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Four States Take Obama To COURT

(WE) Top law enforcement officials in four states filed suit Wednesday to delay the Obama administration’s proposed giveaway of a critical Internet agency to an international authority, saying the grantee would have the power to “effectively enable or prohibit speech on the Internet.”

The complaint, filed by Republican attorneys general in Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada and Texas, argues the transfer violates several components of the administration’s statutory authority.

The administration’s plan to sign ownership of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority over to international Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers on Friday would consign the critical function of governance to an international community, the complaint contends, rendering the Web vulnerable to censorship by foreign powers, despite what the rules say.

“ICANN has a documented history of ignoring or operating outside of its governing bylaws,” AGs argued in the complaint. “In addition, even under NTIA’s [National Telecommunications and Information Administration] oversight, ICANN’s current practices often foster a lack of transparency that, in turn, allows illegal activity to occur.

“Nothing protects the Plaintiffs from additional occurrences of ICANN oversight failures or actions outside of ICANN’s bylaws that could expose Plaintiffs to significant expense or harm through illegal activity,” the AGs added.

Plaintiffs contend NTIA violated administrative law and statutory authority by failing to conduct the process in a more transparent manner, or obtaining authorization from Congress.

The administration has sought for several years to complete the transfer. Congressional critics, most notably Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, have attempted to block the transfer with by stripping its federal funding in a continuing resolution.

It’s somewhat of a relief to see these 4 states suing Obama. Congress, as usual, sits on its’ hands and does nothing.




Comments on: "BOOM! Globalist Internet Agenda Halted" (31)

  1. hocuspocus13 said:

    Thank You for posting this…🍁🍂🍁

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  2. hocuspocus13 said:

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  3. I admit this tech stuff is well over my head. But I’m smart enough to know if obozo and the ‘international community’ is pushing it, it needs to be stopped.

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    • Terry, turning our Internet over to the globalists has a huge issue in regard to who monitors it and who places censorship on what we say. There is already a huge monolith of groups, including such biggies as Google, all social media, and other bad actors who are joining up to censor what we read on the Internet. You can well imagine what will be censored.

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  5. To me, the WORST part of this is ONLY 4 AG’s joined the suit. Where the hell are the other 46????

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  6. I’ m glad as well and Oboze a great name for that SOB

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  7. Just wondering here:
    How come owhacko hasn’t been impeached?
    The list of innate freedoms we ‘used’ to have is getting longer & longer.
    TRUMP 2016

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    • aaah, good question. I think at first with the whole congress being Dem controlled nothing would happen. Then we got a Repuke House with a dem controlled Senate. I basically think Congress is balless and never would impeach him no matter what he did. He should have been impeached a long time ago but there are too many people in collusion with him.


  8. hocuspocus13 said:

    Hey..I just heard that the court matter to stop the internet giveaway was denied

    Let me know if you hear anything…thanks

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    • hocuspocus, well that is certainly disappointing to hear. Of course I will let you know if I hear anything else. Today is the day our Internet if handed over. I’m going to go to some sites that I know the globalists, the dems, the commies want taken down.


    • hocuspocus, I did read where another Internet will be going live soon. I have to try to find that article again before I can give more info about it.


  9. I do hope you are 100% Right!

    However, Why weren’t these Internet giants fighting back:
    Time Warner

    And, there are so many more!

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    • upaces, nice to see you here!

      Apparently according to hocuspocus above your comment, the court denied the suit.

      I have no idea why these companies are not fighting back. It seems there is not much fight for this takeover. Congress has done nothing. It’s utterly frustrating and disappointing.


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