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The following page was taken from one of the Wikileaks dumps of emails and other information. There are the usual suspects on this list but did you expect to see Glenn Beck and Bill Kristol on this?


Monmouth University is one who in particular runs polls and usually has Hillary running ahead of Trump in big numbers.

I’d say she got her money’s worth from the people listed. They do a bang up job of voter suppression and disruption.

And just what is the Clinton Foundation doing paying for this? I thought they were a charity organization. Wink, wink.


Comments on: "Clinton Foundation Paying for Voter Suppression" (22)

  1. Color me surprised…. NOT.

    What pisses me off is that the media is totally ignoring the WikiLeaks dumps and Hillary’s criminality. FOX has for the most part ignored them too. Meanwhile, we’re all supposed to be angry at Trump for some locker room talk. Shit…

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    • Nox, it pisses me off to that the media ignores the Wikileaks docs while they rant on and on 24/7 about a 2005 tape of Trump talking the usual locker room banter that so many men engage in. It’s not fair and never is with the Republican running for president. It doesn’t even matter that it’s Trump. Any other Repub candidate would get the same crap.


  2. Can I have the link, Pep?

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  3. When that ugly news came out on Trump….I knew…all it took was about 3 minutes on a search engine: My first thought was: “Clinton did this.” Hillary Clinton’s communication’s director, Jennifer Palmieri, said in a statement the latest run of allegations “sadly fits everything we know about the way Donald Trump has treated women.”


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  5. Excellent post…… yet no coverage

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  6. Excellent expose. What a tangled web those Clintons. Making a mockery of charity now. Or like we always knew, it’s all part of the Clinton’s shadow gov’t …in waiting. MSM to report it in 3-2-1– never.

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    • Bull, thanks. Ha, making a mockery out of charity is exactly right. I sure hate to see what the “shadow government” has in store for us. No the media will never report this.


  7. willibeaux said:

    Pepp…I can’t comment without resorting to barracks language. Sorry. 😦

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  8. I asked a guy who he was voting for today.
    He said hillary.
    I asked why & he said Trump would likely impose Nazi style stuff on us all.
    Political suppression etc.
    Then there was the WOMANIZING which I said had been debunked.
    He said = NOT ALL OF IT.
    I said but she is guilty od murder & drug running = He said debunked.

    Looks like the diabolical subversive stuff is working on the millennials.
    2 Bad = couldn’t convince him 2 vote 4 TRUMP

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  9. May not be true, but it’s very believable.

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