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Comments on: "To The NFL Quarterback Who Refuses To Stand" (13)

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  2. I wouldn’t give this ungrateful bast**d house room let alone a spot on the team.

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  3. The NFL brass are a bunch of cowards to let this punk get away with this. I think the local team here has a punk too. I very rarely watch a full game and occasionally I check the score.

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  4. I agree unless you are handicapped and can’t stand then you should

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  5. Another reason the military draft should have been kept in place.A couple of years at the mercy of an old drill Sergeant would build his character.WHY give this knucklehead ANY publicity to begin with????

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    • Bob,

      I have to agree. This guy has no character and those who have joined him in sitting during the Anthem. The media is enjoying giving this guy publicity. Anything against America gets played over and over.


  6. High Horse Strong said:

    Life in America is getting more surreal by the minute! I guess I’m now a racist for flying my American flag, as well as standing up during the playing the National Anthem….

    Maybe Colin Kaepernick should stick to playing football instead of getting on his social justice warrior soap box. I’m getting SO tired of some of these celebrities, who got rich off this “oppressive system”, tell others that America is an oppressive, racist country! How a guy like Kaepernick say that this when his upbringing was anything but!

    I’d like to wring some of these chuckleheaded goobers necks!!

    While I do realize that it’s his right not to stand when the National Anthem is being played, if nothing else, Kaepernick should do it for these reasons:

    1. His team
    2. His family name on the back of his jersey
    3. Pure etiquette (standing for the National Anthem)

    Every sporting event that I’ve attended over the past 31 years, I’ve done it (AND VERY PROUD OF IT!); when in uniform, I’ve saluted; in civvies, holding my hand over my heart.

    I’m so tired of the nonsense that’s gripping this nation!

    We all need to boycott the NFL!!

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  7. It won’t help.
    Some peeps r entirely devoid of respect and below the ‘trainable’ level on the IQ scale.
    TRUMP 2016

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