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An Open Letter to Pesky Truth

I apologize to my readers and especially my new ones for this article as it about another individual’s blog article about me that has since been scrubbed from his site.

Most of you are not involved in this dispute so just pass it up if you choose. I don’t like putting any of my new readers in this position.

So this is mainly for those of us who have been constantly attacked by this person on his blog. They are some of my old readers from way back and have nothing to do with my new readers who I have become very fond and enjoy their blogs.

For the sake of some protection of this individual I will not mention his name.

Also for anyone who is considering writing a blog the kinds of tactics used by this person are a very bad way to attract readers.


So on with the Open Letter to him:

On one of your articles you wrote this: 

Individual’s Name……..,

Friendship in the Age of Trump

April 26, 2016 • ( 9 )

Posted by you:

“I just happened to stop by one of the blogs that I used to think of as a “friendly” site. I thought that we were friends and I can recall commiserating with her when her husband passed away. I always thought highly of her, but now, without my saying anything against her, she’s become a detractor of our Pesky Truth blog. Calling it Pesky UnTruth and such. That’s OK, we’re not likely to have any common audience anyway, but some of the “miscreants” that she’s gathered around her look like a “Who’s Who of the Animal Farm”.

It appears that they like to visit here to see what we’ve got to say about Trump and then they go back to the “Farm” and do their best to ridicule us. Apparently Pesky Truth is living “rent free” in the “meager confines of the collective brains” of these “Trumpanzees” – so be it.”

My reply to you:

I just love how you say you never said anything against me when you wrote a whole article about me and my barnyard friends. And how ignorant we are. You berated us in every way you could over our support for Trump. Then you have the nerve to say you never said anything about me.

Even in the above sentences you call us: “Trumpanzees and “meager brains”. Are those not insults and name calling? And I never did anything to you. Also I want to tell you I was not reading your articles at all. The article you wrote about me and my “ignorant friends”, dumb barnyard animals, etc., was pointed out to me by another individual who called my attention to it. And other friends saw the article.

I searched for the article you wrote about me and my readers. It was about the “Farm” and the barnyard animals, referring to me and my readers, you called us ignorant, miscreants, dumb animals and a lot of other names. I planned to reblog that article on my site to expose your hypocrisy about calling people names. Your claim others do it to you all the while you are the ones calling the names.

Before that nothing was said about you. I guess you expected that I and my friends should say nothing about your unfounded and vitriolic attack on me. In fact I’m sorry I did not confront you then before you pulled that article down.

But, lo and behold, you took that article down so you wouldn’t get caught being a hypocrite after the viciousness of that article. I searched for it and it’s gone. I guess you didn’t want to get caught having written such a nasty piece about me. So you get rid of the evidence.

I never did a thing to you. I never tried to “make” you vote for Trump. I never called you any names when you were on Nox’s blog. In fact I commented on only 2 articles you wrote. After I saw how you and your cohorts treated others who did not agree with you, I had no inclination to ever read or comment back to any of your articles.

Your followers and you behaved badly in a snide and vitriolic manner to those who were supporting Trump. I saw this with my own eyes. No one ever told me this is what was going on over at Nox’s blog.

No one was allowed to debate with you about Cruz.  You became antagonistic towards anyone who supported another candidate. You and your followers were demeaning anyone who preferred Trump. I don’t call that a healthy debate but a very nasty exchange in which I chose not to be involved again.

In fact I no longer went to Nox’s blog out of fear of being attacked. Nox was losing his readers right and left over you. Also I have no interest in being abused by you or your followers. Hence I stopped going to Nox’s blog altogether.

Not once, never, did I call you or any of your followers any demeaning names. Not once did I ever try to shut your free speech down as you claim others did, but that is not true. No one on Nox’s blog ever tried to shut down your free speech.

So when you moved from Nox’s blog I had no interest in reading your articles until the day it was pointed out to me the shocking article you wrote about me and my readers. I was absolutely stunned that you chose me to take out your bitterness over what to this day, I don’t know. Also since I was barely involved in any of the conflict you induced onto Nox’s blog I was extremely perplexed.

You can deny you ever wrote that disgusting piece about me, but others saw it and can attest to the fact that it was posted. So any denial you try to make won’t work. You got caught.

And BTW, the definition of miscreant is this: “”depraved, villainous, or base, a vicious or depraved person; villain.”” Now that is a pretty horrible thing to call someone do you not agree? But that’s what you called me and my friends.

Also naming us as barnyard animals we were dumb according to you.

