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Information Overload

Have you ever experienced little dots flashing before your eyes? I always chalk it up to being tired and stressed.

Lately, I’m feeling so stressed trying to keep up with all the information and all the happenings in the news. I feel like  years have passed since the 2016 election process started.

Has it been 10 years this has been going on? That’s how it feels to me.

Ever since Obama took office it’s been one thing after another; a new regulation; a new Executive Order no matter how unconstitutional it is; one injustice after another; bringing in so many refugees without vetting; the failed economic policies; his unjustified wars; his war against us.

Elites, globalists, Agenda 21, the UN, Establishment politicians, never Trumpers, BLM, Shooting cops, anarchy. What more could one ask for in information overload? Far too much going on all at once. I think it’s called “deliberate chaos” to keep us off-balance.

Then the election process starts and new stories, new lies, Wikileaks dumps, the MSM bias and their lies, the polls, electoral maps, Hillary scandals, Trump’s faux pas.

My brain feels like it exploded at some point by so much to take in from these information overloads, that my brain matter is now splashed up against the walls like some horror scene.

I can’t keep up any longer on all the articles to read. At some point my brain shuts down and I can no longer take anything else in. My psyche screams “Enough”!

What used to be fun for me writing on my blog, now feels like a chore from hell. I try to find something that nobody else has on their blog. But that isn’t always easy to do. Search for more stories, different ones. Vetting the veracity of the stories.

I find myself spending hours upon hours on the Internet when I’ve got personal things to take care of and chores to do that I’ve let go because by the time I’m finished reading and writing for hours, I am simply drained of energy. My body feels sluggish and I drag myself around trying to complete some chores, half done until I return again to finish them up. It’s erratic.

This is an important time in our history. This election means everything to do with what path are we going to take. Are we going to save our country and ourselves or are we going to turn down the black brick road to hell with Hillary Clinton. Everyone, including myself is consumed with it. So much is at stake.

I’m in a sleep deprivation mode now. I sleep in shifts of all kinds of different hours. I can’t seem to make up my sleep deprivation. My sleeping habits are about as nuts as anybody I’ve ever known. I know it’s due to the upcoming election. I need to put this in God’s Hands because what control do I or anyone else really have. We can vote. Some one else who is illegal, dead people and foreigners vote cancelling our votes out.

What will become of us if Hillary wins? What is the next step and is it inevitable?

“The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.”
George Washington.

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  1. Jodie.V's.Pearls said:

    I was always super terrified that Obama would stay in office. Now i would rather have him stay that to see Hillary in office!! I have been having really weird dreams that have nothing to do with anything relevant but it leaves feeling like i haven’t slept and like you it most likely due to the stress of this Election. May the Lord guide and bless America with a rightl President this Election! Amen.

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    • Jodie.V's.Pearls said:

      Ha! I have tons of typo’s in this and lwft out words lol hopefully it is understandable. Did i mention being tired? 😶

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    • Hi Jodie! So glad to see you here again.

      Wow, I’m hearing from many people who are having sleep difficulties. And i do think it’s the fear of what this election may bring. I’m sorry you are having trouble too. I sure can empathize.

      I had the horrible dream the other night where Hillary appeared in this ghastly black light but she was lit up herself. Her face was brutally mean and I knew she was menacing me.
      I awoke horrified. It seemed so real at the time.

      Typos are allowed here Jodie. So no need to apologize. Yes I know you’re very tired as am I.

      God bless you and America.

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  2. Dear Pepper. Unfortunately many of us are doing the same thing – stressing. Like you we are constantly worried more so than any time before Obama hit town. There has always been as far back as I can remember times during elections when there was a lot of garbage floating. This though has been the worst. Why because in our hearts and minds we have all decided that we can no longer stay silent. You know you are more than welcome to post any of May posts to augment yours. I especially have to worry since I just experienced another mild heart attack but am learning to take a breather between in order to stay a bit calmer. Please take care of yourself as well. The fight is best handled together but even then we must take time out to be real. At this point it is in God’s hands that is the most important ally we all have. Stay strong thankfully we have less than two months to endure hopefully with God’s help the outcome will be to the advantage of His children. But in any case You have readers who are loyal and you have friends who are here for you.

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    • Uriel, thanks for understanding especially since you have been hit really hard with a mild heart attack. Wow, I had no idea. Please take it easy.

      I know I can reblog others’ articles and at times I do. Thanks for your offer. I appreciate that.

      I’m just feeling drained and exhausted at the moment. If I could get a decent night’s sleep I’d probably feel different.

      Yes this post was taking a time out and to let people know what is going on with me right now especially if I don’t get to everyone’s articles every day.

      Yes thankfully I do have loyal readers who care and I’m very blessed with that.

      it is God’s decision really what will happen and if Hillary’s elected maybe He has a plan we don’t know about of course. Maybe He wants to teach us another lesson. Or maybe He’s disgusted with us for allowing things to get this bad.

      I guess we’ll know soon in 18 days what we will face.


