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hillary-and-comeyOnce again Comey gives Hillary the “Get out of jail free” card.

I’m sure the DOJ and Obama made sure the new investigation went nowhere.

Now, is there anyone brave enough to take her down?  Is there anyone with enough honor to risk their life to take down the Evil Witch of Benghazi?

There are others with the same information, but the DOJ is sitting on them too. The NYPD has all of the information but who is going to risk their life to expose it?  I don’t think anyone now.

Everyone around the Clintons get paid off to do her bidding. That includes so many tentacles it would be impossible to make a map of where the octopus roams. I would imagine all over the world.

The Clinton Cartel and all who are involved in it are worse than the mafia. They are now too big and too dangerous to take down.

We know our government is completely corrupt.

More than the Clintons are involved in the Cartel. Many politicians on both sides of the aisle are involved.

The Globalists, the media, the DNC, to name a few of the bad actors are all in collusion to make sure she never gets charged for any of her felonies.

We are doomed. And what happens to all of us who are the deplorables and irredeemables she so hates?

Given the unprecedented ignorance, laziness and apathy of today’s America we are, just 240 years later, only microns away from losing our precious republic.



Comments on: "Comey: No Charges for Hillary" (29)

  1. Yes, I am very sure that the DOJ made these charges go away. Hillary will have to answer to her maker one of these days and sure hope I am not at the Great White Throne of Judgement the same time she is!

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    • MA, welcome to my blog and thanks for your great comment.

      Funny what you said because just last night I said to a very good friend of mine the very same thing.

      I would hate to be next to her when she answers to God. And she has more than these felonies and the Cartel to answer for. Her feet are going to be on fire just standing at the Pearly Gates. Unless she asks for God’s forgiveness but I don’t think she even believes in God.

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  2. Comey needs to be impeached immediately in 2017. He has a 10 year appointment. He’s a hack.

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    • Nox, I agree completely but it can’t be done unless Trump wins. The Congress will never do anything with him. I suspect that if Trump wins, Comey will resign. But, he still needs to be charged along with Hillary, Obama, Lynch and any one else involved in this coverup.

      Comey sold his soul to the devil.

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      • Trump will win. Make no mistake about that. If the left steals this election, the shit will hit the fan.

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        • Nox, I pray your right that Trump wins. I’m praying all the time. We just can’t have this depraved person in the WH. She’s guilty of so much that isn’t even associated with emails or national secrets being left out for anyone on earth to see. These people are truly the most depraved humans I’ve ever seen looking to be in the WH.


    TRUMP 2016

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  4. I am also praying she doesn’t win.

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  5. Hello Pepper, people will see that is a criminal fix. Just 3 days ago the FBI said they couldn’t get through 650K emails before the election. This it will only drive more to the voting box to vote for Trump. Trump is going to sweep this election. I would like to add an additional comment what I think of that witch and her evilness, but you already have it covered. Keep the faith, God is in control

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    • You bet Walt. A tsunami is coming… if the bastards don’t steal it…. then the shit will hit the fan and the fan will be on high.

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    • Thanks Walt and Nox, I need the cheery attitude of you guys today. I’ll be voting soon and hope I am one of the tsunami. We don’t have early voting here. Today’s the day!


  6. “And what happens to all of us who are the deplorables and irredeemables she so hates?”

    ….We keep up the fight! We must never allow our voices to be silenced by the criminal liberal left.

    I hate Hillary right back, as well as the ilk she runs with. Always worked for me!

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    • HHS, good so we’ll all keep fighting. I guess we have to if Hilary wins. You’re right never again will we be silenced by the left. The movement is not going to go away now.

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      • In all honesty Pepper, I feel that the conservative movement won’t stop. It will grow stronger, with a wider array of people coming into the fold.

        As for the old unfit-to-be-president harridan being president (should she win), will be a carbon-copy of her predecessor; weak, ineffective, and hated by many. I’d see her as a one-term president (if she even makes it though that!)

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