Never have I said such vicious things about you ever on my blog. I would never sink that low. And my readers are certainly not interested in that kind of sickening and disgusting kind of rhetoric.

This is something that should be kept private but you have me blocked from commenting on your blog where I planned to confront you.

Also if you do have that article about me saved somewhere please do put it back up for all to see. I would like to reblog it and the comments. I enjoyed it so much the first time around.

Proudly Deplorable,


A Trump Supporter


Comments on: "An Open Letter to Pesky Truth" (46)

  1. This year or so of election has caused many to side or speak about things that have lost dear friends as acquaintances and friends. Politics and religion are both problematic in that regard. Pepper I do understand. I do not like bs negativity any more than others. My focus, my energy is on pointing out facts backed up with as close to the source as possible. I truly do try to keep my words as neutral as I can and allow readers the freedom to make their own decisions. Of course the focus and my own nature tends to get in the way lol. But I do not (mostly) denigrate others especially in my replies. That has been the tactics used constantly by the other side and I am sick of it. We should all especially candidates focus on the goals not the negative in order to break free of those hateful attacks on our country, constitutional rights and freedoms. THAT is what is necessary. In the end and ultimately it is not what we spout in hate but what the future requires in actions and beliefs that is the target in order to evolve both as a country and a person worthy of afterlife.

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    • Uriel, thanks for coming by and commenting. Also for following my blog now. I appreciate that very much.

      I’m like you Uriel. I don’t like getting into arguments about things that can never be resolved. I let people make their own choices. I never force anything on anybody. I don’t need to be in control of other people.

      I try to post articles that will inform others of what is going on in the world and of course in our country. Some people appreciate that.

      I also like to post positive posts about Trump but by no means am I forcing others to do what I believe.

      But I also like to point out the horrible mistake of voting for Hillary Clinton as I believe she is a negative and evil force for our country and is trying to bring us Communism.


  2. Thanks Pepper. Pease NEVER let the bastids get you down.

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    • Thanks Maggie. I decided to fight back. I can’t allow this kind of thing to happen and keep my mouth shut. I feel like I was raped and I kept quiet about it and actually ending up protecting the abuser. I know that is a bit of strange analogy, but I did feel so abused.

      Thanks for the pep talk. Most appreciated. I needed that.


  3. hocuspocus13 said:


    Isn’t it just great to be popular 😎


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  4. hocuspocus, that’s a good way of looking at it. 😀 Thanks!


  5. I,m sorry that person wrote that about you and your blog. He or she was in the wrong. To attack you like that is just sick,like my sister said if you can’t say anything nice than don’t say nothing at all.

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    • Fireheart, yes I’m sorry too. But that’s how some people are. I don’t understand it. Like you I’d rather say something nice about someone than kick them in the gut.


  6. This may come up twice

    This was wrong This person should never had said those that about you and your blog. Attacking us doesn’t make him or her any better then us. We have the right to support whoever we want to. We are not evil.

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  7. This is the third time

    That person should never had wrote that on his blog. It was mean. We can support whoever we chose. We are not evil. I hope this comes in this time.

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  8. This was so wrong . This person had his or her nerve

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  9. Pepp
    You have many friends – when reality hits some people in the head it triggers the attack the person part of their brain – remember, what others think of you is your reputation, what you think of yourself is your integrity – don’t ever trade that in.

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    • Gene, thanks.

      Yes I do have many friends and I cherish them all. I guess you’re right about some people just lose their minds when disappointed over something.

      I have to say I don’t understand it and in some ways I’m glad.

      Yes, I keep my integrity and I just happen to like myself. 🙂


  10. Not all adults are capable of adult conversation. PT along with others were a small part of why blogging lost its appeal for me

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    • Gar, you are right of course. It’s not everyone who can be an adult no matter what age they are.

      I’m sorry for your loss of not wanting to blog. I can understand it though. I did always enjoy what you wrote.

      I guess I got lucky since I don’t have anyone coming to my blog who acts like a child.


      • Gar Swaffar said:

        Yes it was fun. However, I also started remodeling two houses on top of my day job and got kind busy

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        • Gar, wow you are a very busy man! That’s a lot of work. And with your day job too. I hope that is going well for you and you are able to still get things done for seniors. I give you a lot of kudos for what you do.


  11. Pepp,
    Sorry you had to post this but sometimes it’s good to get things off one’s chest.

    I remember that vicious post well. I was dumbfounded when Terry made me aware of it. There was no reason for it. It was mean and spoke volumes as to what is in their hearts. It was also very disappointing since they were former friends. That hurt the most.

