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to Audience Before Debate Started


The second presidential debate was a tense showdown between Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump, but some of the most controversial moments happened just after the debate was over when it was revealed what the Secret Service had required of the audience earlier in the evening.

Local news anchor Kirstin Cole made waves in Republican circles on Monday when she unwittingly admitted on live television that Clinton has some serious health issues, The Daily Caller reported.

The anchors were discussing camera flashes (and taking pictures of each other) when Cole explained why the Secret Service reportedly banned flash photography after the debate.

“Whoa, God. This is why it was banned apparently,” Cole stated as she was momentarily blinded by the camera flash. “The Secret Service did not trust people to disable the flashes on their cameras, and they were afraid it would sort of inspire Hillary’s seizure disorder.”

What’s perhaps more shocking is the fact that the other anchors barely reacted to that revelation.

Cole didn’t state what her source for this information was, but if true this is absolutely explosive. Clinton has denied that she has any serious medical problems, but if she does indeed have a seizure disorder that’s something that should absolutely be revealed to voters prior to the November election.

Imagine if you will a President Hillary Clinton (I know, it’s horrifying) who is traveling overseas. Mobs of press surround her, taking pictures of the American president.

Then all of a sudden she starts shaking and completely collapses, all because the news media was using the flash on their cameras.

That’s not good for her, and it’s not exactly the type of image we want to convey to the world. We shouldn’t have a leader who could collapse due to a simple flash on a camera.

If Clinton indeed suffers from a seizure disorder she needs to admit it to the American people and explain its effects and dangers to her health so that voters can take that information into consideration on Election Day.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

If indeed Hillary has a disorder, which I think is Parkinson’s this needs to be reported. How is she going to do her job if she’s elected president.

The stress of the job would make her disease deteriorate at a rapid pace. Who’s going to do her job when she’s incapacitated? She now needs about 3 to 4 days of rest on her campaign to continue to the next rally.

What are the Secret Service guys going to do when she is on a world trip? Tell the international press they can’t take pictures? Can they do that?



Comments on: "Hillary’s Secret Service Issued Shocking Demand" (31)

  1. Well we have this to be grateful for (at least I’m grateful for it) they are all exposed for who they really are

    The American people see them standing there completely naked of themselves

    After Trump is in the White House the Clinton Machine will be over once and for all taking THEM all down with them

    TRUMP/PENCE 2016 󾓦

    I just can’t wait to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ✌

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    • hocuspocus, right you are. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. The masks came off and we now know for sure who these people are.

      I can’t wait to see Trump take them all down. I will be filled with glee over that one.

      Yep, Trump/Pence #MAGA

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  2. IF she loves the Country, she’d drop out. She LOVES POWER. She won’t drop out.

    However, I read a couple of days ago that Clinton has a body double to appear “as her.”

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    • upaces, she doesn’t love this country or the American people. Just look at all the things she and now Bill say about us. We’re deplorable, irredeemable, and Bill calls us rednecks.

      Power and greed is all she cares about like you said.

      I’ve read that too that she has a body double. I saw pics compared of her when she was at the 9/11 ceremony and the pic of her coming out of Chelsea’s apartment. They didn’t look like the same woman unless Hillary suddenly lost 20 to 30 lbs.

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      • Lord! I hope I’m not repeating myself. I read a couple of articles (can’t confirm or deny)… that Clinton died; and they are going to use a double that looks like her.

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        • upaces, no you are not repeating yourself here. I hadn’t heard of that one. Good Lord! Really she actually died? Wow, what a story that is! I wouldn’t doubt it though. The Clintons are capable of anything.


  3. She will never be MY POTUS! Should the fraudulent elite manage to rig the election for her – there will be a Revolution. I will be a part of that.

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  4. This was late Sept.
    Gratitude to US Special Forces.

    Hillary Bagged and Perp Walked. Gratitude to US Special Forces.

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  5. Sadly. It appears no one cares. One is left to wonder WHY no one cares. Dark thoughts of an immediate takeover by a NWO organization is in the offing. One is left wondering what becomes of a nation so riddled with disconnect is capable of leading themselves much less functioning in international mine fields. One is left wondering “why does any resistance even matter” if the entire world is about to implode.

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    • The only answer I have is it does. Like the premise of “Fiddler on the Roof”. Life matters or it doesn’t. Change is part of life but we have to decide if that change is for better or worse before it is too late for a decision to make a difference.

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    • Wow Uriel, I never even thought about the scenario you brought to our attention. You could very well be right. The NWO does want to take over our country. That’s a scary thought they would do it this way. If true, we will see the purging start of our citizens, especially those who are old and sick. They want to purge everyone except one million who will be the slaves to the elite. And those who live will be young and hardy.


  6. Put her on a GLU-CO DRIP-O N GITMO

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  7. I am old but NOT sick. A purge would set of a revolt of the first magnitude and keep in mind,NObody is surrendering their guns. Forget buying gold,buy brass and lead.Keep whatever you own loaded and ready. I do.

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