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In each of the countries Obama visited on his last tour, he made sure he undermined Trump. I’ve never seen another President doing this in my life time. Unlike Bush, who graciously stayed out of Obama’s business without one word of criticism, Obama does not plan to follow in Bush’s footsteps.

During his visit to Peru, he stated he will speak up if Trump plans to follow up on his own agenda, one that Obama sees as “dangerous”.

Obama, while speaking in Lima, Peru on the final day of his last trip abroad, spent the majority of his trip answering questions on what a Trump presidency will mean for international allies—including America’s influence globally.

“Obama—concluding the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Lima—acknowledged that he wouldn’t hesitate to play critic in a Trump presidency if “necessary.”

“I want to be respectful of the office and give the President-elect an opportunity to put forward his platform and his arguments without somebody popping off in every instance,” Obama said.

“If there’s specifics that have less to do with some proposal or battle but goes to the core questions about our values and our ideals, and if I think that it’s necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideal then I’ll examine it when it comes.”

“The President also reiterated that while he “can’t guarantee” that Trump won’t pursue some of the positions he’s taken on the campaign trail, the President said reality would “force” Trump to “adjust” how he approaches those issues in office.”

“As an American citizen who cares deeply about our country, if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal but go to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if I think that it is necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, I’ll examine it when it comes.”

Our ideals! What does Obama really know about our ideals? He has never been about American values or ideals, but his dictatorial agenda forced on us.

Just what does having 96 million people unemployed have anything to do with our ideals?  The American values are working people whose ideals are to rise above their station in life. This was always the way things were until Obama came along.

What does being on welfare and food stamps have to do with our ideals.

What does globalism have to do with our ideals?

The American people voted out their very flawed candidate and wanted their country back to the way it used to be. Lots of patriotism, lots of jobs, the ending of the UN global takeover of our country.

Our country wants to be released from the strangling regulations and rules by bureaucrats taking away our jobs, our businesses and our economic freedom, our energy independence.

Also he includes his “love for our country”. He never did love our country or us. His whole administration was one of being destructive as possible. He did not care about our country, but hated it and us.

Just when we thought we’d be rid of this jackal, he will return and the leftist media will be standing outside his door with their mics stuck in his face to garner his “wisdom”.  He plans to be the co-president of Mr. Trump.

It’s time for him to STFU and get out of our lives. We don’t want you, Barack Hussein Obama. Get the hell out of our way!


Comments on: "Obama, the Never Ending Critic" (42)

  1. hocuspocus13 said:

    Remember our GrandParents would say…

    Talk is Cheap

    Obama has his tail between his legs

    He’s trying to make himself appear tuff and in control

    But yet again Obama has failed

    Have🍁a Great🍁Week 🦃

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    • hocuspocus, yes our Grandparents had very good advice for us didn’t they? Obama just wants to make himself look as though he’s so important and everyone still wants to hang onto every word he says. But, his failed presidency is over thank God. You are so right.

      You have a wonderful week too!


  2. We know what we have to look forward to for the next 30 or 40 years. More of the asshat’s yammerings. Which the asinine media will hang on his every mouth fart.

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    • Hi clyde. Yeah, i guess we do except when the tide changes again and we have another Dem/Commie president. Then I think O will shut up.

      Right, the media will be falling all over themselves to listen to his latest brain farts which stink to high heaven, but they love it. They make me sick.


  3. Oh I soooooo agree!! Great post!

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  4. Again no comment. I don’t want to resort to barracks language to express my contempt for this__________(fill in the blank)

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  5. What an asshole! He’s redefined the term. I hope prez Trump tells him to STFU or he’ll release his real BC. 🙂

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    • Nox, yep, he’s the worst ass hole of all time. I too hope he gets told to shut up also. if it isn’t Trump, then someone else from his cabinet or maybe his Press Secretary who I think is going to be Laura Ingraham. She tore Juan Williams apart on Fox News Sunday. It was such a delight.


