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Dog Humor

If you have a dog, you already know he is your best, most loyal friend and sometimes make you laugh out loud.Β  I love dogs and never want to be without one ever.












This is one of my favorites since it shows how much room I have after Merlin gets in bed with me. In fact, he usually beats me to the bed once I say “we’re going to bed”.

dogYes let’s all smile and be happy for the day. After all we woke up on the right side of the dirt this morning. So let’s make the most of it! And no I don’t want to think about or talk about politics today!



















dog-4 dog-5 dog-6 dog-7 dog-8 dog-13 dog-15 dog-16 dog-18 dog dogsilov doxie



Comments on: "Dog Humor" (33)

  1. Love them all!!

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  2. Enjoyed those pics, very entertaining comments that fit beautifully to the picture.

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  3. Wow Peppermint just loved each and every pic of yours and your superb post. It reminds us of our Golden Retriever, she is a cutie pie and so mischievious.

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  4. A wonderful way to start the day instead of all the bad stuff. Have a Blessed day.

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  5. Hilarious Pepper! Just had to adopt a pit pup couldn’t take how starved she was. Not to worry she is a sweetheart. Now my two fourlegged family members are reacting. At two my female has a Lor to say like a teen miss vs a rambunctious young child. My 16 year old male schnauzer is a typical old fart. It’s like running a daycare. Every day is fun and keeps me busy. I see those expressions in your photos and have to laugh.

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  6. Good stuff, especially on a rainy day.

    I have a 6 year old Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). Had him since a pup. His name is Roscoe. Smartest dog I ever had the pleasure to be with. Absolutely all terrain and good on the trail and around horses. He’s smarter than a 5 year old kid and just as kind.

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    • Nox, yes it’s raining here too.

      Oh yes, Blue Heelers are very smart. Aw, he’s so pleasant to be with. Makes your day I bet. For you he sounds perfect since you have horses and like to ride. I bet he’s smarter than any liberal you’ll run across. πŸ™‚

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      • You bet. He’s smarter than any lefty by far. Hell, he even knows to get out of the rain.

        Funny thing happened a few weeks ago on the trail: we came up on a group of the “nut & berries” bandana wearing types. Roscoe was none too happy about them sharing “our trail”. The libtards ran away screaming. Bwhahahahahha.

        Good boy…. πŸ™‚

        Btw, he is the friendliest dog anyone could encounter and loves everyone, even strangers, except lefties.

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        • Nox, LOL! So the nuts and berries ran seeing your dog. What a bunch of wimps. I’m glad they ran though so you and Roscoe could have your trail back to yourselves.

          I don’t think dogs like any lefties. Mine is very friendly too once he knows a person is my friend or family. He’s very good that way. But if senses something strange he gives me the warning and the stranger.

          Last year some workmen came in here to fix my bathroom. I was supposed to stay locked up in my study with Merlin because the one guy was terrified of Merlin. We were in here for hours.

          Well poor Merlin had to potty and I was taking him out just as this guy was coming in with some materials for the bathroom. He did the dumbest thing you could ever do with a German Shepherd, He started screaming and yelling at me about having Merlin out of my study. Then he picks up a long piece of board waving it at Merlin. Those 2 things spelled danger to Merlin, my protector, and he went nuts. I had to use every muscle in my body to hold Merlin back from attacking this asshat,

          I should have laughed because this guy claimed he knew how to handle dogs. Liar!

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          • I know about that protective streak that German Shepherds have. Back in the mid 80’s my 125 pound black & tan shredded a burglar at 2 AM. It looked like Helter-Skelter in my kitchen. πŸ™‚ The cops thought it was great and my dog sat there proud as if someone had pinned a medal on him.

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            • Nox, great story and I love it. Because that’s exactly what I want Merlin to do if someone tries to come in here. In fact I know he will.

              I bet your kitchen did look like Helter-Skelter!

              Your GSD was right to be proud of himself and I bet he got a great big treat for this! πŸ™‚


  7. Thanks Pepp……our last dog was a female Maltese. She was so sweet. Broke my heart when we had to put her down.
    Debi has a little Doxie who is a good pet. She stays in her Lazy Boy until Debi comes home from work. Debi retires on Friday after 30 years of carrying the mail. She is looking forward to it.

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    • willibeaux, I know about your dog of course and how heart broken you were when she went to Heaven. She was the cutest little thing.

      I also know about Debi’s Doxie and she sounds just wonderful. Your first lady tells me about her all the time and how she likes to lie in your lap.

      Good for Debi! I would be looking forward to retiring also and her shoulders and back will probably feel better I hope.


  8. So how come they look so intelligent compared to some ….. well, enuf? Got a few chuckles from those.

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  9. Excellent = I feel just like you!!
    THANKS 4 the PICS

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    • aaah, Great, I’m glad you got some enjoyment. I think we need a respite once in awhile and look at what kind of joy we get from our animals, You’re welcome!


  10. High Horse Strong said:

    LOL!!! Thanks Pepper! I needed a good laugh today!
    From one dog lover to another, these memes are AWESOME (and cute too!)

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    • HHS, I’m glad you got some laughs. I needed one so I’m glad to share and glad you all enjoyed it.

      Those memes are awesome. I love them all from one dog lover to another!


  11. I like them all but my favorite one was the one with the cat. I love cats. Dogs as well but cats just a tiny bit more

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  12. Thanks Oh btw I hate this Goldfish comical They have Abe Lincoln say Madam President yucky

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