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God gave us the miracle we prayed so hard for and for right now we have stopped the onslaught of Communism with Hillary Clinton.

Also, we the people, delivered justice to Hillary in so far as she will not be President now. What her future may be one thing is for sure she will never be running for President again.

Two great victories for we the people!

Thank you Dear Lord for having mercy on us.


Comments on: "President Elect Donald Trump!" (31)

  1. “Two great victories for we the people!
    Thank you Dear Lord for having mercy on us.”

    AMEN!! PEPPER!! AMEN!! God is GREAT!!

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    • HHS YES victories for we the people for a change. I’m so excited I never went to bed last night.

      God is Great is exactly right.

      Also I had some glee watching for just a little while CNN trying to figure out how things went so wrong for their candidate. It was funnier than hell. Scratching and throwing all kinds of stuff out there about “how could the polls have been so wrong”. LOL!

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      • willibeaux said:

        The polls were so wrong because they were fabricated. The pollsters failed to consider the attendance at the rallies where Trump had thousands and many times overflowing and Mrs. Bill Clinton had a few hundred.

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        • willibeaux, yes the polls were all a lie including the ones CNN put out themselves. So it was rather pathetic that they were complaining. Dummies!

          Now what the heck is going on in CO that they voted for Hillary? You guys have got to get that state back to red.



  2. Happy Birthday to a new America and World Harmony.

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  4. AMEN!!!
    Been praying hard right along with obviously a large % of the nation.
    Thanks for keeping us informed.

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    • Hi Doc, welcome to my blog. And thanks for your comment.
      I know so many people were praying so hard to deliver us from the Evil Hillary. I think God answered our prayers.


  5. Happy days are here again, GOD IS IN CONTROL

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  6. Fireheart said:

    I am so Happy . But I was pissed when I saw that Maryland voted for Clinton

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  7. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Super Witch got her ass handed to her and now maybe she can be investigated by a NEW FBI that isn’t for sale. I hope Trey Gowdy is our new attorney general. I watched his steady,frosty Q&A with FBI director Comey and he is bad news for a bunch of these
    perjurers and other pond scum.

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    • Hi Bob, are we happy or what?!

      Yes the Witch of Benghazi got her ass handed to her good. What a wonderful thing to see.

      Gowdy would make a good DOJ, but I think Trump is going to choose Rudy for that. Rudy is really good. Rudy would deliver the whole lot to the big house.


  9. AMEN,

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  10. Hi Pepp. First morning in a very long time I’ve woke up and thought our country may still have a chance.

    The most important issue IMO about the results is Trump will be seating judges all the way up to the Supremes. No more Barry judges and no Killary judges. Awesome…

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    • Hey Dave! Good to see you here.

      Well, now at least we have a chance to get our country back. That’s more than we had a day ago.

      Yes the SCOTUS is one of the most important thing on Trump’s list. Also I think he needs to clean house quickly once he’s in the WH. Get rid of all O’s minions, Hillary’s minions, put the fear of God into the State Dept and any other department who has been selling our country down the drain.

      He’s got tons of work to do.


  11. While I did not support Trump (or Clinton), I look forward to seeing how these next 4 years go and believe that he (like any other politician) should be held accountable and pushed to lead, which I know he will have that pressure.

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    • CC, I look forward to Trump’s next 4 years too and hope he can get his economic changes passed so more people will be able to get jobs and fulfill their American dreams.

      Of course he will be held accountable because he is a Republican. I only wish Obama had been held accountable during his term.


  12. I long ago stopped bartering with God–I’ll do this if you do that–so in this case, I simply begged. Thank you, my God. In a completely unrelated incident, I added a cross to my JacquiMurray.net blog.

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