  6. CRAWL OFF & GET N 2 YOUR HOLE owhacko!

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  7. Smh…


    Be very careful with what you say my friend…
    You may have to eat your words..

    Obama is in his right to make that speech..
    and just like you….who really don’t have a say really..
    he can criticize and say exactly what he feels..
    YOU DID.. about Obama..
    what is the difference…
    between your opinions of him and his opinions of trump…ehhh??
    It’s just one man’s opinion against another..

    And gf.. we will soon enough have the results of your elected president…


    • Oh, really, I don’t have a say? Since when did freedom of speech for all of us discontinue in this country. As far as I know the 1rst Amendment has not been banned. If the democrat/commies had their way it would be. I believe if Obama had his way he would ban the freedom of speech for anyone who disagrees with him.

      I have as much right to speak as any other American. Just because I’m not an elected official does not mean I have no right to speak. So you are dead wrong on that one.

      Since you stated “your elected president” I take that as you believe he is not “your president” or am I being too presumptuous with that.


      • Peppermint…

        That was my exact argument.. freedom of speech..
        and you just contradict yourself..

        It does apply to all We Americans.. Obama.. trump and even you my friend..

        And I do think Obama’s words carry a lot more weight than yours
        .. no matter how much you hate him..
        and yes you’re overly presumptuous with that statement..
        Because the fact remains..
        whether or not I like him.. he is still going to be our president.

        And like you. I just have to take it .. because We can’t leave it..

        But you are entitled to your opinions.. just like I am..

        It’s too late to fight about it..

        The deed is done ✅..


        • LOL! The deed is done. Wow, how upset you must be. But, I’m sure no one is going to stop you from writing your sex talk on your blog.

          Enjoy yourself and HAGW. Happy Thanksgiving!


          • Dying of laughter over Here…
            can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

            Happy 😊 thanksgiving to you too mr friend..
            it’s all good 😊…

            I love debating with you…
            just wish I was more educated with politics to continue..
            but I
            Have said all I’m going to say..

            You write a good 😊 argument..

            So glad you to see the passion you have in what you belief..

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    • Exotic…Are you out of your cotton-picking mind? We are talking about leadership here, not he said she said. HFS. No President to date has pulled the kind of bullshit Obama has in the public arena, least of ALL chastising an elected person and pretending not to incite the post election idiots of our Republic from protesting the democratic way we do things and begging for the electoral college to change….NO ONE. Find me one and I will f-ing eat crow, but get of your high horse. In the words of my Grandmother: You vote. You don’t always get what you want. And if you don’t, you should still respect the process and the office.
      You don’t have to love the policies, but have enough respect that the people voted and get the F*ck on with it. I did not like Obama but I gave him chance and he sucked. But I did NOT go out in the streets and break shit and cry. Neither time. And Bush was the consumate gentleman. Not once has he said a single thing about BHO. NOT ONCE. Even WJC had more gravitas than the current Pied Piper. You left minded thinkers like it until you don’t…as I am fond of saying…it works for you until it doesn’t and then its “Abolish the EC…” Just pick anything and it works….Would you like me to hold the door for you on your way to Europe? The Sweet Meteor of Death has yet to arrive even though you’re —–>her did not get elected. G’wan, git.

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      • Whatever …!!!!
        It’s so funny 😂 how contradictory you trump followers are .. but for FYI.. everyone is entitled is their own opinions and the same respect ✊ should apply to all..
        show me your company I will tell you that you are…

        And you one ☝️ minded thinkers..
        thinks your choice .. your opinions.. need to be approved by all .. and just like your choice of presidency.. throw a tantrum When someone oppose you all..

        I still stand by what I say..
        The same applies to everyone..

        And I have earned my voice.. and I can and will say whatever the heck I want to say.. so does BHO..
        He got his chance to prove himself..

        Now trump will have his opportunity to play the fool..
        And show the whole world 🌎 what kind of man is really is..

        And I pray.. he lives up to y’all grand expectations..

