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ELECTORAL Votes Are In – ‘The Media’ Will HATE This


The results for Michigan are FINALLY in. Hillary’s gonna need a nap after seeing this!

That ‘Rust Belt’ Blue Wall is no more.

Donald J. Trump tore down that wall!


Here is how Michigan looks:


We took Pennsylvania!

And Wisconsin!

And Michigan!


Comments on: "TRUMP LANDSLIDE: Michigan…….." (23)

  1. hocuspocus13 said:

    I read the other day that 3 million votes are under investigation

    Votes from 3 million non American citizens who voted in 2016 Presidential election

    Who probably voted for Hillary

    They are investigating the matter aggressively

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  3. You KNOW how to make me smile!

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  4. Jodie.V's.Pearls said:

    It was great watching the coverage of this. You could tell they were baffled! Score for We the People! Can they HEAR us yet?!?

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    • Jodie, it sure was fun! I liked that the leftist media was so stunned and didn’t know where to go with their failure to take down Trump. Then they did their “soul searching” which to me meant they wanted to know why and how they didn’t get Hillary elected. It was hilarious to watch.

      Yep, we, the people won for a change and they better be hearing us.

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  5. willibeaux said:

    I was watching Daystar last night and there was a segment with Michelle Bachman and David Barton. They showed a graph with Mrs. Bill Clinton leading by a considerable amount. Then a miracle happened. At 8:30 PM, Christians nation wide started to pray. Wonders never cease. The graph reversed and Trump began to pile up a sizable lead and the rest is history. Never underestimate the power of prayer.
    Oohrah!! ☺

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    • wilibeaux, I agree, it was our prayers for help from God that played a big role in getting Trump elected. For awhile I was afraid He wouldn’t smile down on us, but the miracle happened and Trump won. We all must be very grateful for this.

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  6. I saw a picture of a bunch of Hillary’s supporters when the bad news arrived and some of them looked like they had been hit in the face with a wet squirrel. Next time you Dems field a candidate try to find one with the charisma of JFK and the straight forwardness of Harry Truman and maybe,just maybe you might get a winner.

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    • Bob, oh yeah, they were hit in the face all right and I guess that made them sob. Well too bad. The Dems/Commies selected a very flawed candidate and had nothing more to offer.

      And now it seems they have nothing more to offer but more far leftists like making Keith Ellison as their DNC chair. They are digging their own grave. They don’t realize that their far out leftist policies were rejected by members of their own party.


  7. Pennsylvania ! Wisconsin ! Michigan !…….

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