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by Doug Giles here

You can be friends with someone who doesn’t share EVERY SINGLE belief you do. Right? That used to be a good thing.

A few months ago, Matt Schlapp, the former White House political director under President George W. Bush, walked into a cocktail party and tried to join a conversation with Republican consultants he has known for years.

[The room fell silent, and people awkwardly avoided eye contact.]

…Schlapp’s decision to support Donald Trump for president has cost him friends in Washington’s elite Republican circles. Invitations he would normally receive no longer arrive. The vibe he says he’s getting is: “You’re out of the club.”

He’s hardly alone. Old allies in Washington and across the establishment Northeast are no longer on speaking terms because one backs Trump and the other loathes the nominee. Divisions have run so deep in some cases that they could take years to heal.

…Sen. David Perdue, among the most full-throated Trump supporters on Capitol Hill, says the positive reactions he gets in his home state of Georgia are unrecognizable from what he hears inside the Beltway.

Perdue hasn’t lost any Washington friendships over Trump — mainly because he was never close to many of the Trump rejecters in the first place.

He believes many veteran Republicans in D.C. can’t relate to political outsiders, “therefore, anybody who’s in the Republican caucus here that’s pulling for Trump is a little bit seen as askew,” Perdue said. “And the reason is, he’s not of Washington.”

…So open is the contempt for Trump within certain D.C. Republican circles that some have calculated that it’s better for their careers if they keep their support for Trump a secret.

A senior House Republican staffer who works for a committee chairman doesn’t tell his colleagues that he likes Trump or that he has informally advised the campaign.

“Basically nobody knows what I’ve done,” said the staffer, who asked for anonymity for fear of the impact his views could have on his career. “It’s not something I talk about openly at work, because there are a lot of strong feelings, still, among the staff. People talk openly against the guy.”

…Schlapp attributes a lot of the anger to wounded pride within a consultant class that failed to grasp the Trump phenomenon.

“If you are someone who spent your whole professional life making predictions, selling your reputation for understanding politics,” he said, “I think this gets to the core of their pride and ego.”

Schlapp, Bush’s former aide, said the message voters are sending — that Washington is broken and that the people running Washington are not listening — “gets to be a very personal message if you’re living in those zip codes.”

He hopes when this election is over, whether Trump wins or loses, establishment Republicans can reconcile with Trump supporters.

We expect this kind of group-think and exclusion to happen in Liberal groups. It fits their paradigm. By their nature, they don’t like the rough handling of big ideas clashing, with the best winning. And they are often sore losers who keep score and hold grudges.

But OUR side? How did WE get to have such pussies in our midst?

So many RINOs are beholden to the elitists and the Globalists. Watching Trump being able to reach out to so many Americans who do feel forgotten by their politicians is something they just can’t stomach.

They want to hold onto the power and money they get. They no longer care about we, the people, and Trump brought that to the forefront.

He did not make people angry. People were already angry. People already understood that our politicians are corrupt, money grabbing do nothings.

Congress is full of do nothings. They talk a big game, yet nothing gets done. Why do we have all of these hearings when no resolution ever takes place. No one ever suffers over doing the wrong thing. Our tax money is wasted on these journeys to nowhere.

After awhile you get the idea. It’s just a show, nothing more. It makes people think something is being done about the rotten core in DC. But in reality, they don’t even want anything done because they are just as bad as the people they investigate.

After each hearing your hopes die as they crash upon the Potomac River. Not this time does anyone get held responsible and suffer the consequences is what we say. 

But, then the next hearing and the next hearing we see it happen again. No one gets punished, loses their job, loses their pensions.

The gig is up RINOs! We know the game. We know who your are and who you favor. And it’s not us.

This is what Trump spoke to us about and we were so happy someone came along and understood just what we were up against. He gives us hope. We know he can’t solve everything, but a start is what we need and a stop to the liberal policies killing us.

And what of the Never Trumpers among us little people? Have they suddenly sold their souls to the RINOs agreeing with them? It’s hard to figure out. Once these same people railed against the establishment Repukes, but now they side with them. Makes no sense to me.



Comments on: "PUSSIFICATION: Never Trump Republicans SEVER ‘Friendships’ If You Support Trump" (35)

  1. It’s all that swamp gas Pepper. DC was built over a swamp that gas is seeing into their souls.

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  2. hocuspocus13 said:

    AMERICANISM vs GLOBALISM on the November 8th Ballot




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  3. Reblogged this on .