        I will just continue to live my as is .. and leave him to do what he was vote in to do…


        • exotic, now if I thought only my opinion had to be approved by everyone, why then did I approve your comment to get on here? I gave you permission to spew your anger on my blog and say what you wanted. I did not deny you your freedom of speech. I could have denied you and put your comment in the trash.


          Fine, if Trump proves himself to be a fool so be it. Obama proved himself to be a fool and he never looked so foolish as he did during his “last world tour” picking at the President/Elect. I’m sure the other world leaders thought he sounded much like a fool and stupid to boot. But, we’re used to it. He humiliates himself and our country. It’s quite embarrassing knowing that other leaders are laughing behind his back.

          I never voted for Obama, but I, like Nee, did not need to spew my vitriol on those who voted for him. I didn’t get out in the streets, break windows, set cars and buildings on fire, throw rocks at police. Nor did I cry like a baby for weeks on end. I had to accept it whether I liked it or not. And believe me I didn’t’ like it and he proved himself to be a failure.

          As far as living your life the way you want to I have not seen or heard anyone telling you not to do so. Go ahead, have fun.


        • Exotica–you ignored the gist of the post. I did not squelch your free speech, not one iota. But you don’t seem to understand Pep’s point. That Obama is not respecting the office or the newly elected President. His words do not help to mediate transition of leadership and frankly, it is childish beyond the pale. Is this what you would teach your children or grand children? That you lost, so now go around and shit all over the highest elected official and stomp your feet? Obama has sorely lacked in the leadership department and should have taken a cue from HRC in her concession speech. Sadly, he is a narcissistic man that is not capable of behaving like the leader of the free world. THAT IS THE POINT…not you pounding your loser chest and screaming Trump isn’t my president.

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          • Nee, you make good points and that is the gist of my post. We don’t need a divisive almost ex-president to behave in this manner. It is childish and churlish. He is so ticked off that is policies were not accepted by the American people are what he is ticked about. But, that is his own fault. Hillary, who was supposed to carry on his third term was rejected for same said reasons.

            Obama’s behavior does a great disservice to the incoming president. A good leader would allow for the transition to go as smoothly as possible. He said that at home. But once he got out of the country, he showed himself to be the opposite of what he told Trump.

            I find it embarrassing as he does this because he looks like a child who can’t accept defeat and that we, Americans, did not like where his agenda was moving this country.


      • Great comment Nee! You go girl!


  8. Obama is seeing his dream of a Socialist Kingdom coming apart at the seams and he’s lashing out at the man and all the “Deplorables” that scuttled his dreams and legacy.
    The really disturbing thing is that Hillary DID get the popular vote which tell me there is a large group of brain dead people out there in “fly over”land.

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    • Bob, great insight. Yes his Socialist Kingdom is crashing down and he’s not a happy camper.

      Oh yeah, we and Trump ruined his dreams I guess. No wonder he’s so angry with us. He needs to go back to writing phony books with Ayers.

      Bob, she got 3 million fraudulent votes. It’s being investigated now. Apparently 3 million illegals voted and I’m sure they were for her. So no she didn’t really win the popular vote.

      And I believe that was in just one State. Who knows how many fraud votes she got.

      Look at this way. What did her rallies look like? Remember they had a hard time gathering a few hundred to go and some of them were paid to go. Meanwhile Trump had thousands, sometimes as much as 40,000 show up for his rallies. That to me shows where the popular vote really went.


      • A bogus candidate getting bogus votes.Sounds normal to me and IF these people that allowed this false voting can be tracked down and caught then they should be made examples of. ID laws MUST be put in place to frustrate as much as possible these phonies
        and double voters.

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        • Bob, it is true. It’s been reported by several watchdog groups especially for the elections. I do hope these people (iileagals) get purged from the voting rolls. But many states resist doing so.

          We do need voter ID laws for sure. The Obama administration fought states trying to implement voter ID and I don’t really know how he managed that. The States have the 10th Amendment and they should be able to decide if they want voter ID laws.

