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Comments on: "NBC News Declares The Election Is Over" (20)

  1. NBC has been bought and paid for.

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  2. upaces, you sure are right. Aren’t all the media bought and paid for? The cabal continues to try to suppress voters from electing Trump.


  3. One word. HYPOCRITES

    if their lives were put under a microscope would They be morally and legally blemish free? If so then they have lived all their lives in a solitary confinement cave.

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  4. NBC and affiliates should be fined for not registering as a Super PAC.

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  5. Every single day, we become more and more disgusted with these people!

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  6. hocuspocus13 said:

    The race has just begun

    As Crooked Hillary slips

    And Trump soars…󾓦

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  7. It’s definitely not the world I grew up in. Or maybe I didn’t notice. Cheer me up, Pepper…

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    • Jacqui, I wish i could cheer you up, but I’m so worried about the fraud that’;s going to decide this race and it won’t be for Trump. It’s not the world I grew up in either.


  8. It is so surreal, and hypocritical how the left and media are suddenly designated the morality police. Really? Don’t make me blush.. Like I say, not a shred of cred.

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  9. I on the other hand have officially declared NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC and the rest of the MSM “Offically Irrelevant” and ‘over’


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  10. Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog and commented:
    And their elected candidate?

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  11. willibeaux said:

    Pepp…….like Guy Benson from Town Hall, this @zzwhole is hallucinating. Lets take a little walk down memory lane and the Presidential Election of 1948; Thomas Dewey vs Harry Trueman.
    Dewey was favored to win and right up to late evening had a substantial lead. In fact one Chicago paper put out a special edition “Dewey defeats Truman”.
    After midnight the election results came in from the West Coast and lo and behold they were substantial enough to give Truman the victory.
    I have a very vivid memory of that night because I was working after school at the Baltimore Sun Paper. I assisted a reporter who was posting the results on a big caulk board the results by state as they came in from the Associated Press.
    The newspaper staff was very pro-Dewey and there were many long faces as I left to go home.
    I haven’t heard the “fat lady sing” and will refrain from a rush to judgement.

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    • willibeaux, thanks for that story and reminder. I was not even born yet when that occurred. It’s a good one to know. I hope the same thing happens this time.


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