Wicked Commentary

Dear Never Trumpers

by Doug Giles

DEAR NEVER TRUMPERS: You Don’t Want To Read THIS Post – It Would Be TOO Much For You

Have you SEEN the list of grievances against our nominee? How can ANYONE support a guy with this many strikes against him? Read to the END and find out!

“He’s nothing but a B-List TV personality. He has no business being in politics.”

“He’s been divorced and remarried. He can’t commit to anything.”

“He’s dangerously ignorant about international affairs. The Russian leaders will walk all over him.”

“He has no filter – doesn’t think before he speaks.”

“Until recently, he was a Democrat. He’s not a real Republican. He hasn’t paid his GOP dues.”

“He used to be Pro Choice. Now, suddenly he’s Pro Life?”

“That can’t be his real hair!”

“He’s a loose cannon. No one wants HIS finger on the nuclear button.”

“His opponent has the experience and political savvy to be president. He does not.”

“He’s just not presidential.”

“His temperament disqualifies him from ever being Commander-In-Chief.”

“He’s proven himself to be mentally unstable.”

“The military will never accept him as Commander-In-Chief. He’s not smart enough.”

The GOP doesn’t want him to be the head of the party. He could never reach across the aisle to get anything done.”

“Most Republican voters will just stay home rather than go out and vote for him.”

“He’s almost 70. Much too old to be president.”

“Evangelicals will never support him.”

“He says ‘(Let’s) Make America Great Again’. How dare he say we aren’t still great?!?!”

“His intellect is thinner than spit on a slate rock.”

“90 percent of Republican state chairmen judge him guilty of ‘simplistic approaches,’ with ‘no depth in federal government administration’ and ‘no experience in foreign affairs.’”

“His spontaneity with reporters and voters plays well but also gives him plenty of space to disgorge fantasies and factual errors so prolific and often outrageous that he single-handedly makes the word gaffe a permanent fixture in America’s political vernacular. He confuses Pakistan with Afghanistan. He claimed once that trees contributed 93 percent of the atmosphere’s nitrous oxide…”

“After all his gaffs, he doubles down on them instead of admitting he made a mistake.”

“He’s threatening to upend our treaties and relationships with our allies by demanding that they pay for their own defense!”

“Because of his gross factual errors, he might take rash action and needlessly lead this country into open warfare!”

“He’s racist, xenophobic, and fuels the fires of hatred!”

“You shouldn’t take him seriously. He has a penchant for offering simplistic solutions to hideously complex problems and a stubborn insistence that he is always right in every

“The rising turnout of his voters are not loyal Republicans or Democrats and are alienated from both parties because neither takes a sympathetic view toward their issues.”

“He wears the disdain he draws from the GOP elites as a badge of honor. Henry Kissinger’s championing the other GOP candidate and attacking him are actually helping him!”

“The fact that he could be deemed a serious candidate for president is a shame and embarrassment for the country.”

The New Yorker observed that his appeal “has to do not with competence at governing but with the emotion he evokes…

[He] lets people get out their anger and frustration, their feeling of being misunderstood and mishandled by those who have run our government, their impatience with taxes and with the poor and the weak, their impulse to deal with the world’s troublemakers by employing the stratagem of a punch in the nose.”

“His unpopular opponent presided over the current Iranian crisis… and a reeling economy, yet surely the Democrat will prevail over him.”

“Is he Safe? …he shoots from the hip … he’s over his head … What are his solutions?”

“Voters want to follow some authority figure, — a leader who can take charge with authority; return a sense of discipline to our government; and, manifest the willpower needed to get this country back on track.”


Sound familiar? You’ve heard this all about Donald Trump, right?

Try again. Virtually all this was said of Ronald Reagan in 1976 and 1980. Most of it was BY OTHER REPUBLICANS, and Reagan turned out to be one of the greatest presidents of the 20th Century.


Comments on: "Dear Never Trumpers" (30)

  1. Cruz endorses TRUMP today.

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  2. I don’t trust Cruz either — but the #neverTrumpers are dwindling!

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  3. Great post Pepper. I do LOVE it when Never Trumpers get called out. 😂

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    • Thanks Uriel. This post is so good because in the end it was Reagan, the right’s saint, that all of this was said. Such irony! I imagine this would make the Never Trumpers heads’ explode.


      • Regardless of reservations Trump stepped up and stirred the pot like a Cajun at a shrimp boil. None of the others had as much gumption and all of them were bought and paid for by special interests. EVEN Cruz. I liked Cruz — still do to some extent but he would have been boiled in the Dem oil pot. We WOULD have had no chance to turn things around and Third World would have been our fate.

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        • Uriel, right you are! Trump did bring up all kinds of stuff that would never have been spoken about because the others had no balls. And some of them are attached at the hip of the globalists.