    Now that the site owner took it down and is now claiming they never made disparaging remarks about anyone is absurd. Frankly, it’s a friggin lie. Again, very disappointing. All the more reason that I remain glad that they left ‘Nox & Friends. We have a very good crew now.

    As you know, the other day they linked one of their drivel pieces to N&F and I felt compelled to leave a comment at their echo chamber, if for nothing else to vent and to set the record straight. Had it not been for their link I would have never known about it.

    I am still in a quandary as to why they feel compelled to trash Trump or any of his supporters when Hillary is the other choice. We’ll have plenty of time to push Trump in a conservative direction once he is elected, and we can bash him if he doesn’t. At least he’s not tone deaf like Hillary who is stuck on a communist agenda. I believe he’d actually listen to us.

    In the end, it’s best to ignore the asshats. They aren’t worth it.

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    • Nox I am sorry I had to do it this way, but I am glad I got it off my chest. Made me feel like a burden was lifted.

      I’m sure you were dumbfounded when you saw that vicious attack on me. And yes I never deserved such a thing.

      I know what went down the other day of course and you’ve sure had your share of misery with those folks. It’s true since they were former friends it hurts even more.

      I imagine the site owner has to take down that post as it belied his claims they never attack anyone.

      I’m sure you are glad they left. You do have a very good crew on Nox and Friends right now. It’s very refreshing from what had gone on.

      Them always bashing Trump and ignoring the most evil woman there exists in this country right now is a perplexing thing to me. Every last nasty and criminal act of hers needs to be exposed and widely. Some of us are trying to keep her out of the Oval Office, not allow her to get in.

      After I finally had my say here about that group, I never want to hear about them again. There is no interest on my part with whatever they say or do.


  12. Pepp sometimes it’s hard to just turn the other cheek. I find it hard to do when libs insult me, and I find it extra hard to do when a supposed friend does it.
    Most of the readers of ‘Nox & Friends will remember me as the center of the attacks from’ that group’ when they were all at N&F. And also as the main source of return fire. It all started when I suggested that the ringleader ease up on his multiple daily attacks on Trump. It was an attack that would be worthy of a HuffPost writing assault on a republican candidate. He was relentless. At that time, I was still borderline on Cruz. I had supported him earlier on, but as I researched him, and as he showed more and more of his lack of character and shadiness, I tried to pass on what I had learned. That went over like a fart in church. They ignored every fact I related, and countered with head-spinning anger and vitriol. They started with the insults, questioned my intelligence, and character, and teamed up in a most gleeful manor to try to humiliate me. First one, then another, until I had all 5 of them teamed against me in numerous daily attacks. These were my co-writers, colleagues, and even one of them I considered a good friend. And what was their bonding agent ? They are all from Texas, same as their messiah.They couldn’t stand the fact he was losing, even with all of his underhandedness. I half believe if Trump were a Texan, they’d be singing his praises.

    That went on for weeks and I was starting to feel like a leper. until the tide started turning on them. Then people whose knowledge, intelligence, and opinion, I respect highly started to come around. Hardnox, Gunny, Bullright, and you among others. If those people could see the qualities in Trump, it confirmed it for me. ‘Nox was a HUUUGE Cruz supporter, but he paid attention in a non-biased way, and crossed over. When the crybabies saw they were up against true thinkers who could back up their stance, they left in a huff and started their own pathetic Trump-bashing safe place, where they pick and choose who and what will be in their comment section. They are all still teamed up and talking among themselves.

    I feel good to be among all of you great, deplorable, people. Now that we have had our little vent, we can put ‘them’ behind us again, and concentrate on what’s really important.
    Keep up the good fight !
    TRUMP 2016 !!

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    • Terry, thanks for your very supportive reply.

      However it looks like you went through a lot worse than me from this group. Actually I don’t know how you took all of that abuse. I have to say I never saw much of it since I was not really reading blogs much at that time. I had an intermittent sabbatical going on.

      But I saw it later on when I visited two of his articles at N&F. I saw how they treat you now. It’s just unbelievable, especially a supposedly good friend turning against you over something as small as a political choice.

      I also found this kind of behavior on Twitter where I also go. Cruz people would just swoop down on some Trump people having a conversation, and we were attacked. We weren’t even talking about Cruz or anything related to him, but they had to attack, calling us names, etc. I also found no Trump people doing that to the Cruz people. It was one sided.

      We pretty much ignored them until they went away. We figured they were just angry because Cruz was not winning and they had to take their rage out on us. I was really dumbfounded by all of it.

