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…Uses Your Tax Dollars To Elect Hillary

If Barack Obama wants to hit the campaign trail with his chosen successor, there’s basically nothing wrong with that. In fact, it would be unusual if the president didn’t roll up his sleeves and shout into the podium mic as he glares at the audience in rallies for Hillary Clinton.

But when the president and the wannabe president fly together on Air Force One to a big political event in a key swing state for the sole purpose of trying to win votes for the Democrat in the race, what would be wrong is for the candidate not to pay for the trip. Otherwise, of course, you know who would be picking up the tab — yep, you and me and all the other taxpayers.

So, guess what we discovered? Guess what we found when we did the math about the Clinton campaign’s use — and abuse — of the privilege of prestige afforded by arriving in style on the presidential?

Shortly after Hillary was let off the legal hook by FBI Director James Comey with regard to her email malpractice as secretary of state, Clinton and the man who named her to that job campaigned together in North Carolina. They flew to Charlotte on Air Force One, with the local newspaper reporting that the Clinton campaign would be “picking up the tab for the costs of bringing the president to town.”

Well, if there’s any truth to that “picking up the tab” claim, it lies in the typically slippery, lawyer-like wording we’ve come to expect from Hillary Clinton when she tries to thread the needle.

As CNBC just reported, the government was reimbursed for Hillary’s transportation on Air Force One to the tune of $36,602.99. But that tune is way off key, when it comes to covering the actual cost of the ride.

The same CNBC report notes, “For every hour Air Force One is in flight, it costs $206,337.00, according to a Freedom of Information Act letter obtained by the nonprofit Judicial Watch.”

Our investigation shows that a flight from Washington, D.C., to Charlotte takes about an hour, generally. So, subtract what the campaign shelled out for Hillary’s ride from an hour’s flight cost for the president’s plane, and you find the taxpayers stuck with a bill of around $170,000.00

That’s not counting time on the ground for the Air Force One crew, nor any return trip to D.C.

Now in the big scheme of things — with the national debt rapidly approaching $20 trillion, 170 grand may not seem like all that much. But when it’s money demanded from taxpayers who have no say in whether they want to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign with federal dollars like that, the word “scheme” seems appropriate.

According to CNBC, when the Clinton campaign was asked if the real costs of the use of Air Force One were covered by Hillary and company, spokesman Josh Schwerin said: “As is the standard practice, the campaign is covering its portion of the costs.”

Wow, that must certainly rely on Common Core math and reasoning skills…for the Clinton spinners as well as those who might fall for another move in the big con.

The con jobs the Clintons use on all of us never end. I resent having to pay for her trips to campaign.

This is almost just like abortion. The tax payers have to pay for women’s abortions even when they don’t believe in it.

Just another shameful display of both hers and Obama’s arrogance. This should give people one more reason NOT to vote for her.




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