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Paul Ryan Leaked Tape

By Rick Wells at http://rickwells.us/ryan-leaked-trump-tape-fake-gop-outrage-staged-ryan-coup/

Fake GOP Outrage Staged As RYAN COUP – Trump Insider Explains

The weasel is out of the bag and its name is Paul Ryan.

Jack Posobiec, the Special Projects Director for Citizens For Trump, tells a tale of deception and betrayal of the most despicable kind, and  it revolves around a power play made by the vile filth, the rodent Rep Paul Ryan, a subhuman mongrel that has shamed the entire state of Wisconsin.

As it turns out, the video of Trump and Billy Bush that was leaked from unknown sources has been traced back to Ryan. The anti-Trump operatives never bothered to investigate the source, those on the networks, the GOP establishment and the Clinton campaign were just happy it had appeared and were delighting in the feeding frenzy intent on driving him out of the race.

Ryan’s little event in Wisconsin was to be the stage for him to feign his indignation and then dismiss Mr. Trump in unison with their fellow operatives such as Senator Mike Lee of Utah. When critical mass was reached they would use an unwitting and uninvolved Governor Mike Pence as the vehicle into which to attach themselves in Trump’s place.

Read much more at http://rickwells.us/ryan-leaked-trump-tape-fake-gop-outrage-staged-ryan-coup/

What a dirty little scum bag Ryan is! Is anyone surprised? Ryan is a globalist and an open borders traitor. He must be paid handsomely for his acts against the voters’ choice. He needs to be thrown out of Congress and shunned in the House. Will that happen? Not likely, but he’s really shown his hand this time.

He would rather destroy the Republican Party than save America with his jealousy and resentment that he was never on the ticket. He very well may have lost this election to Hillary Clinton who obviously he’d rather have as president and the complete destruction of America. 

Bang up job Ryan!


Comments on: "Paul Ryan Leaked Tape" (16)

  1. Trump has opened the scuttle valve on the ship of state as visualized by the current Republican Party and this is no surprise.What Trump spoke of doing is reprehensible but what Bill Clinton ACTUALLY did with Hillary’s apparent approval was even worse.
    I want NO part of a country with no borders and this must not happen.

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    • Deeds are worse than words as proven by Bill Clinton’s rapes and molestations which he will never go to jail for. No I don’t want a border-less country


  2. Agreed. I put up a post this morning whereas Jerry Falwell Jr. said the same thing without mentioning names.

    It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it was Ryan. He’s part of the Romney RINO cabal and a card carrying member of the UniParty. Too bad. Ryan is a good numbers guy. He sucks as Speaker.

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    • Nox I saw that and also saw Jerry Falwell telling his story.

      It would not surprise me either. Ryan has been against Trump from the very beginning. He and buddy, Romney have done everything they can to destroy Trump.


  3. I said “cryin ryan” was a TRAITOR on Day One.

    Wisconsin should RECALL HIM or elect his opponent on 11/8/16

    TRUMP TIME 2016

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    • aaah, yes you did! Ryan should be recalled. I never believed he got 80% of the vote in Wisconsin. I think it was fraud.

      Yes, we have reached the point of no return and if Hillary is elected we lose our country and our freedoms what little is left.


  4. Interesting, so like the tool. He lives up to my new name for him, Taliban Ryan.

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  5. The House of ILLRepute needs to engage in a weaselectomy. Ryan would be removed by such a surgical procedure.

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  6. RINO Ryan should be the posterboy for the DNC.
    Has there been any word on his reaction to these accusations ?

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  7. willibeaux said:

    My response should be expressed by barracks language. I pass!!!

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