      • No problem. It has gotten so I almost hate to hear the news. Like Bullright. I am totally flabbergasted at the number of people living in a vacuum. There is hope though. According to some folks this is the highest number of voters Ever recorded. I just pray citizens Not those who are illegals paid to vote don’t tip that record scale. Just read also that one state is reporting possible fraud in registering. Seems someone other than the correct person entered a lot of incorrect info. Fraud or incompetence who knows.

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        • Uriel, like you I almost hate to see the news too. Sometimes I don’t turn it on all day. At times I just don’t want to hear it because it’s all so bad.

          I find it difficult to think of people who have no idea what’s been going on either. Maybe some just burned out years ago. Others are just plain apathetic. Some don’t care. These people shouldn’t even bother to vote.

          In whatever that state was it was probably fraud. It’s being discovered all over the place as you already know.


  3. Great insightful piece, Pepp, I know the feeling too. So much has been thrown at us that is just plain wrong, any way you slice it. Needing a break from it but we don’t seem to get one. Yet I look at a lot of people who seem to be paying no attention at all to it and I say “how do they do that?”

    i like that Washington quote. There are limits of what we can do. We are going to have to put it in God’s hands in the end. We sure don’t seem to be able to surmount the odds by ourselves, It’s so entrenched and well rooted in all places,. At least we are not just ignoring it like some people. And these same complacent people that don’t care about the here and now better not start lecturing us on 2020. There will be some reckoning one way or another.

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    • PS, it does seem like years. It is so similar to the risk of burn out in all things. Too much is too much.

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    • Thanks Bull. i know we’ve talked about this many times. I think the people who don’t pay attention are stress free. LOL! Keeping oneself in the dark is easier than facing the reality I guess.

      I like that quote from Washington too and he was so right. There is just so much we can do and God will have to take it up from there. I just hope he’s listening to us and our begging. I know I’ve been begging him for years really ever since the last election. But no we got Obozo back. Now it seems the time will never come when he gets the hell outta our White House.

      I agree I don’t want to hear any lecturing or whining if Hillary gets in. Reckoning is right!

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  4. I can totally understand that overload and shutting down you mentioned – it’s been a while since I’ve felt that way BUT – now, I’m almost there!

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  5. I have several health issues because of all the stress and worrying in the last 8 years…I have been really healthy and all this has put a damper in various areas of my life. If Hillary wins, not sure if my health can take a lot more, but I will be strong as I can and take on the next battle for our freedoms.

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    • Donna, I’m so sorry to hear you have been plagued with health issues. It’s very true that stress causes us to be sick. I know you’ll be strong Donna. You’ve always been a very courageous person.


  6. […] Source: Information Overload […]

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  7. Fireheart said:

    I feel for all of you .The stress, the waiting. What I am really worried about is this. When Trump becomes our new president can he save America, or is it too late?

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    • Fire heart- Hope and change are never too late just a rockier harder road. I believe between Trump and the Convention of States there HAS to be a better road ahead. Praying helps keep us in focus and stronger. That is my number one priority for getting through.

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    • Fireheart I think if Trump wins he will do all he can to save America. He won’t be able to do everything that needs to be done but he’ll make a good dent in it. He’s a very energetic man who works around the clock and I have every faith that he would work just as hard being president.


  8. I haven’t known you and your blog long, but enough to come to rely on you in my conservative world as a voice of reason. Knowing someone else sees things as I do has become invaluable. I don’t understand Republicans like Bush and Ryan who would rather have Hillary than anyone else. Thank you for saying all those things I don’t. Know you’re valued in my online world. But I also understand if you have to stop for a while. Catch your breath. Because if Hillary wins, it will be you and Hannity and those solid voices who explain to me how to survive four years of her.

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    • Jacqui, thank you so much. So kind of you. I’m glad I serve a purpose. 🙂 yes it really helps to know there are others who are struggling with the same thing.

      I don’t understand Ryan and Bush, but I do know they are globalists and that’s why they would rather see Hillary get in. To me they are traitors to us, the people. We want our America back and see it become first instead of putting all of these other countries before America and our own citizens.

      Just like Trump always says, illegals and refugees get better treatment than our own Vets and that is so unfair. Our Vets should come first. They serve our country and us.

      I may take a little time away from the blog, get a breather in and of course, come back once I get some of the stress level off of me. You bet I’ll be writing big time if Hillary gets in. There will be so much material for that and her ongoing corruption.


      • I no longer watch the news because it’s depressing, so I understand you wanting a break. If the good guys lose, I’ll be looking to you to explain it all to me. Enjoy your break!

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        • Jacqui, i avoid the news when possible. It’s usually Trump bashing and I’m sick of it.

          I just posted a new article. LOL! Guess I haven’t given up the ghost as yet.


  9. For those interested Convention of States is an important way to stay focused.


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  10. High Horse Strong said:

    “What used to be fun for me writing on my blog, now feels like a chore from hell.”

    I can totally relate to commentary Pepper. You are preaching to the choir here.

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