          I actually was for Cruz to start, but the more I saw of him, the less I liked. Now he could never have withstood this battle from hell with Hillary. I don’t care who thinks so he couldn’t do it.

          Right there would be no chance if it weren’t for Trump. Now I only hope he can do a great job in the debates and bring it on home. We need him right now to upright this country.


  4. BUT…has Trump ever starred in a movie ?
    This will surely be the deciding factor for the #Never Trumpers

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    • Terry, LOL! Well he’s had enough TV coverage to make him a movie star. And I imagine once this is all over there will be a movie made about him.

      Yeah, right, the “deciding” factor for the Never Trumpers! Sure Terry! 😀


  5. Yo Pepp……seen this before. Thanks

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  6. Really good one. I expected something else. That was good.

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    • Bull, it was to me too. I thought it was going to be something else too, until I came to the end and I was so surprised. I don’t remember all those things being said about Reagan except the part of him being a movie star.


  7. The election of Hillbillary will guarantee an insurrection and that is the last thing America needs.Just heard the terrible news about 5 people being killed in a mall shooting in Washington State. Another howling success for a “GUN FREE ZONE”.!!!

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    • Bob, I agree I’d hate to see a civil war going on if she’s elected. And it could very well happen. So I pray Trump wins.

      Oh, no, another shooting. Those gun free zones really do the trick don’t they? NOT


  8. High Horse Strong said:

    I remember the ridicule that Reagan got from his detractors Pepper. Yet to this day, I still think Ronald Reagan was the BEST president we’ve ever had (in my lifetime anyway).

    I tend to see Donald Trump in the same light. Many people I know literally freak-out at the possibility of a Trump presidency (granted, I freak-out the the possibility of a Clinton presidency).

    Reagan was the right president for that time on so many levels. He truly got our country on track. Our enemies feared us; our allies could rely on us. The U.S. economy had phenomenal growth. I feel the same way with Donald Trump. I think he has the leadership that will whip this country back into shape. If Hillary becomes our next president, it’s curtains for America.

    He is the leader America needs right now!

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    • Well said “THE Right President for the Right Time”

      If people are strong in their Christian faith, they Know God provides in order to protect or save His faithful.

      There was an old adage about a flood victim stranded on a roof. One stranger knocked on the man’s door just before the flood telling people to flee a flood was coming. Yet the man answered No God will save me. A second came by in a boat as the waters rose with room for the man. Again he answered, No thanks God will save me. Finally from the roof top, a helicopter came by. The man answered “Help my neighbor out of fear of flying. God will save me.” At the gates of heaven The man was met by an Angel. The man asked, why did God not save me? The angel replied, ” God tried but you chose not to listen to His messengers.” In the first you chose not to heed an early warning. In the second, you chose not to get into a boat He sent as the waters rose believing a “miraculous hand” would save you. The third, you would not accept He had sent you a final way to leave in your blindness choosing your fear over the one offering a ride.

      Trump is that last ride folks. Not because he is special or divine but because he is the source testing our fears and faith. We either take a leap of faith and use an opportunity God provides to conquer fear and move forward or we don’t.

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    • HHS, yes Reagan turned out to be the best we’ve had in a long, very long time. I know everyone wants a clone of Reagan but it’s not going to happen. You just can’t replace him with anyone else.
      We did see a lot of prosperity. I recall my ex husband was out of a job for a year under Carter. Didn’t get one until Reagan was elected. Even my 12 yr. old son at the time was ecstatic. He was very into politics even at a young age and could see what Carter had done to us

      I too HHS, think Trump is the kind of leader we need now. And Hillary spells DOOM.

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  9. This was perfect. Really it’s the reason I stopped being a nevertrump person. I just didn’t like how he attacked Cruz and Rubio and Fiorina and Jeb Bush. I finally got over it after reading Wikileaks. I about fainted and knew Trump was the only one who should take the presidency this election.

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    • Thank you, Katie, for you comment. I’m glad you got over you NeverTrump stance and saw how he was really the only one who could beat the hideous Hillary. It was going to be a street fight, and only Trump knows how to do that.

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      • Thank you for sharing it. I completely agree. I’m glad the election turned out the way it did.

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        • Katie, you are welcome and please come back again. I appreciate your comments. I too am so happy that Trump won. It was the only way to stop the Commies from taking over our country. We were a hair’s breath from them taking over and thank God, many people saw that we must save our Republic.

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          • I’m new to WordPress and trying to figure out how to follow you. And our country is very blessed to have had it turn out the way it did. I feel much better about the future of our nation.

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            • Katie, you will figure out I’m sure and thank you for the follow. I sure do appreciate it greatly.

              I too feel much better and that a huge burden has been lifted from our backs. I am so tired of 8 years of misery for so many people and I do hope Trump can bring back our ideals and values. And hope.


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