Wicked Commentary

Not so fast Hillary!  We are coming to get you.


Comments on: "The Counter Coup of Hillary Clinton" (3)

  1. I hope this man is right but OBAMA will do anything he wants including pardons for EVERY one of Hillary’s people and nothing short of an act of God can stop him.I hope A:LL of these traitors can be apprehended and jailed but the chances are zero. Complacent America remains asleep and will not be disturbed.

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  2. Lord! I can only hope & pray this happens!
    The thought of convicting & indicting:

    The A.G.
    The Clintons

    Would just make my DECADE!!

    This would truly be historic. Maybe this will be the beginning of an American Spring/Second American Revolution/Libexit/Clintexit for our nation! GODSPEED!


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