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This article is dedicated to Michael Savage and his bravery speaking the truth. I urge you all to go read the full article since it is so interesting and says much more about the brave Michael Savage.

Excerpts about Michael Savage:

Savage is like an ancient desert prophet, putting his life, fortune, and sacred honor on the line, every day. He is a paragon of apparent honesty, dedication, and commitment to Humanity. ALL that’s human. Savage is a courageous warrior on the right side of his own humanity.

Savage has a furious courage in his heart: courage is when you do something that scares you to death but you do it anyway. He doesn’t need the work; he doesn’t need the money; he doesn’t need the aggravation and danger. His net worth is said to be around $15M, and, yet, he’s out there five days a week, putting it all on the line.

There is more about Savage, but I’m now going to go to the later point this writer makes about what could happen if Hillary is elected and people like Michael Savage, Rush, and Hannity could be shut down by her. I think this is a real possibility because if there is anything she is allergic to the truth and she is a vengeful person. 

What’s even more sickening and provoking, more relevant to you, is that so many “Americans” seem to adore, believe, and support the warped witch of the West, Hillary “Rotten” Clinton, and her sleazy COLLUSION with England to ban the sound of True America from that darkened land, and from the world.

That you—you know who you are—and so many others seem to believe, adore, and trust Hillary Clinton—and even want to vote for her to be your ruler—is unbelievable to me, and to half the country. What is WRONG with your analysis? Do you think for a moment you will be left alone “to just get on” with your so-called “life”?

Can you ever see the ridiculous truth about Hillary Clinton? What is the draw to such a reportedly warped, sickly, unsympathetic, Machiavellian,  and power-lusting, would-be dictator over YOU? Do you think your way of life, you,  and your family can survive her Reign?

Well…I don’t THINK so, my brothers and sisters, no matter what skin color or God you worship.

Hillary Clinton’s list of apparent lies, criminal activity, body count, political machinations, propaganda atrocities, and general mayhem throughout the entire world should disqualify her from even running for public office. With her reported background of non-achievement, her disgusting “record,” political still-births, financial cancers, health record, drugs used, and flunked bar exam, I doubt she could either buy a gun or get a job sorting pants on the aisle on Assistant Buyers’ day.

Hillary Clinton only exists because she married Bill Clinton, targeting him as her vehicle. It’s clear to me that the fully agendized, mad-cap, leftist media created her, supports her, and tells lies about her. She could not even Exist without their world-wide propaganda campaign.

Okay, we are told, so what? So she’ll start WWIII with the Russians, so what? —Hey! TRUMP talked about PU$$Y! So he’s evil and therefore vote for the sociopath!

Don’t look, kids, but you’re being distracted, misinformed, gamed, and CONTROLLED.

But Americans can still awaken from their long sleep and false dreams. A Hillary victory would be a nightmare.

Wake up! Remember your proud history as spiritual descendants of George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, David Crockett, Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, Sam Houston, Jim Bridger, Audie Murphy, Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, Harry Truman, and others.

Analyze the facts and the real news for yourselves. Do not listen to the lying media. YOU research it yourself. It’s all still online, including the Wikileaks dump of the Hillary emails. CNN tells us we are not allowed to see the emails. Only they can see the emails. We are not qualified, and they want it to be illegal for YOU to see what is really in those emails.

Yes, kids, it’s a real, “Argo f*ck yourself—from them to YOU.

If Hillary wins, what it would mean to you?

It’s this: you, your family, and the way of life you think is secure and that they will let you live in peace, are neither secure, nor guaranteed, and it all might die.


Comments on: "The Indisputable Bravery of Michael Savage" (15)

  1. The Demise of a Nation under Clinton, or a Re birth of the America that stands for Honesty, prosperity and Security under Trump.

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  2. […] Source: The Indisputable Bravery of Michael Savage […]

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  3. “Wake up! Remember your proud history as spiritual descendants of George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, David Crockett, Daniel Boone, Kit Carson, Sam Houston, Jim Bridger, Audie Murphy, Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, Harry Truman, and others.”


    VOTE TRUMP 11/8/16

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    • aaah, you are so right. Trump is a true patriot loving our country, savoring in its great ability and excellence. Hillary does hate it and us.

      I hope people come out in droves to vote for Trump. It will be needed to overcome the fraud.


  4. Under Clinton, your Army will come under the UN, and will be empowered to turn on the people of America in a civil uprising.

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    • Ian, I think that’s very possible. Right now the UN is already in here and nobody seems to know exactly why. But many have their theories that match yours. I certainly hope our military makes the right decision to stand down on any order to shoot us.

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  5. Hello Pepper, we sure at the end of life as we know it if Clinton wins this election. The Clinton’s are like Teflon, nothing sticks due a bunch criminal activity. I am not just spiting out words when I say we all must pray that Trump wins. Stop what you are doing now and PRAY

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  6. Fireheart said:

    I have faith that Trump will win in Cumberland I have seen more Trump signs then Clinton 100 signs for Trump 2 for Clinton

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    • Fireheart you are right, we must keep our faith in Trump to win. So glad Cumberland has sense. Here in my little community I’ve not seen one Hillary sign anywhere but I do see Trump flags in some people’s yards.


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