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This morning I’ve been watching Varney and Co. on Fox Business News. The central theme today is “We have a Constitutional Crisis”.

We all know by now that Comey re-opened the case on Hillary’s email scandal. And that apparently there are documents on Huma Abedin’s laptop that contain classified documents.

Huckabee said the Constitution provides for the problem we are up against with the new email finds by the FBI, if the Justice Department was not politicized. But, we know it is.

The FBI got a warrant to seize Weiner’s laptop which he shared with his wife, Huma Abedin, Hillary’s closest advisor and close friend.

The investigation will be ongoing while Hillary serves as president if she is elected.

The reports this morning show that there are 650,000 emails for the FBI to go through. Another report says there are classified documents on the laptop.

Judge Napolitano stated that an indictment could not be done until the end of her first term. But the UN-Justice Department would never allow it to happen. He also said Obama could give her a pardon if any serious crimes are found during the time before she took office.

It’s up to we, the people, to take the action necessary to stop this ongoing Clinton Crime Family from going to the White House.

We must vote for Trump or we will spend the next 4 to 8 years embroiled in another Clinton scandal.

If she is elected, the economy would be stagnant, nothing would get done during her terms. Hopefully, the people of this country sees this is not good for us to have this Constitutional crisis and NOT vote for Hillary.

So far she is still leading in the polls even though it’s a small one.

I hear she will most likely win. This breaks my heart to know that so many people are willing to overlook her crimes to vote for her.

I saw a man say over the weekend that short of murder, he will still vote for her. This shows a definite lack of a moral compass. I believe that there are many more like him. This is the depravity we face.





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    Trump has a Mouth.



    VOTE 4 TRUMP IN 8 DAYS on 11/8/16

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  3. It does mine as well. BTW there is a petition currently circulating ASKING for UN intervention which I find VASTLY troubling and totally insane. Now one long time supporter is actually withdrawing his support from Hillary as of today. Speaker Ryan is pushing hard to get her banned from Intel reports which would cripple her effectiveness. Bush got in all sorts of trouble like this in 1992. Even though justice department later after the election found him not guilty it still stopped him from winning. Fingers crossed that Obama doesn’t do EO similar before his term ends because he might be implicated or have pertinent info and stop any indictment.

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  4. All we can do is pray the machine is hogtied and Trump wins.

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  5. Sad state of shit we are in. We face depravity, for sure. I tried to boil it down and all I came up with is

    Donald Trump showed America what his first 100 days would look like. And the FBI is showing us what a Hillary administration would look like. It’s like the old fried egg commercial.

    What can we expect but Constitutional chaos. The only problem is, who will stand on the other side? I’m not sure.

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  6. You’re commentary is spot-on as always Pepper, preaching to the choir as you do best. Let’s all pray harridan Hillary NEVER gets a chance to set foot in the White House. If she did, it would be Deja’ vu all over again. We the people are tired of the scandals, the lies, and the malfeasance that’s typical of liberals.

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  7. […] Source: It All Started With Hillary’s Private Server […]

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  8. I hope you’re already writing your post-election posts because I fear I will need cheering up. You’re my guy for that.

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  9. willibeaux said:

    I cannot respond adequately without resorting to barrack’s language.

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  10. Safe to say nothing will good will come from a Clinton presidency. Donald Trump will salvage what’s left of this country.

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