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Wikileaks Shut Down


At first everyone thought Assange was dead and the dead man kill switch automatically kicked in. But Assange tweeted he is still alive.


Comments on: "Wikileaks Shut Down" (10)

  1. I read awhile back that many others who Assange trusts have copies of everything

    Which would be a smart move and a necessary one

    The DemocRats had a weekend of mischief

    Didn’t they?

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    • I’m sure he must have copies stored somewhere. This is one dirty move on the part of our government. I read Kerry asked the Ecuadorian embassy to cut his Internet.

      Yep as usual the Dems/commies have had a great week of more mischief and I’m sure there is more on the way.


  2. Hitlery is more worried about him than she ever was about bin Laden.

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  4. At least the Equadorian Embassy has a reason to do away with freedoms. Sigh.

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