of the girl I had married just 3 months before I shipped out. Though I knew the war was unpopular , I hadn’t realized that I was the cause of it. It was pretty disheartening, but knowing I had done my best while they did nothing but whine gave me integrity again.

        Now, these same people and their offspring are the educators of today’s youth. Is it any wonder why this country has become so wrongheaded and wussified ?

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        • Terry, I’m very sorry to hear you experienced the same thing as my brother. There was no excuse for that ever. Also I’m sorry it happened in front of your girl which must have been very humiliating.

          Yes it was disheartening and my brother felt the same way. For years those who knew he served in Nam as a Marine, called him names when he came across them. Thank God, my brother was a very strong person because he went on to live a good life despite it.

          Very true, Terry, the offspring of these same people don’t fall far from the apple tree. The lack of respect was learned from their “hippie” parents.

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  2. The entitled ‘Least Class’ SHOULD ALL B DEPORTED.

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    • aaah, sounds perfect to me. Get the hell outta here if you can’t have respect for those who fight so you can say anything you want. I despise these people.


  3. We not only need our military back as combatants, which Trump will do, but in that process bring back the honor they deserve – the passengers are part of the me, me, me, right now generation – they make me sick to my stomach – anyway to get their names and publish them?

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    • JG, yes I sure hope the tide changes on how some of these people feel about our military and give them the respect they deserve. But somehow I doubt it.

      Yes it’s the me generation that needs to learn some big lessons but they all seem to be so narcissistic. I wish i had the names, I’d publish them.


  4. willibeaux said:

    Requiescat in pace Sgt Perry. My God comfort your family during the difficult days ahead.
    One vet to another.

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  5. UnFRIGGIN Real!! What in the hell is wrong with people?!

    This is SO SAD!! After reading this article, this kinda reminds me of the disrespect Vietnam veterans got when they returned home.

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    • HHS, yes it reminds me too of how our men who served in Nam were treated as my brother was. It’s totally disgusting and I have no idea what is wrong with these people. All I know I despise them for how they behaved.


  6. I feel horrible for that family. I can’t imagine the pain of losing your son and then having him disrespected for causing a few minutes delay to load his body. Totally disgusting. They should have been standing with head bowed, hand over heart, and giving a prayer of thanks for his sacrifice as he was being brought to that plane.
    It would have been an honor to fly home with him and his family.

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    • Terry, I too felt horrible for this family. The pain of losing one’s son is unbelievably painful and I know since my own son died.

      Yet to be treated this way with no respect and no regard for the family is unconscionable. Each one of them needs a baseball bat to the head.

      I would have done the same as you Terry, stand up, salute and pray for the family who just suffered a horrible loss. That pain alone can not be described, it’s so terrible.

      I would have felt the same way as you that it would have been an honor to be on that plane.

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    • Terry, if I had been on that plane I would have stood up and told those people to STFU. After all I’d never be seeing them again and who cares what they would have thought. But, I sure as hell would have said something and it wouldn’t have been pretty.

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