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FBI sources told FOX News on Wednesday an indictment of the Clinton Foundation is “likely.”

Bret Baier broke the news tonight On the Record.

Fox News Channel’s Bret Baier reports the latest news about the Clinton Foundation investigation from two sources inside the FBI. He reveals five important new pieces of information in these two short clips:

1. The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported so far and has been going on for more than a year.

2. The laptops of Clinton aides Cherryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have not been destroyed, and agents are currently combing through them. The investigation has interviewed several people twice, and plans to interview some for a third time.

3. Agents have found emails believed to have originated on Hillary Clinton’s secret server on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. They say the emails are not duplicates and could potentially be classified in nature.

4. Sources within the FBI have told him that an indictment is “likely” in the case of pay-for-play at the Clinton Foundation, “barring some obstruction in some way” from the Justice Department.

5. FBI sources say with 99% accuracy that Hillary Clinton’s server has been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and that information had been taken from it.

I don’t know how the FBI is going to get an indictment with Loretta Lynch blocking it plus the man she put in charge of the situation is a pal of Podesta who got him off from going to jail some years ago.

Or perhaps Obama would pardon her before she took office if she wins the presidency.



Comments on: "FBI Sources Say Indictment of Clinton Foundation Is “Likely”" (20)

  1. IF she wins and indicted she will squawk “Executive Orders” like a Central American dictator and then more crap will hit more fans than can be turned off. The fact that such a wretched woman can stay out of jail tells me we have a failed system.If Obama pardons her then it’s “Game on”for sure. I HOPE she is indicted and unceremoniously arrested,booked and
    NO bail because of the nature of her crimes against the USA.

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    • Bob, I agree. I’m sure she will put this whole mess into a closed file that can never be opened just like Obama did with his past, sealed forever. I wish I knew how they can get away with that.

      I think she will never see the inside of a jail cell. Just my gut feeling. Sorry to say.


  2. Statute of limitations under 18 U.S.C. §798 is only 25 years. So if AG Lynch does not prosecute Hillary the next AG, or the next AG, or the next AG,…could prosecute Hillary and snare Obama in the indictment.

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    • upaces, thanks for that info. That is quite awhile. I hope at some point she does get prosecuted. I guess with the complete breakdown of our government into one big corrupt cesspool I wonder if it were ever going to happen.


  3. I’ve been praying the F.B.I. belongs to ‘we da peeps’
    NOT, kill-O da CRIMINAL

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    • aaah, I think the ranks of the FBI are with we the people. I’m not so sure of Comey. But they have to get past the DOJ to get an indictment. That’s what worries me. Loretta Lynch won’t do it.


  4. hocuspocus13 said:

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  5. hocuspocus13 said:

    …and what a frightening outlook…

    Crooked Hillary makes it into the WH as President then gets locked up in prison where she belongs

    Now comes the outlook a frightening one at that

    We the People have Tim Kaine as President

    A failed Governor of Virginia 😱

    Think before you vote…

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  6. In few short days the voting will be done, but the war will be just beginning. Teflon slick Willy and his evil worst half will walk free regardless of the outcome. We can expect, whether it be political or actual civil war, very turbulent times in our near future. Our country has become a powder keg and the fuse is lit and it is going to get ugly. Our entire Government structure is so corrupt and there is no stopping Obama, I am waiting for Marshall law to be imposed. I pray that I am wrong!

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    • Walt, that’s what I fear too, that they will walk free as they always do. There is never any justice when it comes to the Clintons.

      I also agree we are sitting on a powder keg ready to go off any time. I hate to think of what may happen. But this country is in crisis.


  7. I wish I was as optimistic as Beyer seems to be….. then again, no I don’t. You can bet Hillary has the bases covered. Dep of Injustice is probably laughing at the thought of an indictment. Like “Isn’t that the funniest thing you ever heard?” They sure can derail any chance of justice, can’t they?

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    • Bull, I am not as optimistic as Baier either. I agree that HIllary has all the bases covered so not a thing will happen to her. Between Lynch and Obama I think the fix is already in.

      The INjustice Dept is one of the most corrupt ones I’ve ever seen in my life.


      • Candace Mounger said:

        You are quite right but this time we have the New York Police Dept. that says if the FBI doesn’t move on it then they will. I think they are fed up with Killery and Slick Willy. I believe that Trump will win just because people are thinking that we may wind up with Creepy Kaine. I’m not sure that Obama is willing to take a chance on a revolution in this country if he declares martial law…though he is arrogant enough.

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        • Candace, you are right about the NYPD. I just put an article about it. I hope it happens for our country’s sake.

          Obama will make himself look just awful if he pardons her. He may not want to end his presidency like that. ‘But who knows.

          Good grief, martial law. I guess he could do that and then what of the election?

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  8. I came across this article earlier today:
    “Impeachment Already on The Table If Hillary is Elected.”
    Click here:

    Hopefully a Donald Trump presidency will ensure Obama, Hillary, Slick Willie, and their associates will get long prison sentences…

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    • HHS, just read the article. I wonder if that would work because the Senate has to do the indicting and if the Dems still have enough Senators it’s a no go.

      I saw Mike McCaul on TV yesterday and he said in his opinion Hillary committed treason.

      I hope too that Trump wins and has his AG go after her and all her minions.


    • He will try to do something to stop the elections or hold them off. The man is evil. Do you remember this?
      Jun 22, 2014 – TOP U.S. GENERALS PURGED, DEFIED OBAMA TO DETONATE NUKE/EMP ATTACK ON AMERICA! … saying that a ‘nuclear attack’ could come to South Carolina in the event that we did not move militarily against Syria and …
      Obama Ousts Top Officers After Nuke Explodes In Ocean …


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