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  4. Trump has exposed these RINO’s for what they are. NONE of these people on either side of the political parties had the courage to challenge the unconstitutional.dictatorial edicts of a farce of a president and are now reaping the whirlwind.I am a PROUD deplorable old geezer that has never voted for a Democrat president and these new Democrats are the OLD Communists that think they must govern EVERY aspect of our lives. They can ALL observe the mistletoe hanging from my shirt tail.

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    • Bob,

      How right you are! They’ve been exposed and notice that even after they were exposed they continued on with their insufferable ways, unmasked and arrogant.

      I bet you’re as angry as I am over the fact that they’ve allowed this Fraud of a president to do whatever he wants no matter how much the damage. They’ve been in collusion with him from day one. They have to see what’s happened to our country, yet they don’t seem to care one bit.

      I’m a proud Deplorable too. I’d rather be that than a Commie loving traitor. Anybody who votes for Hillary, one of the biggest Commies, should consider themselves a traitor to this country also.


  5. Note that both the Democrats and the Republican establishment are solidly anti-Trump.
    “When one’s friends and enemies agree on any particular point they are usually wrong.”_ O’ Henry

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  6. Great Move DONNY Supporters =
    The PURGE is ON!
    TRUMP 2016

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    • aaah, I can’t wait to see that PURGE. Especially all the criminals from the Obama administration being kicked out.

      Now as far as Congress that’s up to the people in those states. I was hoping Ryan would go down in Wisconsin. But, no they put that Obama lover back in. Ryan funded everything Obama wanted and those people in Wisconsin need their heads examined. They had a great alternative to him running against Ryan. Sigh.


  7. I believe the professional consultant class have exposed themselves as full fledged members of the UniParty. Many will be unemployed/unemployable come January.

    If they cannot recognize why Trump resonates with the voters then they have no business being consultants.

    We’ve been fed shit sandwiches for decades and they wonder why?

    We gave the R’s the House in 2010, and the Senate in 2014 and still they couldn’t stop Putt… in fact the R’s enabled him and gave him everything he’s demanded and now the professional assholes are pissed that WE ARE PISSED. WTF?

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    • Nox….I’d rather be pissed off than pissed on. Having said that I’m thinking of registering as an Independent after 11/8/16.

      I’m thoroughly disgusted with the pussie politicians, both sides of the aisle.


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      • willibeaux, do you have an open primary there in Colorado? If it’s closed you may not want to register as an Indie.


        • Pepp…..we have the caucus system (Republican) which meets in the evenings. Lorraine and I don’t attend because of age and health issues. This last time it was rigged to nominate Cruz. I’m at a point where I don’t give a rat’s ass about either party’s primarys.

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    • Nox, yeah, they are all one and the same, these pols. I too hope many of them are out come January.

      Well, we’ve seen how what we want, Trump, has made them so angry and all the tricks played to get him out. That’s a sure sign how much they don’t care about us and what we want. We want change. They want the status quo so they can keep lining their pockets.

      I have to wonder just how many of them are not beholden to special interest groups. I suppose there are a few that are not.

      They did enable Putt and now look at the suffering of so many people because they refused to stop him. It’s like this Internet being turned over to the UN. Just WTH are they doing about it? As far as I know, it’s nothing. Once again he needs to be stopped.

      They’ve got no right being angry with us. They work for us, not the other way around, but we see how that’s changed from these arrogant jerks.


      • Every politician is beholden to special interests. There may be a few exceptions like a Dave Brat (he unseated Cantor) but they need the bucks for the never ending election cycle.

        All of this nonsense can be stopped with term limits. Then and only then will elected officials be beholden to us the voters, not before.

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        • Nox, we sure do need term limits but are there any politicians who would vote for it since they have so much to lose as far as lining their pockets. I’d sure like t see it done. Is there a way, we the people can do this?


  8. Good grief. What is wrong with people.

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    • Jacqui, what’s wrong with these people is that they’ve become the elite and the ruling class instead of our civil servants paid through our tax money. They need to be brought back to reality that we, the people, come first according to the Constitution. It’s obvious they don’t go by the Constitution any longer.


  9. High Horse Strong said:

    Your powerful & “wicked” commentary is spot-on as always Pepper! I couldn’t agree with you more. Safe to say that many of us don’t give a damn what RINOs & Never Trumpers think. PISS ON ‘EM!

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    • HHS, Love that meme. Yes it’s safe to say we don’t care what these RINOs think. Why should we. I can’t recall the last time they paid any attention to we, the people


  10. This article is quite timely, considering the back and forth this week regarding the PT Never-Trumpers and all of us with common sense.

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