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I saw this battle this morning and it was a beautiful sight to see Mario Bartiromo on Fox Business Channel give Gruber the biggest smack down on Obamacare I’ve ever seen. I just had to share this..


Comments on: "Mario Bartiromo Smack Down of Gruber Over Obamacare" (12)

  1. willibeaux said:

    A sight to behold…..oohrah! 🙂

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  3. Maria is another Fox (Foxy) lady that combines beauty and brains.I saw another blurb where CAIR wants to overthrow the Government.There are two kinds of action that WE can take.One is legal action and the other is LEVER action.

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  4. Wonderful take down!

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  5. Oh right, we are just in a transition period. Even Gruber made a case against himself.

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  6. Loved every part of this, but how great was their discussion on data vs. real people. Gruber said data was more important than a CEOs statement. How’d that work with data saying Trump would lose.

    They just don’t get it.

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    • Jacqui, glad you enjoyed it. Gruber’s data seems a bit cockeyed to me. Real people tell the real story. Obamacare is hurting everyone and he refuses and lies about it.

      You’re right, they don’t get it.


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