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..under the bus in front of the UN

Is President Obama that clueless?

No, he knows exactly what he’s doing by bringing in more refugees.

In the wake of Islamic terror attacks in three states this weekend, the president, speaking at the United Nations, just pitched for admitting more Muslim refugees into the United States.

The plan for the president to lead the special U.N. summit on the need to take in Syrian refugees was apparently already in place before the attacks, the Washington Examiner reported.

Of course, the timing could not be worse for Obama as critics of his immigration policies question whether the U.S. should be tightening immigration laws instead of opening the doors for more refugees.

“The timing of the summit just reinforces the idea that we need to get a handle on our refugee program,” Rep. Brian Babin told the Examiner. “There is a clear and present danger posed to our national security by these poorly vetted refugees that are pouring in, and the president continues to double down on his intentions to bring in more and more of the individuals from hot spots like Syria.”

In a letter last week signed by 37 House GOP colleagues, the Texas Republican urged Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for provisions to place a moratorium on refugees coming from Syria, the Middle East and North Africa.

“The people of the United States and of Western Europe are getting very weary,” Babin said, “about the politically correct pressure that is being brought to bear by Obama and the U.N. to take in people,” who can’t be properly vetted.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has called for increasing U.S. admissions of Syrian refugees to 65,000, the Examiner reported. Following the recent attacks and arrest of the alleged terrorist, Ahmad Khan Rahami, the U.N. summit and Clinton’s stance were a target for criticism from Donald Trump.

The GOP nominee blasted Clinton for supporting immigration policies that allow radical Islamic groups to “continue their savagery and murder.” Adding to Trump’s ammunition was a report from the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General that at least 858 immigrants were mistakenly granted U.S. citizenship.

“If you look at polls — only 35 percent of Americans want Syrian refugees to come here — I think they instinctively know that these people cannot be vetted,” Christian Whiton, a former senior State Department adviser in the George W. Bush administration, said.

Yet Obama seems to arrogantly push his own agenda, disregarding the voices that oppose him. In these final weeks leading up to the election, it may be a move that plays right into Trump’s favor.

In his last days as President the King Obama is doing everything he can to fill his time with further destruction of our country. His Draculean bites at Americans and our security comes furiously from a dictator who wishes the worst on us. Every day there is another attack on us from this America hating King. He is doing his best to make his fundamental transformation of America a reality. Instead of a lame duck, he’s a raging bull.

This should help Trump in his bid for President.





Comments on: "Days after attack, Obama throws Americans.." (11)

  1. Trump’s ammunition was a report from the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General that at least 858 immigrants were mistakenly granted U.S. citizenship. Who said it was a mistake ?!?!?!?!?!?!

    “If you look at polls — only 35 percent of Americans want Syrian refugees to come here – The decision of WE THE PEOPLE left the building a long time ago.

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    EXCELLENT WORK owhacko

    TRUMP 2016

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    • aaah, I wish Congress had done so a long time ago. Now to try to impeach him would be wasted. But, they should have him arrested for treason. Go straight for the throat. Almost every time he opens his pie hole he bashes our country. I’m really sick of this.

      Yes we are all unsafe. He made it that way. He doesn’t give a crap. It’s what he wants.

      I sure do hope Trump sends them all away. We don’t need anymore danger than we’re already in.


  3. Just wait until we start playing “Deplorables&Syrians”. Obama knows his 4th reich is coming unraveled and will do anything he can to prevent any changes in his wretched policies

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    • Yo Bob…..is that the same as cowboys and muzzies? Or Rednecks and A-Rabs? Count this 86 year old deplorable in the game.
      Pepp……I see another adventure series like the acorns coming up with the SPOOK and his merry band of badd @zzzes if you are up to it.

      oohrah!!!! 🙂

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      • Willibeaux,
        Yes,it’s the same game as cowboys and muzzies. I see that you are 6 years older than I am so that means that you also remember another much BETTER America.I am also one of the “Deplorables”that carries a Colt 1911 as a matter of personal dress code.

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  4. High Horse Strong said:

    Oblabla needs to hang!

    That anti-American, Muslim bastard Obama proves each and every day that he’s an ENEMY state! It’s actions such as this where I tend to think Donald Trump will be our next president. I guarantee you that if Hillary were to be president, she will continue to foist her Obama-loving bullshit on us. American can’t afford another term of Obama!


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