Wicked Commentary

I thought it would be fun to just have a little levity this Wednesday.

So here you can watch Glenn Beck go fully postal. I can’t even figure out what he’s even saying for the most part. He’s gone a bridge too far this time.

Buckets of Blood??????


Comments on: "Get The Straight Jacket for Glenn Beck" (16)

  1. hocuspocus13 said:

    Marco Rubio can win…

    Perhaps he could and that’s a big perhaps but dear olde Glenn Marco has no experience and does not know how to lead…

    Off his meds…

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  2. Wow. He really has gone overboard.

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  3. Uriel, most of what he says makes no sense whatsoever.


  4. Beck is an idiot and has been for a while. He should stay away from tall buildings and overpasses. I wonder why he even has a platform anymore since he is clearly off the rails.

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  5. Sorry to see Beck “lose it”.

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  6. Really buckets of blood. Tell me the diff between Beck and M. Moore? I’m still looking for one.

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  7. High Horse Strong said:

    LOL!! Sounds like ol’ Glenn needs to take his meds!

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  8. I think ol’ Glenn snorted too much cheesy-puff dust when he stuck his face in that bowl.

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