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With a week to go until Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and rival Hillary Clinton face off for their first highly anticipated debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates has formally invited the two candidates to New York.

But some Trump supporters are worried that the so-called “unbiased” commission could end up bending the rules in favor of Clinton.

Turns out, the debate rules commission is filled with Clinton supporters and donors — and lacks a single Trump backer.

That’s according to LifeZette, which reported Saturday that an adviser to Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Kevin Zeese, told them the presence of these donors and insider cronies are evidence of a conspiracy to rig the electoral system against unwanted anti-establishment alternatives like Stein or Trump, who Zeese identified as the “outsider candidate”.

“And the fact that Clinton scooped up all of the contributions made by commission members this year fits with the fact that she has won support not only from her own party but many Establishment figures in the Republican Party, as well,” LifeZette wrote.

Commission board members Antonia Hernandez, Richard Parsons, and Shirley Tilghman have all publicly backed Clinton — Hernadez and Parsons so intensely that they each gave the maximum individual donations permissible by law to her campaign, $2,700. Commission Co-Chairman Michael McCurry donated to the Clinton campaign — which he also did during her U.S. Senate runs. McCurry was the White House press secretary under former President Bill Clinton.

No one among the commission similarly backs Trump; a few members of the committee, such as Co-Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf, have donated to establishment GOP candidates in the past, but none of them have given a single penny to the current Republican candidate.

This total lack of Trump support is alarming for his supporters.

They may have a point.

After all, can a board room filled with feverish Clinton supporters and zero Trump backers really be called nonpartisan?

If not, it’s fair to ask — could their presence be setting up Trump for failure?

The commission, established in 1987, is responsible for setting the terms and rules for the presidential debates, as well as the threshold for which third-party candidates can appear onto the debate stages.

The commission’s recent ruling that moderators for the first debate will be allowed to wear earpieces to communicate with executives garnered controversy, for fear the moderators will be coached by power brokers.

But with less than a week to go before the face-off, if these Clinton backers are indeed setting the table for a Trump ambush like some of his supporters fear, it could be too late to stop them.

Obviously Hillary Clinton will stoop to any level to rig just about everything involved in this election. Of course I know you all realize that. What is so disturbing is Trump’s disadvantages at every turn. Clinton will get all the softball questions, while Trump will be hammered.



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  1. Say what you will. The fact is Donald is right. Crooked Killary is assured the ‘fix’ is in. Lets
    turn it upside down folks. OK? DO IT.

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    • Maggie, you are absolutely right. The election and everything about it is rigged.

      You bet, all of us Trump supporters had better get out and vote in droves to beat this criminal and her cartel.


  2. I for One am an unwavering Trump Supporter.
    I don’t put anything past kill-O.
    She will stoop to the lowest level to attain her goals.
    I believe Trump will do his damnedest to accomplish ALL Issues he has addressed.
    I believe kill-O would only line her pockets even more w/ federal $.
    I believe we are in crisis mode.

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  3. They can throw the kitchen sink at Trump and he can handle it just fine

    Actually Trump’s gets better when he is challenged

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    • hocuspocus I tend to agree with you. And he’s up against a weak candidate. She may even blow a gasket during the debate with that horrible temper of hers. I’d love to see that!


  4. Never Trumpers & Hitlery (P)Sycophants being under-handed? I’m stunned.

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  5. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    I have no doubt Trump will make mistakes
    How will Congress and MSM deal with them?

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  6. Since Clinton said that anyone voting for Trump was ‘deplorable,’ the Trump rally in Miami saw many people wearing hats and T-shirts with the word “Deplorable” across it. They turned her criticism into a catch-phrase for themselves. 🙂

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  7. Honestly, I’m not worried about Trump in the debates. He’s known the deck is stacked against him and he has an uncanny ability of being able to bitchslap them before they realize that he did it.

    Further, Trump has spoken out about how rigged the debates are and how the moderators are being pressured to be extra tough on him and soft on Hillary.

    I think he’ll do fine.

    Hillary will have a tough time defending her shitty record.

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    • Nox, I always love your positive viewpoint. I’m sure Trump is aware of the pitfalls. LOL! Yeah, he’s done some bitch slapping all right. I hope he does the same to the biggest bitch during the debates. God only knows he’s got enough material with all of her failures. I can’t wait to hear him talk about how she left 4 men to die in Benghazi. The moderators don’t have to bring that up. She’ll be talking about what a great leader she and wham, Trump gob smacks her.


      • Thanks for the kind words Pepp. I’ve always been a half-glass-full kind of guy. Never let the bastards win! I imagine Hillary is retching at the prospect of going head to head with The Donald. 🙂

        He has so much ammo to fire at her that he really doesn’t need to prep.

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        • Nox, not only does he have plenty of ammo, but Hillary is going to be having a fit over the rules. No breaks. No cutaways if she starts to cough. Or passes out. Or if she freezes up and her eyeballs go crooked. No commercials. Wow, is she in trouble!


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