          Of course there are certain states that are dem/commie strongholds who don’t want the ID laws so they can continue to have as much fraud as possible to get the dems/commies voted in.


  9. Love you too exotica and I’m glad we had our little debate. I feel thankful I’m still alive in my older years. LOL! Waking up on the right side of the dirt for another day is happiness and gratitude to God.

    Great, I’ll look forward to seeing you again then!

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  10. Everyday above the ground is a good day..
    You will see me again for sure..
    continue be grateful for life..
    It’s actually a wonderful thing thing to be able and able to enjoy living…
    talk to you soon..

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    • OK, good exotica, I look forward to your future thoughts.


      I made a boo boo and didn’t take my turkey breast out of the freezer until last night. So I may not be having turkey on Thanksgiving. What a mistake that is! A brain fart probably to forget it. LOL!

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      • Oooooh Noo..
        I do hope it’s not so..

        I forgot too that it’s this weekend is thanksgiving..

        My Brain has been in the clouds ☁️ Too

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        • Yes it’s true I’m afraid. But I’m not having anyone over so it’s not such a bad thing. I can always fix it later when it’s thawed. It’s just me, my dog and cat. LOL! They all love turkey.

          So your brain has escaped you too lately. I have to say mine does that too. 😀

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          • Hahahaha.. you are so funny 😂 miss pep…
            my brain escaping.. aaaahhh.. love that phrase…
            you are going to have thanksgiving.. 2016 . By yourself..
            Of course you are in great company. With your 🐶 doggie.. and your 🐱 kitty…

            But.. that’s so lonesome…

            Well I will be spending mine
            With my biggest baby boy and his family..
            my younger baby 👶 is in Montana. Working..
            I’m in Florida..
            where are you from miss pep

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  11. exotic, I’m so glad you will be spending the day with your baby boy and his family. So you have two boys!

    I’m originally from Ohio, but I live in KY right now on a farm.

    No I don’t get lonesome on Thanksgiving. I’m used to it. My hubby died 3 years ago and my only son died 8 yrs ago.

    I have a brother in OH and my grand kids are there too, but they have their other families they go to for Thanksgiving.

    You know what a mess that becomes when there are multiple families involved with the children and then their families etc.

    And on top of that I don’t travel without my German Shepherd because I’ve got too much wilderness to drive through and I only feel safe having him with me. I can take him to my grand kids house but not to my brother’s who is allergic. But I get up there at least 2x a year.

    I moved this reply down here as I ran out of space.

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  12. EXOTIC To the antagonist known as. Being a bit of one myself….

    You wrote:
    >“”What is the difference…
    Between your opinions of him and his opinions of trump…ehhh??”

    Well except that Obama is the sitting president criticizing an incoming one…. big difference! And he used his office to campaign for and attack him all along. Had he been a citizen you may have a point.

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  13. Pepp, as you know this one touched my nerve too. In that article Obama said:

    “I want to be respectful of the office and give the President-elect an opportunity to put forward his platform and his arguments without somebody popping off in every instance,” Obama said.

    Gee, why in the hell would he, respect the office, when he didn’t respect it for the last few months carping away at Trump. That disrespected the office. At no time was he the prez campaigner in chief before for a candidate like Obama has.

    Now he will show due respect to the office when he didn’t when he occupied it? What a load of manure. So again he wants the door left wide open. We know the press will give him plenty of opportunity to comment, starting immediately. Respect…really?

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    • Bull, yes I do know how this touched your nerves as it does mine.

      He never has respected the office because if he did he would have presided over what the Constitution allowed him to do under it. He has constantly overreached outside of his boundaries of the Executive office.

      And you are right about his campaigning against Trump. Who has ever seen this before? And the vile, contemptuous way he did it.

      Sure, the press will just love to hear his “pearls of non-wisdom” and probably will sit outside his house instead of the President’s office. O is not going away, but will continue meddling and butting in as if he’s the co-president. I don’t think he realizes he won’t be president in about 58 days which can’t come soon enough.


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