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This new hilarious viral video has started a new trend as Trump supporters mock the incessant parade of baloney fake victims that accuse Trump then are quickly debunked as liars, attention-seekers and Hillary Clinton operatives.

Trump Supporter / YouTuber Prissy Holly Writes:

With all the women breaking their silence about how they were victimized by Donald Trump, it’s given me the courage to come forward with the horrifying thing Hillary Clinton did to me 10 years ago.

She won’t tell because she’s famous. But if she could she would say #HillaryGropedMe HRC left me too traumatized to talk… 🙁pic.twitter.com/QNH9bo5R79

— DeplorabElla (@Ella_Boo_Bella) October 16, 2016

🔥🚨I’m sorry, I was hungry🚨🔥
It was 10 years ago. I was poor and needed money. It happens.#HillaryGropedMepic.twitter.com/Voe4247pPG

— MAGS for 🚨MAGA🚨 (@magnifier661) October 16, 2016

#HillaryGropedMe & told me to blame the Russians, but I can’t stay silent any longer. I emailed her to express my anger, but she deleted it.

— Lizzy 🤕HRCGropedMe (@MissLizzyNJ) October 16, 2016

and that’s not all….

*Hilary felt me up in 2011 without my permission. Was afraid to report it, she’d have me killed! Media wont believe me.

and then called me , now I am a Basket Case! VOTE TRUMP TO STOP HILLARY FROM GROPING AMERICA!


The liberals are going NUTS on Twitter. No sense of humor for them. But it’s OK for them to mock Trump. 



Comments on: "#HillaryGropedMe Trending on Twitter" (30)

  1. willibeaux said:

    The thought of this makes me want to vomit…Uggg

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  2. […] Source: #HillaryGropedMe Trending on Twitter […]

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  3. hocuspocus13 said:

    Yes…Hillary undressed me with her eyes

    It made me feel so dirty so used like a piece of meat…boo hoo hoo 😭

    …and give that girl in the video an Academy Award… 🏆

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    • hocuspocus, LOL! Like your addition to #HillaryGropedMe. There are so many funny ones on Twitter it makes ya laugh out loud. It’s good Sunday morning reading.

      I agree, give her the Academy Award! And the lifetime award.


  4. #HillaryGropedMe in an elevator, she smelled like medicine and burning plastic. She said she’d kill me if I ever told anyone. Help me @CNN
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    • Doesn’t surprise me at all… she never said anything when those girls were abducted by Boko Haram either. I mean not even a Hashtag.

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    • I suppose the worst was when she groped Melania at the Trumps’ wedding. I was there and saw it, disgusting. She used both hands. It seemed like 10 minutes…. she wouldn’t let go. At one point she said her husband did it, but everyone knew what they saw. What about all the people that witnessed all this abuse, forever tainted by what they saw? Bill was putting the moves on another woman, It was her I tell you… that estrogen-hungry bitch!

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  5. Back N da day, we were rafting some gnarly 4’s in AR, when all of a sudden,
    I felt these tenacious tentacles glued to my testicles and I immediately knew it was kill-O.
    She was the ONLY ONE on the raft w/ that kind of rep.
    After about ½ an hour of this constant sexual abuse,
    I got up and moved to the rear of the raft.

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  6. Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog and commented:
    This whole groping thing has made the campaigns leading to the U.S. elections in November so messy. After Trump it is now Hillary.

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  7. That’s how they spell Desperation.
    Hillary twirking ….like beam me up, Scotty!

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  8. I have to confess….I groped that blonde too.

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  9. Yeah this election has become a freak show. My sister watch a debate and all they did was insult each other said nothing of what they would do for our country. She said the SOB started it . I will still vote for Trump but maybe they should stop acting like kids. Now my good news my sister is now going to vote for Trump because SOB is going to allow babies to be kill after they are born

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