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Another Wikileaks Bombshell

I’m sure all of you know the story about Hillary’s fall and getting a concussion for which she spent 6 months in hospital. This story told by Bill Clinton seems yet to be another false one.

According to the documents dumped by Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton was in a plane crash near the Iranian border.

Apparently is was bad enough that Obama was told to prepare for the death of Hillary.

It never made sense to me that Hillary would stay in hospital for 6 months for a “plain concussion”. 

She was injured worse than anyone knew outside the Obama administration and her family. 

Go here to read the Wikileaks documents about this event.



Comments on: "Another Wikileaks Bombshell" (15)

  1. Wow, who’s the dumbass that saved her?

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  2. hocuspocus13 said:

    Is that not something else

    I also read she has a very serious medical situation with brain damage from that crash

    Her greed will put her in a grave…◼

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    • Right another Clinton lie. Yes she does have serious brain damage. We’ve seen it for ourselves. I suppose they had to cover this one up because she’s always had the presidency in her sight.

      I agree, her hunger for power and greed could very well put her in an early grave. I don’t see how she could possibly take the stress of being president.


  3. Why does this info come from clandestine sources if indeed they even ARE sources??

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    • Bob, did you read the Wikileaks emails? This comes from verified sources. You don’t think for one minute that the Clintons wanted this damaging info out for all to see. Everything about the Clintons is a cover up.


  4. Ordinarily I might doubt the validity of it, but with wikileaks they have a kit more credibility than her, Bill, and the whole Democrat Party combined. Bill’s story did seem weak and why didn’t we hear more about it. Had it been a Republican they’d have been all over it.

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    • If there is anything to it, then it sounds like they still have the plane, and whatever was on it.

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    • Bull, since Wikileaks has proved itself to be pretty accurate I tend to believe this story.

      Bill’s story was very weak. When I was a nurse, never did I see a patient have to stay in hospital for more than a few hours for a concussion. Most of them are not severe, just a bit of bumping the head. Hillary fell (supposedly) in an airplane on the floor where there is carpet.

      Spending 6 months in hospital is a very, very long time. Most of the time that kind of stay is for exceptional and severe injuries like a crash, burns, gun shots, of some sort or needing rehabilitation.


  5. Hmmm…..Mossad (Purple Gimp and Tea Drinker?) has some input in the story. Perhaps this is why Mrs Bill Clinton is scared shitless that her emails may confirm this really happened. I’m waiting for a credible hacker who steps up and confirms it. We shall see.


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    • willibeaux, I happen to think Wikileaks is a credible source. If you read the documents they are written by people who knew what happened. I hope you read them.


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