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Hillary Bad Language Quotes


(1) “Where is the God damn flag? I want the God damn fucking flag up every morning at fucking sunrise”.
Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day 1991. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244
(2) Fuck off! It’s enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day! I’m not going to talk to you, too! Just do your Goddamn job and keep your mouth shut.” Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning.” From the book “America Evil” by Christopher Anderson, p.90
(3) “If you want to remain on this detail, get your fucking ass over here and grab those bags!”
Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident. From the book “The First Partner” p. 25
(4) “Stay the fuck back, stay the fuck back away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just fucking do as I say, Okay!!?”
Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail. From the book “Unlimited Access” by Clinton’s FBI Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, p.139
(5) “Where’s the miserable cock sucker?” (otherwise known as Bill Clinton) Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer. From the book “The Truth about Hillary” by Edward Klein, p. 5
(6) “You fucking idiot” Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event. From the book “Crossfire” ~pg. 84
(7) “Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those fucking sunglasses! We need to go back!
Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while in route to Air Force One. From the book ” Dereliction of Duty” p. 71-72
(8) “Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can’t fuck her here!!”
Hillary to Gov. Bill Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 243



There it is ……..book, chapter and page…….the real Hillary
Additionally, when she walked around the White House, NO ONE was permitted to look her in the eye, they all had to lower their heads with their eyes towards the ground whenever she walked by.

Clearly she is a class act!
This ill-tempered, violent, loud-mouth, hateful and abusive woman wants to be your next President, and have total control as Commander-in-Chief of our Military, the very Military for which she has shown incredible disdain throughout her public life.
Remember her most vile comment about Benghazi: What difference at this point does it make?
Most recent of her outbursts was to Obama when she learned that the FBI was investigating her: “Call off your fucking dogs”. Now it will be clear why the crew of “Marine One” helicopter nick-named the craft, “Broomstick


H/T Donna


Comments on: "Hillary Bad Language Quotes" (28)

  1. Reblogged this on .

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  2. Mentally and morally bankrupt and a pathetic example of a woman that absolute power has corrupted absolutely.

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  3. hocuspocus13 said:

    Yes…BroomStick Hilda does give the Witches a bad rap…😉

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  4. She puts a longshoreman to shame. Retired Geek posted these awhile back. She may let her guard down if Trump gets her goat in the debates

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  5. High Horse Strong said:

    And I’ve been told that I cuss like a sailor! LOL!! Granted, it’s true since I was a sailor…..

    But WOW!! Harridan Hillary puts me to shame!! I’m a choir boy in comparison.

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  6. It’s not just her – as Bull said,”It’s the new normal”. Look at the TV ads, the shows, thank God for the Jewish channel and Law and Order – it’s been said for ages that we would be destroyed from within – I for one will die trying to prevent that from happening – nurture the tree of liberty.

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    • Gene, I hate to think of this as the “new normal” but you are correct. This is what I don’t like about this “transformation of America” into some filthy pit hole. The watering of the tree of liberty is needed now.


  7. Her foul mouth needs a little soap treatment if there is anyone willing to try. oohrah!!!!

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  8. My high school buddy who served in the S.S, at the Clinton WH can attest to all these and more. Both are vile creatures.

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  9. she has committed treason shes not allowed to serve in any public office

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  10. GITMO fo BOTH


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