      But, this group who used to be at N&F can’t seem to give up the ghost of their candidate not winning. Also they can’t stop holding a grudge over those who support Trump. I actually don’t understand that kind of thinking. Most Cruz people have moved on, hold no grudges, and support Trump now. What’s the alternative? Hillary? That’s the worst thing that could happen to this country.

      In the very beginning I was a Cruz person too, but like you the more I found out about him the less I was inclined to support him. It was very disappointing me to find out the things I did. So I had to look at the other candidates. It took me awhile to come around to Trump because in the beginning I didn’t think I even liked him and would never consider voting for him. But the more I saw, and the more I listened to him, the more he grew on me.

      I’m glad you like being among the Deplorables. LOL! I’m glad you are a thinking, reasonable person. It’s refreshing to deal with sane people.

      Yes now I can put this all behind me. I’ve had my say.

      Trump/Pence 2016

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  13. Oh my so sorry you have had this experience. I blocked two family members today for their bad behavior on MY page! I am the deplorable one and yet it is them behaving badly!

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    • Lisa, that’s even worse having to block family members. I feel for you. Good grief bad behavior on you own page. Right, the real deplorable ones behave as if they are so righteous. I’m very sorry you had to go through that. I’m lucky because my whole family are conservatives. No libs. I can’t imagine what that would be like.

      BTW, I don’t have any of these people blocked. I gave the writer of that vicious attack on me the chance to apologize but none is forthcoming I see. It’s sad to see he can’t take responsibility for what he did to me. But i never really expected an apology anyway.

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  14. Good post Pepp. I had to join in on this one. You are a very nice person and he’s just an asshole (along with his few followers). They also attacked me, but I gave it back 10 fold, so they banned me. LOL…

    His true character finally showed and what an ugly sight it was to behold. He’s such a sad little low-life. Don’t lose any sleep over that prick. 🙂

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    • Dave thanks for coming by. Have not seen you in a long time. Thanks for adding your comments and your support.

      I can tell you that I never lost any sleep over him and his vicious attack on me which was unfounded. The attack was so bizarre, I was completely dumbfounded. I never expected such a thing from him. I used to think he was a real gentleman,but I must have misjudged him.


  15. Well, Pepp, I share your disappointment — for lack of another word. Being called all these names is par for the course to the liberal mindset. though I really didn’t expect it from this side. Live and learn I guess. To use the word friends in it really had me wondering what the intent of the author was?

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  16. Bull, yes disappointment is a mild word to define this kind of treatment by a so called friend. I don’t consider anyone calling me all kinds of demeaning names a friend. I don’t do that to friends. One has to wonder what definition of friendship this person goes by.

    I haven’t even been attacked so badly by liberals. The demeaning words went on and on in what seemed to be never ending sentences.

    I still wonder what the intent of the author meant.

    Also he claimed no one saw it but 2 people when many more ppl saw it and thought it was horrible and a vicious attack on me. Then he claims he didn’t use my name in order to keep people from retaliating against me. How laughable The only reason for him to keep me anonymous was SO HE WOULD NOT BE RETALIATED AGAINST.

    What kinds of people does he think exists who would come to me and complain about me. People did NOT like what he did to me. He is so off base I have to wonder about his sanity. He sure did not think that one through very well.

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    • Yep a whole lot of people saw that one and knew it was anything but anonymous. No question about it. — only 2? Can’t even explain his reasoning without lying.

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      • Bull, first “what reasoning”. Is he capable of that, “reasoning”. All a person has to do is mention “the farm” and everybody knows who you mean. “Reasoning without lying” LOL! For him I don’t think that’s possible really.

        Well it backfired on him and if he thought he was going to smear me so others wouldn’t come to my blog anymore, it didn’t work. If he had thought about it before he wrote that article about me, he should have guessed it was going to make “HIM” look bad, not me.

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        • They seems so obsessed with Cruz politics that there’s no room for anything else. They’ve marginalized themselves. Too bad. Nothing mattered including personal insults. I guess that part was supposed to be accepted.

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          • Bull, they are obsessed with Cruz. They can’t believe that he’s not the real deal either. The facts are out there that he’s a globalist and an insider for years starting with the Bush’s as you so aptly have pointed out.

            Yes they have marginalized themselves. Nobody did it to them. They did it to themselves. Personal insults did seem to be all that mattered with anyone who disagreed with them. It wasn’t that others were calling them names as they like to say, but it was merely because someone disagreed with their choice. Astonishing to me!

            Well it is not acceptable as they believe. It is totally disrespectful to anyone who receives the whipping end of their sharp tongues.

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