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To date, 52,481 emails to and from John Podesta have been released by Wikileaks. But few people have the time to review each email, and even fewer seem to understand the insight these emails provide. They provide critical information about who John Podesta really is, and the behind-the-scenes power he wields inside the DC swamp.

This 23-minute video summarizes the unfettered power of Podesta, laying bare the corruption of power.

It is likely that a Hillary White House will contain John Podesta in a most powerful position – perhaps chief of staff. Watch this video and decide for yourself whether this is what America wants.



Comments on: "John Podesta Exposed [Video]" (9)

  1. This political absurdity masquerading as a Democrat will win the election because few of her if any of her supporters have ANY knowledge of history thanks to the dumbing down of America for at least two generations.

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  2. GREAT video find Peppermint. Posting to Hardnox with your permission.

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  3. […] our wonderful fellow blogger PEPPERMINT where you can read the entire post and […]

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  4. kill-O is the most evil person in America,
    the History of America.
    TRUMP 2016

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