Wicked Commentary

No words are necessary as this is self-explanatory. Except if she wins we get a psycho in the White House.


Comments on: "Hillary: Temperament and Judgment" (9)

  1. […] via Hillary: Temperament and Judgment — Peppermint […]

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  2. hocuspocus13 said:

    Not only is Crooked Hillary sick and quite disturbed but think about if something happened to her and Tim Kaine became President

    …now that is frightening

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  3. I would write in Mad Magazine’s Alfred E.Neumann before I would ever vote for Hillary.
    Kaine is an oaf and a clod and afraid of any opinions other than his own which is the mantra of the Liberal/Socialist candidates.
    Warts and all,Trump for President and Hillary for prison!!!!!!

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    • LOL! I hear ya Bob.

      Ha, ha, I like that Trump for prez and Hillary for prison. Did you hear about the tape where Hillary says “we’d better win this or we’ll all be in a noose”? I left out the bad language.


  4. willibeaux said:

    Wouldn’t it be something if it happened tonight for all of America to see? She is in desperate need of a straight jacket. oohrah!

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    • willibeaux, I’d love to see her come apart on the stage, but they dope her up on drugs before the debates so she won’t go off. That’s why Trump asked for drug testing prior to the debates.



  5. She is one sick person…needs to be locked up!

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